June 28, 2011

a very pink post

Few years ago, I didn't really like pink, because it's so girly :P But now i love every shades of pink :) I think they are very lovely and so fun to be mixed and matched. Today I went to Sentul to visit a very close friend of mine, almost like a family really. I had a really fun time, and I'm going to go there again before my sister going back to Melbourne in the end of July :)

Anyways, please excuse my tired face, I didn't really have enough sleep because I'm downloading videos (GD&TOP, BIGBANG, 2NE1) to my new computer, and Secret Garden's new videos with eng-sub about Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin's commentary are up on the net, you can watch them here. I'm a super big fan of Secret Garden. How can you not love Kim Joo Won? I want to marry someone like him :P I hope Hyun Bin will be alright in the marines, and i hope he's going to have some fun for his break in July 2nd ;)

Haha, I keep babbling about my love of Korea. Oh! Later in the end of the post I'm going to share 2NE1's new MV - I Am The Best, I love it :D

June 26, 2011


Hey everyone! How's your Sunday? I hope everything's good despite all the traffic. Anyway, this is my second outfit post and i want to let you know a little bit behind my blog name, CORALINE. Maybe you're familiar with the animated movie, Coraline that was based on Neil Gaiman's novel. But, my blog name doesn't have any connection to it, rather than it's simply my name Caroline with a little twist in it :P I have so much love for the color, CORAL. I love how the pink mixed with a bit of orange and yellow, i think the color is very lovely. So I decided to put Coral into the name and put my name's last stem "Line" to the word. Not that creative, i know.

Anyway, enough with the babbling, I just want to say how thankful I am to received such warm welcome from you guys ;) Thank you for following my blog, and i'll do my best. Have a nice weekend!

June 23, 2011

as green as grass

God, I'm so excited to be back on blogsphere and I'm posting like a child can't stop playing. Mind my excitement will you? Anyway, I'm so happy to post my first 'outfit post' after years (lebay) on hiatus. Excuse my tired eyes and flabby legs. As you can see my style has changed. I used to like studs, leather, denims, something very edgy. Maybe as I age, I begin to know more about type of clothes that suit me better and which one make me look really ugly. Well, I'm still learning but now, I think I have a clearer picture in my personal style. Enjoy!

Forever New Blouse / ASOS Rings / ZARA Skirt / ZARA Pumps / Betsey Johnson Watch

Resort 2012: Alexander McQueen

This is going to be the first collection that i review cause i just saw the collection right before i'm writing this post. I will do my other favorites later (Lanvin, Jason Wu, Chloe, Valentino). First off, Bravo for Sarah Burton for taking the role as the Creative Director brilliantly. She delivered her first collection for McQueen in S/S 2011 Collection, which I think was fabulous. Then she designed the wedding gown for Kate Middleton which was amazing. I've always loved McQueen, and it's a tragic death really, may He rest in peace. Let's hope Burton will continue to give us more amazing collections.

For resort 2012, the color palette has a different shades with F/W 2012, where McQueen used a lot of grey-white-ish like an Ice Queen. For Resort collection, Burton uses black, white, gold, tan (i'm not a fashion/textile student so I can't differ/tell what color that is), a really cool earth tone. She also stays true to McQueen's style where there are a lot of embroidery of flowers, shells, pretty and strong silhouette, and structured cut. The difference between McQueen and Burton is that Burton gave us a more of feminine touch to the collection. The thing about McQueen collection is that it's very unwearable even for White Tie events. I think the only place where you can wore McQueen gowns is like the Costume Met Gala, but not this time. This time, Burton gives us a very wearable collection with lots of jackets, skirts with ruffled hem, simple dress wih amazing details with embroidery belt, and gowns with such 'aaaaaa i want this' feeling. Pretty much, I love how this collection really embodied my 'style' at the moment, very polished, chic, simple but there are colors and embroidery. And oh, can you see the shoes? THEY ARE AMAZING. Very simple (very different from the usual over the top but also pretty McQueen shoes) and wearable. Ah, I should stop rambling, and you should see what i mean. Here are my favorite looks from the collection (make sure you read more!): 

Please read more to see more of the collection (You have to!). Images are from vogue.com

June 22, 2011

bits and dots

So, how are you guys? I'm fine and feeling superb today :D I just had a really nice lunch with a friend and had quality talk. I want to let you know couple of things that happened to me on my 'hiatus'.

First, finally after 3 years of uni, I completed my Bachelor Degree in Management and Marketing in Curtin University back in September 2010. I went to Perth for my graduation although I spent my 3 years here in Jakarta.

After that I didn't start to look for jobs, because I'm quite lazy honestly, and I didn't feel like it. So instead of working, I joined baking class at Imperial Cooking School Tokyo, which is located at MOI, Kelapa Gading. I took Basic Course in French Patisserie and now I still go there to complete my other course in cooking and baking.

I also start my own business with a friend, making an online shop on facebook. You can add my clothing shop, Freja Shop and Du Jour Shop for make up shop.

I went to Melbourne back in early May to watch Katy Perry California Dreams Tour Concert and Justin Bieber Concert, and also to visit my sister. And after a while, I was thinking about getting another degree. Should I? Or should I just start working?

In the end, I'm so excited to start this new chapter of my life. I believe I'm still young, although I'm not that young (hahaha), but I believe we can achieve things that we dream about if we want it bad and work hard for it. Hwaiting!!

credit: tumblr.com

annyeong haseyo

Hello everyone! It's been a while isn't it since my last blog post? I really miss this whole blogging thing, so I decided to make one again. But this time, I'm going to make it differently, by learning from my previous mistakes :P I'm going to post not only fashionesque pictures, but I'm also going to share to you about my recent obsession in KPOP (dude, i'm gonna make you like it. haha). Not only that, I'm gonna let you see my interest in culinary too, since i recently take cooking & baking classes :) Please bear with me, as i make this blog more awesome. What else that i like? Hm.. Oh, i also love to travel so if i get the chance to travel somewhere, i'll make sure make few notes about it even though you don't find it interesting (it's my blog anyway haha). Last year, I was totally obsessed with make up and i cannot stop buying it. Dude, I cannot. The colors are so pretty. So if i get the chance, i'm gonna review some of my favorite products. I'll put some of my thoughts into this blog too, so it will be more personal :D

There are few more tweaks that i need to make, before publishing this blog again. I hope you will read my blog again ^_____^

Until then, please follow me on twitter (if you want to). Thank you for reading, have a nice day ^_____^

credit: tumblr.com