February 21, 2013

Meiji Shrine, 6 December 2012

Okay so finally have the time to write a decent blog post. So we took these pics back in December. We went to Meiji Shrine which is located in Harajuku. Super easy to find, super big, and super pretty. I really really love Japan, I love their food, culture, the people. OMG. I have been in love with Japan since I was a little girl. I've always wanted to go to the places that I read in mangas. Damn hell I know 70% of the places in Harajuku because GALS! (Kotobuki Ran FTW!) Anyways, I had my mid-term last week and failed so bad in speaking. I should practice in speaking Korean more more and more. Got the results this past weeks and I scored pretty satisfying, but I knew I'd scored so bad in speaking.

It has been 1 month and 2 weeks-ish since I've been living alone. It's good, for the most part. To be honest I don't miss Indonesia at all, but I really really really miss my friends and family. But not to worry cus my best best best best friend (of 20 years lol) is going to come to visit like in 2 weeks, before she came my parents are coming also. After that like 1-2 weeks break another best friend of mine gonna come too, then my friends gonna like crash here too. SO YEAYY!!!! I'm gonna be so sad when March is over /sobs

So far it's been a very lovely experience in Seoul. The city is very safe, the food is so deliciously, you can go ANYWHERE with BUS/TRAIN so convenient. TRAFFIC EOBSEO. Fashion is numero uno. But I only just have a bit love and hate relationship with the weather. I like winter but when there's WIND.. Please just roll me in blanket. I can stand the cold but if there's wind.. OMG, it's very very cold. One time I saw the weather description it said "wind chills as low as -23" MINUS TWENTYTHREE. /DIE. But not to worry, the weather forecast says its not going to be that cold next week, but I see some snow and -11 and -1 weather. OTL Hopefully it's gonna stay like at 2 or 3 degree. Spring is coming, so excited!! I hope my Korean is going to improve also~! Have a great weekends everyone! Chuuu xx



this one is not at Meiji Shrine. This one was at New Otani Tokyo Hotel


missing my sister very much. thank you.

February 11, 2013

leather statement

BALENCIAGA Biker Jacket in Yellow from here

Have been like obsessed with leather jackets, especially Balenciaga, ACNE, and Phillip Lim. Those three brands. Just. UNFFFF. I really want one! Since the first time I saw Kstew wearing the Balen one last year, I was like DAMN. It looks freaking chic and doesnt look like the usual biker jacket that looks very... boyish? Like very rock and roll. Balenciaga one has this quilted details which I think is very interesting. I just love how the neck/collar line is just a simple round one. Anyways, it's interesting to have a bright color leather jacket, but I think it's (safer?) better to opt for black, cus its more classic. But maybe red or brown is another exception. Anyways, I found these 2 options at ZARA but they will cost me around $300 (which is kind of the same price with KENZO sweaters). So im still like... Should I buy or not, but it looks really really really nice. Like if its cheaper than $200, I wouldnt mind buying but its $300.. I can totally get something from high end brands with that price. But, it's leather and I've seen the leather quality and yes they're so soft and so nice, and it's warm too (guys I'm battling with -10 weather here). AH SO CONFUSING. So yes? no? Help!