August 17, 2012

Varsity Club

Happy Independence Day Indonesia~! I didn't realize that the jacket is going to be red-white, just like Indonesia's flag. Anyways.. I have been very lazy to dress up, so these days i just throw on my white tee, shorts, and slip into my converse. Life has been good so far, and I'm enjoying tiny bits of it. I'm patiently waiting for G-Dragon's comeback in 2 days~! Yeay..~! So excited for his birthday (just in 2 hours) and BB 6th Anniversary on 19th. I also have been reading Fifty Shades trilogy now, it's been a while since the last time I read novels. I'm reading the third book and I can't believe it's going to end soon :( Good thing about reading, it makes me not hanging in front of the computer for too long. Good for my eyes~!

I'm so glad that I'm going for a short break tomorrow to Singapore, going to meet some new friends, really looking forward to it~! Hopefully I won't be lazy so I could take some outfit picture for the blog. Anyways, got this pretty baby (finally!) for my birthday back in July from my sister. I have been longing for this fluorescent satchel since like, I don't know. My sister was kind enough to add some blind embossing of my initials to the bag :) I love it~! The bag is 13", perfect for anything really. You can just shove in the straps into the bag, and it will become an oversized clutch. Happy with it :) Ah~ I guess this is the end of the post,  I need to start packing, happy holidays everyone ~♡
Stussy x General Pants Varsity Jacket / Unbranrded Asymmetric T-Shirt / H&M Skinnies / White Converse / Cambridge Satchel in Fluorescent Yellow 

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  1. Sergeant! I love love love your jacket! <3
    MERDEKA for us today! :D


  2. adorable outfit, totally love it <3

  3. yeah, happy independence day too kak. yay! GD is having his birthday today, isn't it? can't wait to see his comeback too.. <3
    omg, satchel? cool!


  4. you look very laid back. quite rare but love it so so much :D <3 the satchel is so hype eh? i saw everybody's carrying it.

  5. the boyish look is so kewl! :D also, gotta adore the skirt on the first picture :)

  6. i always use my converse shoes to campus XP have fun in singapore, i just got back from there as well! anyways love the jacket and the satchel of course, you look stunning! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  7. the bag and jackets are awesome !
    you look gorgeous


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