July 31, 2011

Young LOVE

Elle Fanning

Hailee Steinfeld

Chloe Moretz
pictures from: tumblr.com

These three gorgeous young ladies posed for the cover of LOVE Magazine recently. I gotta say, these three ladies amazed me with their choice of movies, their talents and their amazing taste in fashion. If you don't know them, Elle Fanning is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning (that little girl who played with A Class top hollywood actors, even won a golden globe herself back then). Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for an Oscar this year for her role in True Grit, and her choice of red carpet outfit was amaaaa-zing! She also became the face of MIUMIU Fall 2011 Ad Campaign. Chloe Moretz played that bad ass girl in Kick Ass. If they continue to pick the right roles throughout their life, I think they are going to be the next A-list actress! I just wish I could buy the magazine here. I love all of them, which one you're going to buy?

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July 28, 2011

Melbourne, I'm in Love

Since I don't have my camera with me right now, I want to share with you some of my pictures during my visit to Melbourne back in late April - early May. I think from all the cities in Australia, Melbourne is my favorite city. Why? Because Melbourne is not a dead town like Perth (it's so quiet!!), but it's not that crowded like Sydney. I think Melbourne is one of the best city in this world (that I've visited). Despite their quick changes in weather (one minute it's raining, then it's sunny, then it's cloudy) I found Melbourne is a very attractive city, I love how we can travel everywhere with tram / train, you can also walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery / landscape. I also love the food and most importantly, their shops. Ahh.. I want to go to Melbourne again :)

Pork Skin Salad at Ying Thai
H&M Jacket / ZARA White Top / ZARA Green Skirt / MANGO Bag
first appearance of my sister
Lego Watch
Dark Cherry Pancake at MART
Brunch at MART

St. Kilda Beach
Purple Peanut
Max Brenner
Dongsaeng, Neoreul Saranghae!

Bourke Street

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July 26, 2011

Sweet Medusa

Do you still remember my lace blouse/shirt that I wore last Saturday? I wore it. Again. I'm such an outfit repeater ;p If I like it, I would wear the same cloth over and over again. But this time I put more color into it, I think next time I will try to pair it with fuchsia tank top rather than black tank top. I found this particular clothing is very delicate, I just love how the lace is very soft and very well made. Everytime I put it on, I always being extra careful with the cloth so the lace won't rip apart.

Anyway, have you guys heard the news? Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is going to be shown on Firday 29/7!!! Yeay!!! I'm so extremely happy, I would start queueing from 10am to get the tickets, I would watch it alone if all my friends are busy. So much dedication I will put in order to watch this last installment of Harry Potter :D Yeay!


Inspiration Tuesday: Beauty Hazard

For this Tuesday's inspiration post, I'm going to share few of my favorites editorials, that I got from tumblr. Most of them are pictures of my favorite models like Freja, Frida, Barbara, Jac, Ashley, Lara, etc (but most of them are not even in this post, I'm just telling you some of my favorite models kekeke). Enjoy!

Well, this one is not a model. She's Clemence Poesy who played Fleur Delacour on Harry Potter and Eve in Gossip Girl.
Kiko Mizuhara

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July 24, 2011


안녕하세요! How's everyone today? The week has officially ended today, did you guys have fun? I had a great weekend again, yesterday. I got to meet two of my best friends from uni, it has been two years since the last time I met them. It was really refreshing, and I feel so glad that I have friends like them. You girls made me become the happiest girl yesterday!

After having lunch at Pesto, I went to PS with them and hanged around a bit more, chatting about old times, and some girl talk. Then, for two weeks in a row.. I spent my weekend with Michelle. Again. And we talked a lot. Again. Therefore, both of us had a sore throat. Again. But let me tell you, being with her is so much fun because apparently we have so many things in common (even we wore something similar yesterday), we had Thai food for dinner, this was so much fun cause we love sour foods, and most of our friends don't really like them, so we always pick restaurants that has Thai or Vietnam food because these countries always have something sour on their menu right? Anyway.. I had a really great time yesterday, Thank you everyone! Be prepare for tomorrow! 놀자!! Let's Play!!

July 22, 2011

stripes up

Annyeong haseyo everyone! Can't believe it's already weekend again! How was your week so far? I hope you had a great time! For me, I had a great week because my order has arrived today! I ordered BIGBANG Special Edition CD and BIGSHOW 2011 about a week ago, and I gotta say, BIGBANG never disappoints me!! Kekeke

I put on something simple today and styled my hair into a bun cause it's so hot! I cannot stop sweating :( This tunic/dress probably too short, but I didn't bother to wear tights because I can't bear the hot weather. I hope you guys will have an awesome Friday and have a great weekend! My sister is going back to Melbourne tomorrow, who will take my pictures from now on? Ottoke? I guess I need to buy a tripod as soon as possible. Sissy, I'm going to miss you xx


July 20, 2011

Fall 2011 Ad Campaigns

Few of my favorites Fall 2011 Ad Campaign,
Nina Ricci Fall 2011 Ad Campaign / Malgosia Bela

Chloe Fall 2011 Ad Campaign / Zuzanna Bijoch & Sigrid Agren

Chanel Fall 2011 Ad Campaign / Freja Beha Erichsen

MIU MIU Fall 2011 Ad Campaign / Hailee Steinfeld

Valentino Fall 2011 Ad Campaign / Jac Jagaciak, Ruby Aldrige, Caroline Brasch Nielsen & Others

MARC by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Ad Campaign / Elle Fanning
images are taken from: fashiongonerogue.com

July 19, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday: GD&TOP

Okay, so from now on every Tuesday I'm going to make a post dedicated to the things, person, groups, models, brands that inspire me. And today's post is going to be about, GD&TOP :D If you follow my twitter, you would know how much I love, head over heels, obsessed with GD&TOP. GD&TOP is a part of BIGBANG. They are still BIGBANG members, they just made an album together to satisfy us, VIPs (a name for BIGBANG fans).

Since the first time I saw GD, I knew that he is a "fashionista" and boy, I'm not wrong. He is very stylish and he is known for his style all over the world (hahaha). From all BIGBANG members, my favorites are GD&TOP. In term of style, I also love GD&TOP's style the most. I love how colorful their clothes are, yet they still look (most of the time) chic, stylish, prepped, polished, and still look damn effortless.

I made collages of my favorite pictures of them. I was ran out of space for GD's collage, cause there are so many pictures that I like :P Anyway, enjoy!

The stylish leader, Kwon Ji Yong

GD's Hair Evolution for the first half of 2011
credit: soompi.com

Amazed? Other than his "fashionista" status, he also known for his hair. He changes his hair style a lot. Like a lot. The first picture was taken from his GD&TOP promotion days, its at the end of Dec 2010 until January 2011. Right after that, around February 2011, BIGBANG had a comeback by launching Special Edition album (Love Song promotion days) he had pink-blond-ish hair. After that he had blond hair for BIGBANG 4th mini album promotion. The long hair? It's just wig or extension for DAZED&CONFUSED Korea July 2011 photoshoot. And after that he died his hair black again and use this.. onion-mushroom-ish hair which is totally, totally cute.

Speaking of GD, there are so many things that make me love him. He's like an MVP in Idols. Why? Because he's super talented, he is the one who composed most of BIGBANG's songs with Teddy, DJ Murf, E.Knock, and other YG producers. He is the richest amongst BB members because he got more paychecks from royalties of his songs. He is also, has the nicest voice. I think he sings very well, you guys should listen Cafe and Baby Good Night. GD's high notes is just flawless. He also can rap and dance. He just really good at everything, except maybe relationships, cause he keeps making sad love songs :( I hope you find a good girl (like me), oppa! kekeke

To be honest, I'm really inspired by his appearance, because he wears colorful accessories in the right place. His looks changes from time to time, but he always keeps it fresh and entertaining. Sometimes he looks so chic, almost like a girl, but at other times, he looks so manly with suit. And I LOVE men in suits!

Moving to TOP...
Power Rapper, Choom TOP

TOP's Tongue Collection
credit: top-onew.tumblr.com

Tabi Oppa is the most handsome man ever. Seriously, I think he is more handsome that any Hollywood actors that I know. His eyes are just so mesmerizing and his voice, so deep and sexy and those eyes, yes his eyes are his best feature. I love his white hair during GD&TOP promotion days. He also a very good actor, he won Best New Actor at the 47th Baeksang Award. TOP is very dorky (don't let his coolness fool you). TOP hasn't been always this stylish. He used to wear streetwear, hip hop clothes, those were his "ugly-phase" if you know but I mean. But since TOP wears long coats, suits, shirts, tie, tux, oh man... He looks sexy as hell. 

What I love about his style is that, he doesn't wear boring black suits, he wears colorful suits (even suits with pattern on it!), or maybe he wears black suit, but he's wearing pink shirt. Interesting fact about TOP, there are no pictures of his body. There are no pictures of him half naked. But I guess he doesn't need to show us his body to make us love him, don't you think so? 

Ah.. That's all, if I continue rambling you guys would be very bored. Follow my blog via bloglovin' and follow my twitter to know more! Thank you for reading!