October 20, 2014

hello from kero

So.. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. As for me, I've never been better :D So many things happened in the past few months, so many changes.. Small ones.. Big ones.. Thank God I've never been afraid with changes, in the contrary I feel excited and content more than ever. Honestly, I don't really post here anymore although I really want to.. I always post new stuffs on instagram and pinterest though! OMG I've been abusing pinterest like cray cray.

What have I been doing? Lately, I've been busy with work. Yes, working in retail is not a shopping trip to the mall (although at some points it is. you abuse your employee card. you get paid to shop with a discount card on a brand you're managing. HA. the money goes around and around and around and around and around) But then, I can never see myself working outside the retail industry... 
Oh! And also.....

Me and my friend decided to start a Florist & Creative Design Studio called.... STUDIO JIRO! You can find us on instagram @studiojiro. Basically, we can arrange for bouquets, table arrangements, and other creative designs. We use local and import flowers (yes we have those silly but so cool looking flowers and succulents!) You can send your inquiries to askstudiojiro@gmail.com :D So if you need to send a bouquet to your boyfriend's mom, girlfriend, girlfriend's mom, best friend, friend's graduation, birthday parties, or whatever.. Just let us know :) 

Hmm.. What else.. I'm still obsessed with perfumes. I bought my second bottle of Le Labo Bergamote22. Oh, and I just found out that they have the HEELEY Scented Candles at The Papilon Pacific Place.. They need to add more stuff. They have so little collections so sad :( 

I can't wait until the end of October really.. But can you believe it's almost the end of 2014? Time flies so fast. Last year in Korea probably I was still out eating BINGSOO! Hahaha.. 

Anyways yesterday my dad told me something that is really interesting and very insightful. He told me "You just need to know when it's enough". The main focus of the conversation was about the material things in this world. We all want all the nicest things in life, but until what point you're gonna be satisfied? I think of what he said and I do agree to the point where, it's good to work hard, so you can live the life you want and buy all the nicest shit in your life. But for me, what's the point in all having all the money in the world when you're not happy? It's not like you're gonna bring all your Chanel to the grave like? I don't think your family and relatives will burn those Chanel babies when you get cremated. 

On Saturday, I spent the day painting the home partner's house at Desa Cijayanti in Sentul. It's part of the Habitat for Humanity activities to help families in need by building decent houses for them. We got divided into groups where you will do either the foundation part of the house, build the walls (yes with bricks & stuff), and the painting part. It was so much fun (and also you know.. doing good deeds helping the community). Doing these kind of things, somewhat reminding you that all of us are so lucky that we're living under a roof with an air con (plus internet). So if you wanna join, just go to Habitat for Humanity website and keep on checking cus I heard they're going to do this again next month! Ok.. I think that's all.. I'll try to update the blog more often, toodles xo

August 30, 2014

June 18, 2014


Last month, I went to Hong Kong and it was fun with CAPITAL LETTERS. It was a good break for me from work *hahaha* It was so funny how everytime I see my pics where I'm just smiling like all out, I can still remember the feelings that I was feeling at the time. Are you the same? Like there are some songs or pictures, that reminds you of specific moments in your life. Sometimes I can remember exactly where I listened to the song. It is so funny how my brain works *im a weirdo*. 
I was so happy as well cus finally I got the chance to eat at YARDBIRD. TWICE. Since last year, I have been craving to try YARDBIRD. It's a (cool) Japanese restaurant that is located in Central. It is a very interesting place, so interesting I went there twice during my visit. Intrigued? I will post about it soon. I will post more about my HK trip soon :D 기다려 줘!
ZARA Crochet Cropped Top / CHEAP MONDAY Jeans / GIVENCHY Slip On

Bridges St., Hong Kong

May 21, 2014

cool in slip ons

I've been pretty stuck on black shoes lately especially slip ons. I already have one, and for me it's still a good purchase even tho it's quite a splurge.I really like how you can dress quite formal and sleek, but when you pair it with slip ons, it gives you a cool edge to your look (+ oh its so comfortable!) For me, this DIEMME slip on is so cool. It's exotic leather gives a nice touch of detail.. (plus it looks expensive hence the price tag) and you can never go wrong with black really.

For affordable options, you can get it from jeffrey campbell or vans (they hv the beatles and star wars prints!) even from marc by marc jacobs. For the expensive ones.. my faves would be from givenchy, common projects, mother of pearl, or the holy grail.. CELINE. 

April 24, 2014

marant girl

 Some cool looks that I really like from Isabel Marant Pre-Fall 2014 Collection. I think I'm gonna get this Adidas Original shoes. Look super coooooool. Honestly these looks really represent my style mehehehehe. Especially the hair, make up, and how loose I like my clothes to be...

April 9, 2014

Unbutton It All

Digging all these super low unbutton looks. In Korea I'd be like dun careeee, cus everyone will be doing something even more crazy, like wearing super short dress in the winter (ok ive witnessed that during fashio week). But here... It's a bit tricky. I tried to pull off the look few days ago, it still looks appropriate, my twins are not showing at all, just a bit of skin that make the look.. nicer. Anyways, the comment that I got was "you forgot to unbutton your shirt" / "your button is open" a.k.a "kancing lo kebuka tuh" HAHAHA. I wish I can pull off these looks.. Sometimes I wish I'm like these super skinny models- being all flat chest.. so you can wear all those lace crop top, and it doesnt look slutty or inappropriate.
 These pictures were from the Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2014 LookBook. I'm pretty sure it's a good idea to save all your money and buy a Saint Laurent suit. I'm 80% convinced to do so. And to be honest with you, I used to be like wear shorts! shorts! shorts! But now I won't buy anything that is thigh-length. I would buy knee or below the knee skirts, and more tailored pants. I rarely post anything on social media right now. I've started working!!! Yeay!! Wave your pom poms!!! I've always want to bring this blog back alive but.. it's.... HARD. I'll just pop up every now and then.. Miaw Ciao Bella!

March 10, 2014

Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton Fall 2014

 I can't say how excited I am for Nicolas' first collection at Louis Vuitton. The show was simple, different from what Marc Jacobs had done over the years (remember all those carousel, elevators, hotels, trains?). But what surprised me even more was the fact that Freja opened the show. I was like WHAT?! I was so excited, I mean like Freja is my number one girl crush and I was so happy to finally see her on the runway again. Anyways, I love the collection. It's very clean, sleek, very girly but not so much. Lots of zipper and you just can tell those are some expensive clothes from the cutting and the fabrics. 

February 21, 2014

black on black

For me there's nothing more beautiful than a black-on-black items. Beautiful leather with beautiful black-coated hardware. It's just so pretty. It's like still having those beautiful details without screaming gold or silver hardware. It's very stylish, yet quiet. Super love!
Hermès 'Kelly Retourné So-black
from Fall 2010 Collection
CÉLINE Box Bag in Black
from Fall 2013 Collection

February 16, 2014

Clear Blue Sky

Queenstown, New Zealand
December 2013

Took these pictures back in December during my family trip to New Zealand. It was my third time visiting Queenstown and it's still as beautiful as I remember -my pictures don't do any justice really. Thinking it was summer in NZ, I packed a lot of summer clothes, apparently the weather was unexpectedly cold. I didnt have any blazers packed except this one, and didnt have my rain boots since it was floating somewhere between Seoul and Jakarta. Anyways.. The good news is after one and a half month of waiting, six (big) boxes of my things have finally arrived in Jakarta. I'm reunited again with my Korean books (and magazines) -which reminds me I have to brush up on my Korean, my bed cover, my cute mugs, my coats, most of my shoes, and some of clothes.. yeay! Can't say I don't miss Korea.. I hope I can visit Seoul as soon as possible... Have a good week ahead people!

February 13, 2014


Never been a fan of Michael Kors handbags, but I can't describe how much I like this collection. I love how quiet and relaxed the shapes are, they look very cozy and comfortable, very smooshy, squishy. Loving all the coats, the fur, and the length of the skirt. The cut is perfect. Loving the color palette, no bold screaming here i am color. Just grey, camel, black, brown, neutrals. Love them! And can I just say about the hair, it's like sexily braided tossed up and give the models a very.. "i woke up like this" look *beyonce song playing*

February 9, 2014

Battle of the Pockets

Alexander Wang collection for Fall 2014 is really something (especially because he moved the show to Brooklyn and they hv this private boat to take care of the guests.. how sweet!) But anyways.. Apart from the lovely outerwears from the collection, I wanna talk about the BAGS.. and the similarity i found it with LOW CLASSIC Pocket Bag.. keep on reading...

How cool are they? It's like very structured, no crazy patterns.. Very simple, clean, and just full with details- a pocket for every single thing. I really like the small round bag with some red foori (yes i like to say foori instead of fury for fur LOL) thingy.. The bags are really like cool-feminine-tomboyish feel.. BUT! These bags really.. (and the pockets for the coat) remind me of something.. LOW CLASSIC Bags. Low Classic is one of my favorite Korean brands.. They're very.. interesting, and I just really can wear everything they have... Love their sweater! Anyways.. The Pocket Bag has been around for some time (like 2 years maybe? Susie Bubble had the bag in 2012) and its quite of an "IT" bag in Seoul.. Which one you prefer? Wang or Low Classic? Low Classic has several color options, I have no idea how to get it online, cus it seems it's only available for Korea only. But if you have the chance to go to Korea, you can visit Low Classic flagship store at Garosugil (it's near one of my favorite BINGSOO and Ice Cream place) YEAY :D 

photos from lowclassic and style

February 4, 2014

The Wonderful Emma Watson

Since a week ago I've been like dying posting this pics! Finally the whole spread is out, and I'm still hoping for BTS video or something. Doesn't Emma look like a doll here? Seriously? She looks so stunning, very high fashion in that Prada dress... Looking so cute with Douglas Booth~ her fello cast in the new upcoming movie, Noah. Emma gracing two covers for Wonderland Magazine February Issue plus she's the guest editor as well! I hope I can get this magazine! I really ike her in the prada dress, updo, looking so chic. And the one with the black beret, cute!

January 27, 2014