January 29, 2013

shades of oranges

Roponggi, 4 December 2012

So back in December I went to Japan with my sis... And this is one of the outfits that I wore when I was there. I didnt expect the weather was to be that cold. There were so many winds, I can stand the cold, but winds... that is my nemesis. Anyways, how are you guys? I hope things are doing good. January is almost ending, who knew time would fly so fast? I'm currently sick and still (kind of) adjusting to a new place. I hope I can be healthy as soon as possible, cus being sick is not good at all.

I'm so happy that my closest friends are coming in the next few months, so I really have something to keep an eye on! Oh! Fashion Week is also coming soon.. So so excited, I haven't really checked all the HC or PF collections, but there's this one look from Alexander McQueen that I absolutely adore. Anyways.. I wish you all well :) Annyeong~
ZARA Parka / Sportsgirl Shirt / XSML Skirt / H&M Tights / Melisa x Jason Wu Flats



January 28, 2013

fuckable asians in b&w

4 HOT PEOPLE according to me in this world. fucking hot asians. Model Lee Soo Hyuk, Model Sen Mitsuji, G-Dragon, and TOP. I've come into a conclusion that I have this thing with skinny guys - preferably stylish and if they have tattoo that also hot factor (but not TOP or SooHyuk, cus TOP - he never reveals skin.. as SooHyuk I dont think he has one). Yeah.. Pretty much this is my ideal physic for a guy. Tall (more or same with me is tall) - skinny - and stylish

image source tumblr / hoyasnap

January 16, 2013


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On 17 January, you can tune in on my blog to watch the latest show from LOUIS VUITTON, for their Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Menswear Ready-to-Wear Collection. The show will start on JANUARY 17th, 2.30 PM (GMT+1) which means.. 10:30 PM (KST) - 8:30 PM (WIB) - 09:30 (SG).

Exclusive backstage images will be available on @LouisVuitton instagram account. Don't forget to follow @LouisVuitton on twitter and check up on #LVLive for live commentators and recent updates about the show~!

Can't wait to see what Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs gonna do for this show :)

January 13, 2013

january loves

VOGUE UK - Saint Lauren Fall 2012
VOGUE UK - PRADA Fall 2012
Christian Dior
VOGUE UK - Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012

January 10, 2013


H&M Shirt / ZARA Sweater / ZARA Coat / ZARA Pants / xSML Necklace / Cambridge Satchel Fluorescent Bag / Jason Wu x Melissa Shoes Flats

Yeay! Finally a decent outfit post~! Well to be honest more like a.... holiday pics. Took these pictures in Shibuya, Tokyo back in December. Went there with my sis, just the two of us~! I was so happy because me and my sis have been apart since she's studying abroad.. and now.. We're totally living like so far.... Me up here.. and she's.. down there.. HAHAHA Anyways.. Finally I got the chance to wear coats! I've been always loving the sweater weather. But always.. Be careful what you wished for.. Now I'm surviving (more like suffering) in -10C weather. My skin is really dry.. So it's kinda painful in a way.. Need to drink more water and apply more moisturisers!

Anyways.. How are you guys? Hope all of you had the best 10 days in 2013.. Have you guys write your resolutions? Today I just had my first day in school, again! It was exciting to go back to school, it felt nice. Meeting a lot of new people, from different countries. Like it's different experience. I like change. Change is good. HAHAHAAHA Why do I sound like I'm convincing myself. LOL. Anyways.. Today gonna be the first time of me being alone. This morning, my mom and sis went back home to Jakarta. Going to be the first time of me, living alone, in another country. I'm excited ~! Ugh! So excited for tomorrow.. What's going to happen tomorrow? kkk~






January 7, 2013

y u m i

my favorite ss13 ad. period.

starring my new favorite model. yumi lambert. period.


Seoul, 4 January 2013

Hello everyone! First of all, Happy New Year! I wish all of you all the best for this new year. I hope in 2013, we could achieve our long life dreams (or at least 1 step closer to achieve it), more blessings and happiness to come in 2013 :) Stay positive! Anyways.. Sorry for the super lacking post updates.. I've been busy settling down in this new.. country. To be honest quite a big step for me, considering my age lol. Yes, I've moved to Seoul to study. I don't know how long I'm going to be here, but I have my plans.. and I'll just pray for them.. 

In my honest opinion, before you "settling down" (aka getting married) you have to make sure that you have like... do all the things that you wanna do (when you are single). Cause there's no way you can suddenly ditch your family and do the stupid awesome things rite? So.. just make sure that you have no regrets in life. YOLOOOOOOO. HAHAHAHAHA. I mean.. Have fun, do stupid things but take responsibilities, we're only young once anyway :D 

view from my apartment

View from apartment. Thank God I've found the perfect place in a very short time. I just feel blessed for everything. Now that I have settled down (I just have to buy more things, make bank accounts, buy new number)... I hope I can most more outfit posts in the future :) One thing that I need to say is that... SEOUL IS DAMN COLD. I have no idea how people can survive here. Hahaha.. Moving from a very tropic country to Seoul.. is... challenging~! But fun! New experience right :) Anyways... See you in the next post :)

Have a great 2013~!