April 7, 2013


ACNE Taurus Satin Yellow Shoes $520
ACNE Oxide Black Leather Clutch $270
ACNE Flint Yellow Leather Wallet $150
ACNE Merci Black Leather Jacket - Goat Leather $1500

After going in and out stores in Seoul, I still havent found the perfect leather jacket. I've always wanted a Balenciaga jacket but ACNE jackets have a different feeling with Balenciaga (and its $600 lesser from Balen price tag LOL). Balenciaga is more... feminine while ACNE is more casual looking just effortlessly cool. And it's been 3 months now since I've been living in Seoul, now I rarely carry a big bag. I only bring my phone everywhere -which the cover has my debit, credit, bus/train, and identification cards. And in Seoul you dont really need to bring cash everywhere cus you just can TAP everywhere. So i usually just bring a very small bag to put my hand sanitizer, lipbalm, and powder. Carrying a big bag is very tiring, especially when you are out like one full day. And small bags are cuter! Eventhough with my height, me carrying a small bag is not very proportional. LOL Also... this yellow wallet just so cute, dont you think? Simple and the price tag is not bad either :D Also the black clutch.. I really like leather with textures - it makes it looks tougher? 
By the way... Spring is coming soon! Still very cold here (but not really cus I think I have adapted really well to the weather -but not the wind), but now you can see some flowers bloomed already.. This is my wishlist for Spring! Whats yours?

April 5, 2013

GEEK KR: "GARAGE INC" April 2013

GEEK_20130401110127097 GEEK_20130401110247698 GEEK_20130401110407002 GEEK_20130401110505812 GEEK_20130401110526283 GEEK_20130401110548426 GEEK_20130401110708349 GEEK_20130401110726914
Bought this magazine last week. Shot by Sunhi. 
Models are Kim Won Joong and An Jae Hyeon.
pics are from GEEK

April 4, 2013


Beyond Closet FW 13 Show

Beyond Closet FW13 Behind The Scenes

So last week.. There was Seoul Fashion Week for the FW13 Collection. I didn't get to attend the shows cause the tickets were sold out and the some of the shows that I want dont even sell the tickets T_T Anyways, I went to the place to look around, catch a glimpse of my favorite korean models (will post about that later). So from all the shows that I've seen so far, Beyond Closet collection is one of my favorites. For me the styling in the show is roughly how most people in Korea dress -which I like by the way! All the ANKLE PORN!!!!! and of course layers!
Anyways the collection is designed by Go Tae Yong (고태용), if you watch the videos, you can see how cute the show is (if you have time you should watch the other video as well, their last season show was also very cute -sailor theme!). Just like the pattern and graphics on the clothes are burgers, hot dogs, colas, all those junk foods. So cute harhar~ I really like the styling and the color palette. The jackets are really, really nice. I really like this collection. WHY AM I A GIRL.. I want to wear the coats and jackets too T_T

You can see the full collection here.  
IMG_2103 ewrw IMG_1874_2 
Totally loving this jacket below. Look at the color, the pattern!
IMG_1911 IMG_1917 IMG_1918 IMG_1924 IMG_1927 IMG_2115_2
backstage pictures from beyondcloset, PFM, modefsn