Hello! Sergeantkero here! I started blogging in 2009.
Right now I'm sharing whatever I found interesting, I just write whenever I can or want to.

You can call me CR (high school nickname), Kero, Carol, or even Caro. Sergeantkero is a nickname that I made way back. It was inspired by Japanese anime, Sergeant Keroro or Keroro Gunsou. I don't really know why I made that name –but somehow it works. Kero sounds like Caro?

I like ice cream way too much. My days pretty much filled with flowers and fashion. Studio Jiro– is my baby, me and my partner decided to open a florist shop back in October 2014. Besides Studio Jiro, I still work a full time job in retail, I do marketing for fashion brands daily. It's all fun!

Silence is gold 

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E: sergeantkero@me.com