February 26, 2016

DIY: Vetements Jeans

So, for the love of this VETEMENTS jeans that have been bugging my mind since I saw it on pinterest, I decided to do a DIY on one morning. It's been quite a while since my last DIY post (the first one was way back, when I did the shredded tee, leggings, and bleached denim), so I'm pretty excited for this one!
Final Look! Shoes from ASOS
The VETEMENTS jeans will cost you around $1400, that you can buy at FORWARD or SSENSE -but with this DIY, you won't be needing anything other than; your old jeans, scissors, and courage.

Distressed Old Jeans + Fabric Scissors + Courage
Your jeans is preferred to be your old jeans, cus you don't want to mess around to your new / favorite ones, what if you messed up the DIY and you have to cut it even shorter? LOL. Anyways, I would prefer a washed-light-blue color denim with some raw-distresed looking cuts/holes. The scissors can't be just any ordinary scissors, it HAS to be a fabric scissor otherwise you will get frustrated cutting it. So are you ready?

February 22, 2016

coffee break

Black Top ZARA / Blazer ZARA / Skirt ZARA / Pouch LOEWE / Shoes Church's
 Not the best quality of pictures, but here it is my first outfit post blog in a very long time. I gotta say, it's been quite fun working in retail. You get to wear anything to work - yes, that includes shorts, skorts, and sometimes even sandals (stylish ones). You get to experiment the things you like to wear and even get inspired from what your colleagues wear to work. What's even more fun, you get to shop together on your favorite Indonesian labels online.
So, tell me what do you usually wear to work? My friend just started the account @officerunway.id on instagram -they curates the best office look across Indonesia. You can just tag them there, and I will check it out. 
Wishing you all the best week ahead! x

February 5, 2016

for the love of DIOR

I can't emphasize more of how much I love this DIOR Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign.
 Everything is so perfect, really love the styling which didn't surprise me when I saw the name Carine Roitfeld follows the word "stylist". I love the pale beige tone and how everything look so serene. It's hip, young, chic, and still classy. So torn up when I read that Raf is leaving the house, I wish the best for his future path, and excited to know who's gonna be the next successor. I hear Sara from McQueen? But I secretly hoping that Alber will take over. Who do you think will be the next visionary for Dior?

models: binx walton (next), grace hartzel (next), maartje verhoef (women)
roos abels (ford), sofia mechetner (viva) and staz lindes (one)
photographer: patrick demarchelier (artandcommerce)
stylist: carine roitfeld
hair: duffy (streeters)

make-up: peter philips (artandcommerce)