November 24, 2013

In The Middle

ZARA Blazer & Dress / CHANEL Boy Celtic / CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Loafers / MIU MIU Sunglasses

Some really clear shots that Real Street took like in the end of October. The weather was perfect, it wasn't too hot and not too cold. This was the outfit that I wore in my last post too :D Anyways, I'm so sad that I'll be going home soon. I hope all my plans are going to work out once I go back. I'm still hoping for something to work out here too though.. I'm gonna eat more Korean food, and enjoy the city while it lasts. I hope all of you had a good weekend. Monday is here.. soonish.

November 19, 2013


ZARA Blazer & Dress / CHANEL Boy Celtic / CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Loafers / MIU MIU Sunglasses

Was so surprised when my friend told me that I was in a magazine, and he sent a picture. But I didnt know which one so I searched.. Apparently it's LOOKTIQUE October 2013 Issue. It's a Korean street style magazine... What made me so happy is that I'm in the same magazine like kimmie!! Yeay.. hahaha But anyways, I didnt know that I was gonna be in magazine, I just thought oh maybe for some streetstyle blog, whatever haha. And then, found this picture on facebook (it's Korean streetstyle facebook page) and I look damn bitchy!! Sorry... if it hurts your eyes... hahaha

November 9, 2013

Yellow But Not Mellow

STEVEN ALLAN Chambray Shirt / ZARA Sweatshirt & Trousers / ISABEL MARANT Boots / GOYARD St Louis Tote

Weehee! Finally an... outfit post.. Can I just tell you again how amazing Seoul weather is lately? It's so cool, breezy, warm..... Just perfect for a walk outside. Anyways, this is not really an outfit post but similar to one I guess. Last Thursday I went to... National Museum of Korea for a school field trip. It was interesting. I made a traditional name stamp~~ 

After that, me and my friend decided to eat near around Ichon Station. We ate at this "fancy" kimbab restaurant called Kim Seon Saeng. I say its a "fancy" kimbab restaurant cus u can always buy kimbab anywhere and its considered a "snack" actually rather than a meal. And they have all kinds of kimbab and the diameter of the roll is quite big too. As my observation goes, more people buy the kimbab for a take out rather than eating in. I ordered one famous kimbab with spicy pork meat, a mandu (aka korean dumpling), and this.. hot plate spicy pork meat with rice that we have to wait for quite a while. My favorite dish is the mandu!!! SO GOOD!

So I guess... That's all.... Anyways if any of you want to buy a pair of super nice and comfortable boots, I would recommend to get a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker boots. They have several colors other than black. They are super comfortable, I've been wearing it like there's no tomorrow. You can get it here or here.

November 6, 2013

how i wish my hair could look like...

Lara Stone for MADAME FIGARO by Nico

Let me tell you something, I've always been secretly jealous to people who have magic hands. Their hands can twist, dry, curl, do up dos on their hair.. While me? I can't even do a freaking simple blow dry. I'm hopeless when it comes to hair. Going to salon is not my favorite thing either. Watching countless youtube videos on "Simple Blow Dry" "How to Have The Perfect Just-Waking-Up Hair"and bla-bla-bla. Yeah... I still can't do it. 

Since I don't want to take all the blame on myself, I blamed my hair and since I'm so obsessed with Caucasians' type of hair, I was like "Yeah.. This is because your hair type is just different. You cannot have that sexily-bouncy-cool-model-look-alike hair." I am Asian, I feel like well at least for me, the texture of my hair and my friend's hair (who is a Caucasian) is so different. Like with her, just with air-drying her hair, her hair looks perfect. While me? I look like Simba -or like a witch (which one is worse I have no idea). 

But anyways, I know some people just has great hair like Blake Lively (oh I just want her hair so bad), and I know my Asian friends who have really thick-jet black-shiny hair, or just shiny-bouncy-pretty hair. And moreover they have the magic hands!! So now I started using products now to make my hair as silky as Hermès scarfs, at least my hair looks all shiny and healthy!! So yeah.. If you have any.. kind of advice how to have a cool-waking-up-modelesque hair, let me know~ Oh btw I'm so happy now that my hair is sooooooo long right now.HAHAHAHAHAHA 

summer reminder

Miu Miu Sunglasses

I'm so glad glad glad... GLAD that summer is finally over. Summer in Seoul is NO JOKE. I wouldn't recommend you guys to come to Seoul during summer. I know it sounds silly because I'm from a country that is hot.. everyday. BUT! Probably one of the causes that I feel its really bad is because the weather transition from March being so cold and suddenly its all sunny and warm. BUT! The thing is during Summer.. (starting end of May-June ish until end of August) it literally RAINS... everday (well, okay most of the times) and it is so.. HUMID. I remember one time it reached like 42 degree or something (eventhough it shows 46 degree celcius on my phone, but i think its wrong). ITS CRAZY. You cannot turn off the air-con, walking outside is such a "HIMDEUN aka TIRING" job. That's probably why I ate so many bingsoo (aka shaved ice god) everyday over the summer. It's impossible for me to enjoy walking outside, because once you step outside your room... You will start sweating (ew!)  

Anyways... My favorite seasons is here! Fall.. Autumn whatever you call it, THE SWEATER WEATHER IS HERE! (Okay it's also the musim pancaroba cus you will get sick so easily~ so I have to be really careful!). Now I can see all the pretty trees.. All green leaves slowly changing to yellow and they will prettily fall... I promise I'm going to enjoy my remaining time here in Seoul.... JAK JAK JAK!