July 30, 2017

Post card from / SeoulList / #Annyeonghakero

Summer reminds me of catchy K-POP songs that keep on playing over and over again. Last year, I finally went back to Seoul (after 3 years!) to watch BIGBANG 10th Year Anniversary Concert. I miss everything about Seoul – the food, the transportation, the people (oppas!)... Eventho I didn't spend a much time there, only 5 days or so, but thank God I managed to eat at my favorite places. 

I shared with you few times back then (check out my tagged post #KeroTravelSeries) where to go in Korea, but in this post I will list out everything on where to go. I'm going to Seoul again this November, and then I shall update the list again

Let's start!
Anthracite Hannamdong – taken by @greysuitcase / @the.nexene

July 27, 2017

Career / The Executive / Part 2

Back again with Career Post with sergeantkero! LOL. How's your week everyone? Hopefully each and one of you are doing great!

Thank you all for a very warm feedback on this career section with me. Again, I'm still learning myself, I'm not yet a professional and master in what I do, so let's share if you have any other opinions on the comment section below, OR DM me on instagram :)

So.. What was it the last time I write about? Oh, I started working in Debenhams. It wasn't a big role that I have at first, yet I was very happy. I was given the privilege to run the accounts, being creative, even did this DEBENHAMS Blogger Styling Competition with my fellow blogger friends, that you can still read on my blog (thank you Kak Diana, Anaz, Olin, Sonia, and Mich Koes – for always supporting and helping me...) It's very important for us human beings, to feel trusted. That's why it's also very important to feel trust at work. When your boss trusts your work, your life will be so much easier and it's good for your self confidence too! Be confident with your self and your work.

Career advice: Find a role in a company where you can grow, don't be someone who get told around what to do. Have initiatives, speak out your ideas, observe, and help your team – remember, working in a company means you are working with and for someone else. You will always need other people's help. I know sometimes it's easier to do everything by yourself, but you have your job scopes, and they have their job scopes. So follow it through.

About applying for jobs – don't worry about sticking in your major too much – it's important to find your passion first, and go after it. 

But after working at Debenhams for a while.. I decided to quit in end of 2012, because I wanted to go to Korea to learn new language. 

Yeah no, I loved Bigbang so much so I moved to Korea for a year. Aside from full time fangirling, I also got enrolled in Yonsei University to learn new language in a hope I can work for YG. LULZ.

I was 22 when I quit my first job – moved to Seoul for a year in 2013. Was one of the best years of my life – I didn't get to work at YG however I managed to: be in G-Dragon's – Who You Music Video (hell yeah! Was one of hundreds of fans who went to the filming, was pre-picked online on VIP4 website). I am very proud of this – my fangirling days are definitely another story to tell.

the prettiest seoul sky ever during that filming day
yup... it happened
Anyways, I khilaf and in 2014 I got back, finally settling down in Jakarta. Why? As simple as I was single and got no boyfriend. FYI, my dream at that time was to get married at 25, how was I supposed to get married at 25, but no bf yet? So I must go home and find cute boy leh. LOL

July 24, 2017

Pinstripes Monday

DRESS Bel.Corpo // BLAZER Reves Studio // SHOES Celine // BAG Loewe

Who said wearing clothes to work have to be boring? With the right versatile pieces, you can totally upgrade your look.

It's no big secret that I love outerwears – especially blazers. LOVE them. Why? With blazers, their cut and shape is pretty much formal. However, pairing them with let's say t-shirts and jeans, your look can be totally casual.  Not only jeans, you can also wear shorts even! Different pieces, different style.

So back to office look, I had an event last Thursday – so decided to put on this Bel Corpo dress. Totally love it since the first time, and when I put it on – instant love affair. Good fabric, and what made me fall in love more is the pattern play and hem cut at the bottom. Pinstripe is also a really cool pattern that is totally acceptable for corporate looks. Still look formal but not too heavy. Key style: navy/white pinstripes are the best. 

July 21, 2017

Getting Inked

Tatoos. Some might think it's something taboo, others might think of it as an art, a statement, or even a reminder. Few (or maybe a lot) got them on a drunk night or after losing a bet.

For me, tattoos have always been something that I want to have. Maybe along time ago, I might think of it as a tramp stamp, but as time goes by and as I grow older.. Well, blame on fashion magazines and the internet, I found them becoming a fashion statement. Especially when those pics of Freja's float tattoo surfaced. MAN! I am hooked. If you search "Freja Beha" on google, her tattoos will be on her related search. She is my number one lesbian crush and my fav model and she has 16 tattoos. I think the most famous one would be this "float" tattoo, as it is the most visible one, and maybe 5-7 years ago during fashion week – street style photographers were swarming to take her pictures

July 18, 2017

Career / The Beginning / Part 1

This post was first drafted in January 2017.

Hello guys! Right now I'm writing from Changi Airport! I'm in Singapore for 2 days for a work trip for CELINE –which is very special, cus it's my first work trip overseas with the current company I'm working for.

Another thing what makes it very special because in these 2 days, I'm feeling something that I haven't been feeling for a very long time. I feel very content with my life. The last time I felt it was like 2 years ago when I met my current boyfriend. It's not that I don't feel grateful for the past 2 years, I'm grateful for a lot of things, but this 'content' feeling – how to put it? It's different.

In this post, I would like to share with you the first part of my career story – hope it's not too long and let's hope I can keep my mind focus writing this (not jumping around to other topics). I'm not saying I'm a professional in giving career advice – however since lots of you have been asking on Insta about my career thus... I will share with you my opinion, you can either agree or disagree but let's discuss nevertheless :)
2011 - Day 10 of My First Job

July 7, 2017

Post card from / Kyoto part 2

Fushimi Inari
Remember Memoirs of a Geisha? If you haven't watched it – you should watch it. I've been a fan of Japanese culture like since forever, from manga, anime, to geisha – all those cultural related stuff. I love it. Everything is so well put together, meaningful, neat, like everything has its own purpose.

There's a scene in the movie where Chiyo – running through these orange gates, ever since then I wanna do the same thing. I wanna run! And so I did. These orange gates can be seen at Fushimi Inari Shrine. How to get there? Very easy. Just take taxi – LOL (but taxi in Kyoto is much cheaper compared to Tokyo). There's a  JR station at Fushimi Inari, so it's so easy to find it. 

There are 2 gates, make sure you go to main one – there's a big gate, some modern building and you will arrive to the temple, then you can find the big map. You can see where you should go, lots of stairs and then you will find those 'smaller, tighter' orange gates where Chiyo run passed by.

July 3, 2017

Post card from / Kyoto Part 1

Konnichiwa everyone! I just got back from my Japan trip this morning at 4AM in the morning – at first I was like "4AM are you serious?" but after realising that the Ramadhan break is almost over, people will be swarming the airport, nah uh – 4AM was indeed the perfect time to come home. This morning, the airport, traffic going back home were empty. It only took me around 15 mins to get home. Went straight to bed once I got home.
7 days, 6 nights – Started my #kerotravelseries with Kyoto. There was no direct flight to Kyoto, so we went to Osaka first and took a train to Kyoto. Travel tips: you don't need to buy your train tickets in Jakarta, you can just buy it on the spot. This way you can avoid missing your train, just in case you got delayed (which happened to me) – train station is directly connected to the airport terminal (only 2 minutes walk!). Price was around 3000 yen if I'm not wrong – you can buy either reserved seats or the regular seats. Price difference prolly twice of the regular seat tickets. Reserved seats means you don't need to worry about your seat location, you can stick together with your group. Regular seats, you will need to find your own seat. 

Rodarte in Full Bloom

Photographed by Jason Lloyd-Evans for VOGUE.com
As a florist, seeing flowers being turned into something very interesting is something that really please my eyes. Especially like when Jonathan Anderson made a LOEWE Calendar filled with super cool flower arrangements shot by Steven Meisel, or when Dries Van Noten had "frozen flowers" on the runway similar like what Raf Simons did when he was still in Jil Sander. Anyways, flowers are pretty.

Back to Rodarte, they just debuted their first runway in Paris! Usually they would have their shows in New York during NYFW, but this time, Rodarte (and Proenza Schoulder) decided to take it to city of love. And boy, it did not disappoint.