August 9, 2017

Career / The Dream and The Flower / Part 4

Back here on #sergeantkerodotcom – and we're on part 4 of my career journey. Thank you again everyone for reading this, please do not hesitate to email or DM me, if you have questions :)

Rewind to few months back before I got accepted at MAP Fashion 1, it was in end of August / early September.. Sherly just introduced me to Ren, and we were just talking of how boring Jakara life is. 

In 2014, my weekends were filled with endless partying and going out. When you go out with your single friends – parties happened. It was not ideal at all, working in retail means your salary is not that high, you get discounts that means you'll ended shopping more (salary goes back to the company), going out every weekend means by now you have no savings. 

Basically me and Sherly wanted something new, a fun activity to fill our weekend, and I found it on instagram – Fleuri's Flower Arrangement Workshop. We decided that we're going to do this and I even asked my mom to join us, because I know how she loves flowers. 

That weekend I finally met Natasha (Nat) from Atelier Fleuri – she is my inspiration. Nat is the most hardworking florist I know, so creative, she really pours her heart out to her designs. You can totally see her passion through her creation. I just love love love love her.

She inspires so much I ended up loving this new thing I just learned and I thought to myself.. This is fun.. Why don't we make a flower shop? Back then, there weren't many players in the online florist business. so I would say, we were so lucky to start the business at the right time. You know what they say.. Timing is a bitch. Thank God, time wasn't a bitch to us then :)

I think it's very crucial when you want to start a new business. First step that you need to do is to do a research first, who are your competitors in the industry, what can you do to make your business different, what is your product, how to market it, who is your market, and so on. In my opinion, when you have the money maybe you can just start any business you want.. But, without the right knowledge and execution, your business can either go big or go home.

Sherly and I.. We didn't know much about how and where this will go, but we just hoped that this can be our side business. At the time, Sherly already has a jewellery brand for her side business – We Are The People (@watpthelabel), she wanted to focus on the brand and I was ready to move on to better things honestly. Applied to different jobs, but haha no luck really.

So where did the name JIRO came from? It first started when Sherly wanted to have "STUDIO" in the name, so I said jokingly – Studio Jiro!! Jiro is a combination of our nicknames. Ji is from Jib (everyone calls her jib) and Ro is from Kero – so JIRO. She didn't love it right away, but we ended up using the name  ;) In October 2014, Studio Jiro was born.

In the same month –  I received an email from MAP Fashion1 HR, they said they have a vacant position for Assistant Marketing Manager for Fashion Division. I was stoked – so happy and I replied YES right away for the interview. Career advice: say yes to better opportunities. Especially to the ones that will make you grow. You know what's the funniest thing? The interview location was at the SAME FLOOR as my office. After interview with the HR, I got interviewed with the users (your direct superiors), they told me the brands I will be managing, you have no idea how happy I was. My team managed all the fast fashion brands, so during my first year at MAP Fashion1 – I managed: Inditex Brands: Massimo Dutti, ZARA, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Zara Home, and Arcadia Brands: Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Wallis, and Burton. Tried so hard to act all cool, but of course I failed. Long story short, after few days I received another email offering me the position and of course I said YES. Yes to my dream job, finally!!!!

Funny fact: me and Sherly resigned at the same time at our previous company, we told our boss together

The first few months was a bit surreal.. Working 2 jobs.. Who would've thought? Me? Until right now I'm still quite surprised at myself. Anyways.. The first few months of Jiro was slow.. I think it's normal for new business to be like that, if you're lucky.. Your business can boom right away, but I prefer the business performance to increase slowly and go steady rather than up and down like a hill. Slow but sure. That's what I always keep in mind.

So if you just start your own business, don't be discouraged. There are few things that you can do.. Do a weekly/monthly review of your business performance, your products, and competitor. Quality control your products, have a certain standard, and keep it that way. See what's out there, don't live inside your comfort zone. Be curious and ask questions. Go out and meet new people, because if not, how good opportunities will find you?

After a while, dealing with 2 jobs seems to be manageable – however, I've never been keen on doing administration part. I'm not neat and my things are quite bit messy (you should see my room hahaha) I try my best to keep things on track and my brain is easily distracted. I try to prioritise but well yeah, I try my best

If you're wondering about my daily schedule when I started Jiro, it went like this: 6AM trip to the flower shop (back then we didn't have any connections to supplier) hahahaha, then off to work, after a while, we have some suppliers in contact, no cooler yet tho so we use my brother's room to become our cooler (hello electricity bill!) Then after orders start coming in, we bought a cooler finally. That's when I feel like, wow things are getting real.

My days go by like this, flowers before work, full time office job, and flowers after work. To be honest if you ask me how I can manage my time well,  I don't manage my time well. I have messages on whatsapp that I can't respond to, I just try to keep everything in balance. But the biggest help comes from Sherly. I feel I'm very lucky to have her as my partner, she's very driven, neat, and  a planner. Unlike me, she likes to do things in advance, while me I like to do things near the deadline (I know it's bad, but I like the mini pressure). Honestly without Sherly, I don't think Studio Jiro will survive. Sure we have our own issues and quarrels, emotional rollercoaster, it's not easy to deal with someone who is very moody like me. But, she is very understanding and willing to work with me. So thank you Jibo <3

Jiro's First Valentine's Day. Jiro boyfriends on delivery duty HAHA

What I learned from my experience is that, you can never work on your own. You will always need someone's help to go forward. Not only that, focus is also very important. Don't go start another business if your current project/business are not steady yet (well at least that's me). Remember how I like things to be steady and sure? Yes, so my advice is to focus on your current project, make it good, well established, and if you're confident to embark on a new adventure, go do it. I don't think it's nice for your portfolio if you have a lot of things on your plate and none of it are doing well.

After a while doing Jiro and my current job at MAP, things have gone really well. Jiro managed to work with some amazing people, we have worked with, Cotton Ink, Potato Head,  Massimo Dutti,  Common Grounds and St Ali, we even got to learn overseas too! Oh for follower counts, don't think too much about it. It's more about your customers buying power, not how many followers you have. Keep it mind, on digital.. You have to be present at all time.

As time goes by, I really like my job of course.. Now I'm just aiming for my next move.. I was dreaming about moving to luxury brands. Who knows I can sit front row at the show of my favorite brands? I did some interviews, but no luck yet. So I just focus at MAP, anyways it's my dream job, so I had almost no complains. But I know my next step is to go to luxury business.
MAP FASHION 1 circa 2015
Right after a year, my boss said she wanted me to move to another marketing team. Fyi, we have 3 marketing team in MAP Fashion, one is doing fast fashion big retail (zara etc, thats my team), one is doing lifestyle (lacoste, tumi, kipling, etc), and the other one is doing the luxury/high end brands. So I got offered to take the luxury/high end team, because the manager is resigning.. So I'm like yeaaaaahhhh!! It can be my stepping stone to go forward, and I love the brands too. Loewe just changed their creative director to JW Anderson, super exciting, and the number of brands that I will manage at that time even lesser. So yes!

By then, I know I must never question God on how he has plans for my career, because so far what He has given has been so so good. So well, I decided not to quit my full time job, first because it's the money (I like having steady incomes), second, I like the job, and third.. My dad says no. You must stay.

Then I stayed for another year. And during that one year, I learned a lot of things, and definitely made memorable memories that I still keep until now..

that I will share on my next post! So stay tune...

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Ciao x


  1. Hii ci Carol, my name is Raisa and my email is What I want to read on your blog is how you style your work clothes, especially how to style work blazer and maybe how to chose blazer (?) that is flattering to your figure. Those will be so helpful as I am a fresh graduate ready to search for some work!! Thanks a lot ci Carol!! Your KeroWorkSeries gives me so much inspiration!! ❤️

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    Aulia Fitria -

  6. Hii bisa tulis ttg khidupan pekerjaan retail glam & dark sidenya :) thx
    Esti ..

  7. Hi Caroline! Thank you for sharing your career journeys :)
    For me who works in IT industry, fashion always seems fun & glam (esp. those runway shows & new-in launch)
    Would love to know from you - the insider, of what's actually happening behind all those glams & what do you think about sustainable fashion?

    Jessica -

  8. Hi kak kero! Please tell us a story about how you discover your personal style. Sama gimana cara/inspirasi kak kero bisa dress-up stylish setiap harinya (bcuz i really love your style! ;3). Thanks kak! x
    Anggi Mahendra Putri (

  9. Such an inspiring post! ❤️ Room tour & skincare routine please! :)

    Sally J. -

  10. Hi Kak Kero! My name is Naomi and my email is!
    I've been reading your career posts and it's been so inspiring to always never give up on what you want!
    Aku penasaran aja how to style yourself daily sama tips2 in the fashion industry, I would love to see a post about that!

  11. Hi Caroline!

    I love your style but honestly, the content is quite superficial (no offence; I come from a genuine place).

    Maybe you can write more about "How can one prepare themselves in the fashion industry? Are internships important? Are networks important etc." "The pros and cons of working in Fashion - for e.g. a con I know is that the pay isn't good in Fashion " Basically, insights about the industry because many of us are not in it. imagine you having to give a talk to a bunch of students who are about to graduate or something along the lines of that.


  12. yaaay!! so happy that you wrote about your fashion career and flowery business (p.s i asked this topic on your ig dms before (@giselaeiff) hehe) many thanks kak kero for the insights! :) been following your blog journey since the 'skin essentials' thing andddd really excited to finally join the blog giveaways whoop12x ;

    how you define your style? where you got your style inspiration mostly? and who is your fashion icon that you look up to? many thanksss, stay inspiring kak kerooo! xx, much loves

    Gisela Eiffelina —

  13. Hi carol, cant believe gue follow dari jaman awal sour cherry mulai dengan rambut pendek dan so skinny, create diy-diy an celana tshirt dan lainnya. And you getting better everyday! I see God hand in every step of your life. Ga semua orang bisa dapet apa yang di inginkannya walauoun nunggu bertahun2 cause when Gid said No what we ginna do?so you are very blessed carol. Boleh dong share ttg relationship km, bukan kepo sih tapi gmn cara km menjaga hubungan km sama ren .. I see ren juga banyak influence hidup km ya? I see his support you to exercise and find fun things like diving, No?
    Dunia blogger yg selalu dikelilingi wanita yang pastinya ada yg lbh baik dari kita, gmn cara km saling percaya, saling menghormati dan support. Thanks caril .. God bless you and your life journey.

  14. Hi Carol,
    I remember that I put your name on my blog back in 2010 because I thought your clothes (and senses) are expensive and you saw it (and reply it of course) :'D
    Now I see the more wise and adult than you back in 2010. I like the way you write your everyday things--It feels more realistic, it feels like I read some stories from my close friend and I like it so much. I wish you won't stopped write these heartfelt notes, because for someone who doesn't into fashion--your words work like a spell.

    I didn't set my hope high for the giveaway, but I really apologize for what I wrote back in 2010 and wishing you all the best for the future.
    raissa sabrina -

  15. Hi carol, cant believe gue follow dari jaman awal sour cherry mulai dengan rambut pendek dan so skinny, create diy-diy an celana tshirt dan lainnya. And you getting better everyday! I see God hand in every step of your life. Ga semua orang bisa dapet apa yang di inginkannya walauoun nunggu bertahun2 cause when Gid said No what we ginna do?so you are very blessed carol. Boleh dong share ttg relationship km, bukan kepo sih tapi gmn cara km menjaga hubungan km sama ren .. I see ren juga banyak influence hidup km ya? I see his support you to exercise and find fun things like diving, No?
    Dunia blogger yg selalu dikelilingi wanita yang pastinya ada yg lbh baik dari kita, gmn cara km saling percaya, saling menghormati dan support. Thanks caril .. God bless you and your life journey.

  16. Hi I am Vika. Just want to say I am a huge fan :D
    I am always wondering how you choose your personal style and how can I as a reader choose my own style after reading your articles
    Thank you!

  17. hi ci carol! i'm Delia Delfina (
    first of all thankyou for sharing your job experience and even explain almost every detail of it, aku msh kuliah but seems like i have the same dream job just like you! first of all aku mau tanya gmn kehidupan ci carol di korea, mulai dr tempat tinggal, & budgetnya krg lebih kalau mau tinggal disana ☺ thankyouuu. keep inspiring!

  18. Hi Carol! I've been reading your blog since a long time and you've been such an inspiration to me! I love you stories, your passion, and of course your style ;)

    I would also love to read more about relationship and love like how you maintain the chemistry in your relationship (you and Ren are so adorbs btw!) and also is it hard to juggle between full time job, side job as well your relationship.

    Thank you!

    Vonni Fong -

  19. All this time always thought JIRO was some kind of japanese wordπŸ˜‚
    Anyway, I would LOVE to read the 'before' getting the job part, what to do and not to do on interviews, resume tips, etc. & thoughts on being an influencer, and more of your OOTDs and personal style, because you rock any kind of clothes (+also how you edit your instagram pics bcs it looks so aesthetically pleasing and consistent), thank you! ♥

    Devina Ellora /

  20. my girl crush! influencer yg selalu ngebalas message di IG bahkan kadang sangat terlalu cepat ��

    share about :
    - beauty routine and how to get yr 'no make make up look' (video version) :)
    - photography equipment

    dewisiburian //

  21. Hallo Ci Carol��
    i love the way you write expecially every photos on it
    Aku menyarankan untuk bahas Skincare Routine Cici. penasaran apa cici team campur campur produk? atau team korean skincare ? atau team highend skincare/drugstore skincare hehehehe. dan kalo pilihan lain mungkin bisa bahas gimana pendapat Cici untuk trend Kecantikan seperti "bibir tebal ala kylie" "blushon dibawah mata" "eyelash extention vs bulumata palsu"
    Terimakasih banyak sudah buat giveaway. May God bless you always Ci. ����
    Elizabeth Jessica -

  22. Hi kak Kero! I've been reading your career journey and really feel attached to it. Not just because I'm one of those #budakretail πŸ˜‚ but I'm happy and grateful to reading other people dream and journey almost the same as I've been through :) Could you share more of your journey as an influencer and fashion enthusiast, like, the ups & downs, or like the good & dark side? It would be nice if you also share more details (like review etc) of your travel diaries. Thank you so much and keep inspiring!

    Monica -

  23. Ci Kero, i am your follower since 2012 because of Bigbang concert, i followed your instagram, being your silent reader for years and im so happy that you post about your carrer life. I am really happy if you can write about ups and downs on your career life(bcs im marketing in a japanese trading company and sometimes i feel so down if i failed acquire new customer) -- Name : Ayas ; Email :

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  25. Hi Kero, my name is Chelen. One day, my company that I worked with, held an event, and that day, I met your father (even I helped him for the registration process). I was so surprised and honesty, I wish I had a gut to shake your father's hand and told him, how inspirational you are for me. But I thought, it would be so creepy, so I didn't do it. Related to this blog, I can see that you respect your father so much (FYI, I also saw him as an respectful person). So, I would like to know about what family means to you and how they shape you into who you are right now. Thank you, kero.

    PS. my email:

  26. Hi Kero! I started follow you on ig and read your blog since 6 months ago. I love your style (either for office or any events) which is simple but not boring at all :)
    I am a lil bit curious about your another job as fashion influencer and how do you manage your everyday makeup. So could u share about those topics?

    Thank you very much!

    -Viena Santoso

  27. Hi ci Carol! I feel more connected to the writer when they're sharing about their personal experience and life story on how they achieve their goal. That's why i really love this career post! <3

    Living in the generation where everything is so instant make teenager nowadays to put their priority on the goal not the process of the journey.
    I suggest you to write about how you appreciate a process rather than the goal itself and how people around you giving you a motivation and influence or maybe a story on how you deal with people that underestimate you for being in the fashion industry which they think it will not enough to make a living out of it. Thank you <3

    Name: Selvy Damayanti

  28. Hi kero!
    My email is
    Can you tell stories maybe secret from HR team why a person consider as candidates for vacant job and other person disqualified ? What are the secret for someone to get accepted when they apply something?

    Second, tell us more during your downs or feel like a failure moment. What have you been through, how you gets up, and what thoughts you set to keep going even after all that?

    Thankyou. The giveaways is just bonus, but i think your stories is the real giveaways :)

  29. Hi Kero, aku mau kamu sharing tentang gaya berpakaian kamu sehari2 dong. Soalnya aku suka sm gaya mix & match kamu yang simpel tapi tetap terlihat elegan. Thank you Kero.. :)))


  30. Hi Carol!
    Stefanie here :) I've been reading your blog since forever (remember the sunsilk queen bee hunt? that's when i first discover your blog & journey). It was fun to follow you along as your blog content has always varies and never boring. Some things i'd like to read in your blog is about beauty routine and instagram tips & tricks. Especially knowing that u're an avid glossier user, i've been so curious as of how you maintain your skin on check daily. Plus your instagram feed is aesthetically pleasing, hence i'd love to hear a tips or two on how to build a pretty instagram feed.

    Keep rocking, your recent career posts have been so inspiring;)

    xo - Stefanie

  31. Hi, Kak Kero. One of the thing what I want you to write more is about your thoughts. Kind of like your thoughts about retail industry or about your "bekel" ideas haha. Surprisingly, I enjoy and curious about #kerobekelseries <3.

    Semakin rajin menulis kak, have a nice day!

    Iluk Reskiyana :

  32. Thankyouu so much cii Kero!

    Your career advices are so helping me to broaden up my knowledge about what's it's like to work in fashion industry.. currently I'm a fashion business student :) I'm thinking to take my master degree in UK (fashion & luxury brand management) from your perspective is it necessary to take that degree to be able to work in luxury fashion brand company? can you share your journey until you is now one become a fashion influencer in Indonesia? is it too late to start on this day to be an influencer?

    thanks loads ci Kero!

    Devina Mardiputri :)

  33. Hi,

    so really nice to read your blog about your career and them all stories so inspire me.



    Anty Limbong

  34. Hi ci, I'm currently working as full time fashion designer and also part time piano teacher. I always wondering gmn cc bisa manage semuanya. I also have my clothing line with my friend i started it bfr my full time job. I love to work on the last minute, just like you i love that deadline pressure.
    And since i have my full time job i can't go on holiday that much. And i know, you did travelling a lot. Can you share how to manage your time, gmn bagi waktu buat your full and side jobs dan gmn biar kerjanya banyak dan tapi juga bisa jalan2 �� oh ya, aku jg susah manage money. Semakin banyak pemasukan semakin banyak jg pengeluaran. Any tips supaya bs manage money? Hahaha btw kerja di map jg cita2 aku waktu masih college�� thanks for sharing ci! ��

    Irene -

  35. Hi Kero!!!!

    I'm actually a lover for flowers and also a follower of StudioJiro since 2015 and yes right, that time, we dont have much flower business so yours is quite the pioneer and THAT also inspires me to have similar business, so we finally created one and established on 2016 until now. So thanks for inspiring. I just want you to make a deeper and more detailed stories about what is actually the challenges, burdens, and also the ups and downs of owning flower business, and how you maintain it all.

    My name is Niken Monica and my email is

    Thank you!

  36. Hi, Kero!
    Been reading your blog since the shredded tee & washed jeans era ���� can you give us tips/advice on how to manage workplace friendships? Like the do/dont's and type of coworkers to watch out for. I read it somewhere that being friends with coworkers is not the same as having regular friends (because of the 'politics at work' thing) ��
    Also, since you're now having position in middle level management, can you share to us what kind of leadership style do you apply to your team? How do you communicate with your coworkers? I think you're a good communicator so it will be nice to know some workplace communication tips from you.
    Thank you for reading my comment. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours! Keep writing and keep inspiring! ��❤

    Best Regards,

    Nidya Indah Utari

  37. Hi Kero,

    Would love to see you write about your relationship with your boyfriend. You guys are so sweet together. Xx

    Gwen //

  38. Hi Kero! I would love to read about how you edit and manage your content on instagram, what application you use and what filter, because they are all too good!! Thank you.

    Xoxo, Ira Natalia (

  39. Hi , my name is Maya (

    Thank you for your career post, i've been recommending this to my friend who has just started a career in retail industry. Other than about the retail industry information, i really found your career tips which currently being my mind snack (i'm almost a year for my cureent job haha)

    If it is possible, i would like to know the work-life balance story in retail industry job. I've read your insta story post about people asking "do we need to have our brand products since we're working with them?". It's interesting to hear the view from you.

    And also, could you share about what qualifications usually the retail industry search for an employee? Well, i'm thinking about applying but no retail background. Moreover, do they really need someone who's very stylish? Hahahah


  40. Ci Kerooo!
    so happy to read your career journey, its encouraging! <3
    for some people who still unsure about the future and jobs, i think your career posts had been so helpful! and also thankyou for being so humble, so kind of you <3

    if you dont mind, i would love to see these topics from your blog:
    1. how to build confidence
    2. about living i Korea and culture
    3. how you keep your ig feed in daily basis (taking pictures schedule and else)
    4. whats your opinion about social media & influencers these days

    Thankyou ci! i hope my ideas help :)
    here is my name and email:
    Castle (

  41. Halo kero!!!
    I really like your blog, terutama tentang "kurir", sangat menginspirasi. Karna, aku pingin banget kerja di Map tp sampai sekarang belom ada panggilan sama sekali.
    Tentu Semua yg kero dapatkan merupakan hasil dari konsistensi, Nah "gimana sih caranya biar konsisten??" ��
    Aku suka kamu bahas diblog tentang manage karirmu, dan tentang fashion.
    Dian (

  42. Hi! Big fan of your blog here! I recalled moments ago, I read an article on how editors of a big fashion magazine took aim at fashion bloggers sitting front row and basically "hating" on them & saying how they're pathetic etc. Knowing that you're a blogger & how you may have friends that are fashion bloggers, what are your thoughts on this and how do you think that blogging has changed how people perceive fashion. I was thinking if you could write a piece on that!

    Thank You!

    Best Regards,

    Indah Aprilia (

  43. Dear Kero,

    I don't think you need a specific topic to write. It's your blog, you just have to write about you. Your life as a florist, your life as a luxury brand manager, your life as a friend, family and girlfriend. Think of it as your life journal. Will be waiting for often posts! haha

    Marisa (

  44. Hi Kero!

    It's been fun reading your career journey blogposts, to know some insights from your career in retail since the beginning. I want to hear more about how you started blogging, what drives you into blogging life and how do you manage everything from blogging, career, personal life, etc? Very curious to hear from you since it's been what you're doing for a few years and I think you're doing well (from my perspective hehe)


    Irma |

  45. Hi Kero! I've read your blog since... I was in high school (that was 10 years ago!). And I knew Keroro Gunsou from you, so naturally I have to thank you for that. :)

    Anyways, the one topic I believe you'd have interesting perspective about is relationship, specifically on how our culture really looks up (the gentle word for obsessed, really) about marriage/wedding & be married as soon as the age allows you to. Please share where you stand on this issue & what you think us girls should strive for. I hope all those still count as one thing. :)

    Surely though, whatever you write will still make an awesome pastime for me.

    Felicia P

  46. Hai kakerrr
    Plisss share ttg your diving experience,mulai dari awal tertariknya gimana or your VIP life :p

    Emailku :

  47. Hi kero! Always love your blogpost and been a fans of you since you were the finalist of Queenbee!!
    The topic that I would really love to read from you is about your traveling experience, especially about your diving trip and especially mountain trekking trip! Which one you like the most? diving or trekking?

    Thank you!!
    Ingke |

  48. been a silent reader since early days of (fashion) blogging fad.. I'm glad you still update not for the sake of maintaining certain content, but more to sharing about life and real stuff (yes, that's what I want more!)'s relatable and refreshing at the same time.

    want to share more about my story regarding career but since you want to keep it short, so... I hope I could win the stuff tho! ;))

    kawaii_angel92 at
    the name is Angel

    looking forward to your next post!

  49. Hi Carol! We have the same name btw hehehe
    My name is Carolyn and my email is

    What I really want you to write is "How You Manage Your Finance"
    I understand the topic about money is kinda sensitive but at the same time it will be really helpful to others specially me
    Look at you working in a branded company, I mean how could you survive not being broke??? Mungkin kalau aku coba googling ada banyak cara gimana manage finance tapi aku rasa akan lebih nyata rasanya kalau bisa belajar dari seseorang yang influental like you hehehe you're young, has a well paid job, and still manage to have so much fun
    I really want to know how because I struggle on managing my own finance, how much to save how much to spend and etc.

    Thank you Carol! Have a nice day!

  50. Hi! Love from the Philippines! I want to know more about your girl boss tips! Also, more fashion & lifestyle posts such as work outfits and how you stay fit, fab and happy!


  51. hi kero! longtime reader here~
    would like to know about your nature adventures,
    did u end up diving/hiking etc bcs of your bf?
    do share several memorable stories of the trips please :)

    thanksss ♡♡♡


  52. Annyeonghaseyo, Kero!
    I think i see myself more in you. Maksudnya, buat aku pribadi, selama baca blog tentang karir ini (dari part 1-4) selalu ngerasain apa yang ditulis sama kamu itu sama banget dengan apa yang aku rasain (belum semua part yang jadi kenyataan but nothing is impossible, right?) dan apa yang aku impikan. So, i wnat to learn more and more, form you and others.
    You've inspired me in so many ways. Would you mind if i ask for more details about your career? :)

    Anyway,masih ada beberapa hal yang dari dulu aku penasaran banget. Boleh nggak kamu nulis tentang gimana kamu bisa langsung tau tentang brand-brand barang-barang yg dipakai sama Bigbang?

    Krn dulu waktu kamu masih aktif banget di Tiwtter, aku sering liat kamu cepat banget ngetweet berbagai jenis brand yg lagi dipakai sama BB.
    Sorry, ini kepanjangan. Haha.

    Name : Yuliana
    Email :

    Thanks :)

  53. Hi Carol!

    i hope you can write something "gossipy", i mean not like lambe turah yes, tapi sejak aku follow your blog and all the whatnot sejak tahun 2011 jadi sedikit penasyaran mengenai pergaulan para influencer yang dari waktu ke waktu selalu bertemu dalam sebuah launching sesuatu hahah you know like those little black book...karena mungkin dibalik pergaulan yang didamba damba followers ada cerita cerita ga terduga (you cant casually insta story-ing dian sastro or ayla dimitri at any moment tho) so...hope you can write that.. have a good day!

    Lintang Nova

  54. Hai Carol!

    Please share about how you're going to see yourself in 5 years ahead. Marriage, Career and Life? :)


    Melissa Susanto


    Dear Carol,

    Aku punya usul,gimana kalau kamu nulis tentang another hobi atau passion kamu, misalnya memasak mungkin? Haha karena aku suka liat di IG stories @sergeantkero lagi demen bawa bekal ke kantor.

    Btw I met you at #GIRLBOSS event at Kokas and finally bisa foto bareng hehe..thanks for your time Carol

    Email: reitawijaya@gmail dot com

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Hi! I've been stalking you since 2009 after seeing you tagged in FB pics of my church mate in Seattle bc I thought you look super cool. πŸ˜› Great style you got but I especially love your travel & work series, your own way of writing makes them enjoyable to read, please write more! *Btw I always thought that the "Jiro" was bc you're fond of Japan? XD* Anyway I wish you would share abt your experience with....periorial dermatitis. Yeah, beauty bloggers have talked abt that but most times they suggest products/treatments from sponsors while not everyone can fork out money for all those glorious stuff. Let us learn from your non-beauty blogger's perspective, please? πŸ™ˆ (Natasha -

  58. Hi ci Carol,

    What about writing a blog post about how to keep your personal morals, integrity and style attached to
    you in this generation where people just don't stick to their own integrity anymore and follow what other people "worship" (ex. as in lifestyle) in order to fit in with everybody else.

    Thankyou! :)


  59. Hi Carol,
    Please write more about your fangirling days and Bigbang (because I’m also a V.I.P). I know you already wrote about Bigbang in your blog but we can’t never get enough of Oppas (hehhe :p). If I remembered correctly you met Taeyang in person (lucky you!) , please share your experience when you met your Idol and That one time you were one of the fans in Who You MV by G-Dragons.
    Please keep fangirling~~
    Meta Limesa –

  60. Hi Carol!

    My name is Fia. I am so insipired with your style eversince seeing you everyday working in MAP! I don't know i just love how you mix and match your outfit, and I really want you to write about your role model in fashion.


  61. Hi ci carol!!!
    I love how you are so genuine about your struggles and successes, and you inspire me to hang in there when times do get tough. Please do write more about your boyfriend and how u guys have blossomed into the awesome team that you are :):):)
    I'm trying my luck on that giveaway hehehe. Inggrid Yonathan -

  62. Hi Carol,
    Penasaran nih bagaimana kamu tetap semangat ngeblog selama ini. Apa yg buat kamu selalu ga abis topik utk selalu ngeblog. Ga setiap saatkan kita punya hal yg bisa dishare.
    Thank you.

    Apri (

  63. Hi Kero! I really want to know more about the challenges you've faced in your career and/or life that have shaped you to become the incredible woman you are today. Although only 19, I'm a girl of big dreams, and I know you are too. I honestly think you generate so much positivity especially towards young girls and you're the kind of persona I would wanna be in the future. Oh oh and of course, you've undoubtedly inspired me in so many ways (i.e. fashion, i even got the same marc jacobs toast sneakers!). Lots of love xx

    Name: Samantha Teresa

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Hi Carol!

    Please do a hairstyling tips and tutorial. ����
    And maybe you can share something about social media management on how to manage a brand's
    social media contents and what to do to increase brand awareness.

    Thankyouu ❤️

    Clara Catharina

  66. Hi Carol.

    bagaimana kalo kamu cerita tentang hidup di Seoul.. the pros, cons dan apakah hidup di Seoul itu seindah K-Drama.



  67. Hello! I've read all of your career posts since the beginning and thank you for granting my request to write about how you ended up in luxury brandsπŸ˜€ this post really encouraged me to start my business. so i would like to read about more tips on how to start a business for first timer like me and how to keep that up alongside the full-time job since i love how you always gave us some tips on your career posts❤ -risdiana izzaty,

  68. Hi Carol..

    I want you to write about flower arrangement please.. the tutorial or the tips about flower arrangement :D

    Cory -

  69. Hi Carol !
    @sergeantkero salah satu akun instagram yg paling aku sukai feeds dan isinya tentunya. Aku penasaran banget dengan semua kesibukanmu mulai dari bekerja di fashion industry, buka studio jiro (yup I follow this too ❤️) dan kamu bisa memanage semuanya dengan baik. Apakah ada saran atau tips untuk membuat semuanya bisa terjadi dan berjalan dengan baik ? Saya berumur 21 tahun dan sangat kagum dengan semua pekerjaanmu :) mungkin Carol bisa share tips dan saran untuk menjalani hidup menjadi seorang #girlboss ? Thankyou ❤️

    Steffi ( )

  70. Hai Kero,

    Namaku Fiona. Aku tinggal di Surabaya dan sekarang lagi kerja di dunia F&B dan a lil bit of retail. A newbie but not a fresh grad.

    Karena Kero udah share ttg dunia kerja dan giveaway nya tentang makeup. Please share about your skincare and makeup journey hehe. Cause im so interest bout your effortles beauty <3

    Thank you, and wish me luck :)

    Fiona Citra Dewi
    @ :

    God bless.

  71. hi ci Carol :)
    ada tips untuk interview di MAP ga? kebetulan aku dipanggil untuk mengikuti interview dan psychotest this tuesday!!!

    thankyou ❤️
    Karlina Gardenia

  72. Hi kak Kero!
    Anw before i start, here is my email
    I think ive been a fan of you since i started to follow you a few months ago on instagram!!!
    Untuk blog selanjutnya, aku pgn kaka bisa nyeritain kehidupan kaka selama ini dari mungkin kaka pernah ngerasa jatuh terus bisa jd kaya sekarang (pasti pernah dong kak nglewatin downs and ups). Aku jg pengen tau pengalaman kaka slama di Korea mulai dr orang2nya, culture, etc from ur point of view.
    Kenapa aku pengen kaka nulis itu? Karna aku lg butuh semangat bgt haha dan hopefully tulisan kaka bisa menginspirasi lebih lagi dr blog yg lalu2.
    Thank you kak Kero♡
    Wish you tons of luck and keep on inspiring!

  73. Hello Kero,

    Just recently found out your blog, and i've been loving it. Please share the next story any sooner, just curious about the luxury brand experience πŸ˜‚ Can't wait!

    Michelle (

  74. Hi Kero!
    I'm Tatiana. Thank you so much for sharing your career journey. I was just graduated from uni and these stories really inspires me on which career path should I take next. :))

    Anyway, I am so curious about the "fashion influencer" side of you. Things like... how does it all started? Are you considering it as a side job too? How do you manage your content and your self branding on instagram? Do you have any standard on what to post or not to post? What factors that you always consider to make your styles "different" from the others? etc.

    I'd be very happy if you can share about that too. :) Thank you and have a great day!

    - Tatiana Kanisha (

  75. Hi Kak, i would love to see you write about being professional. Kaya gimana harusnya pas interact sama orang lain, khususnya di kerjaan. Gimana biar karir berkembang dan sebagainya. And maybe gimana bisa terjun as a blogger and stuff. Aku minta topik ini, since aku pernah email ke kakak nanyain mengenai endorsement then dibalesnya nicely walaupun gak kerjasama, it makes me feel appriciated. Thank u so much! love your style:) jose(

  76. hi Kak Kero!

    what about your fashion or living inspirations and how they impact your acts? or those days before you start your career journey? or your cookings maybe?;) or all your girl boss tips? i think that would be awesome because everyone seem want to know more about it. you inspire me, really. thank you for reading this anyway, have a wonderful day :)

    Dian Pratiwi

  77. Hi ci kero :) ceritain awalnya menulis blog karena apa dan kehidupan waktu kuliah di YONSEI because im still curious about that. Sesuka itu dulu cek in ig atau blog kamu, buat liat foto-foto style kamu. Dan karena liat kamu dulu aku sempet pengen kuliah disana dan belajar bahasa korea juga (sesama YGfan) hahaha.
    fiqa riana s (

  78. Hello!

    I have been following you on instagram since forever and always loved your posts! (How you are natural and fun). So the one question i always wanted to ask you is that is there a time that you feel bored with what you do? I mean there are season for everything and sometimes our job seems so tedious and repetitive. I would really love to hear from your regarding your experience! Thanks a bunch :)

  79. Hi Kero,

    Thank you for sharing your career path, I've always been wondering about working in fashion and the behind the scene, especially the big and luxurious fashion brand. I myself think I won't get to experience working behind fashion world so your career post is really interesting for me because I do really like fashion world.
    Hope you can post the story of your fangirling time in Seoul (because I've been lately crazy about bigbang and other yg groups too, lol) and maybe how to survive in Jakarta living as a fashion blogger and marketing brand manager (?)

    Keep up your blog updated please, I like your blog posts!


  80. Hi Caroline Robianto or as know as Sergeantkero! I've been following you on your blog and instagram (also, studiojiro and kerokoo). Since i used to following you, I keep wondering what do you do on your career? With this post i already know and make me have one question that i'd like you to write on your next post, if you don't mind. How do you manage your time by running you career and business in the same time? it really make me inspire you, and also makes me more more interest with fashion marketing! Also, i'm very very curious about the idea when you make studijiro and kerokoo because all the products is really-really perfect, i love your rustic flower at studiojiro, i like the idea from kerokoo swimwear who make a cute swimwear for girls, i like your boyish casual style and also i've been following kerobekalseries haha! Keep writing on your blog because you keep inspire me everyday! thank you xx

    Sheila -

  81. Hai Kak Kero, aku salah satu orang yang kagum dan terinspirasi oleh kakak. I dont know why, tp kayanya itu bermulai sejak aku tau kalau kakak VIP dan waktu itu sempet tinggal di Korea. Aku inget kakak dulu aktif ngetweet brand2 + harga outfit yang dipake BigBang + bisnis casing handphone BigBang (sepertinya sudah ada bakat entrepreneur dari dulu heheh). Atau mungkin aku kagum karena kakak adalah seorang wanita karir yang terlihat smart dan sangat stylish (aku suka banget sama style kakak btw). Atau mungkin, yang terakhir, aku ngefans sama kakak karena kakak punya relationship yang sangat akrab dengan adik perempuan kakak. Jujur, aju jg ngerasain hal yg sama tentang #sisterlove itu ke kakak-ku. So, maybe next post, akan sangat menarik kalau kakak ngepost ttg adik kakak? Hehhee thankyou ❤

  82. Hi ci carol,
    I'm Lea and i would like you to post more about studying other languages and your diving experience. Thankyou for the opportunity :)

    Leanna Carissa

  83. Hi, kak kero!
    I really love your carrier post, because it's really giving insights for me or fresh graduate girls in my age about one of our life check points 'carreer life'! You really helping us!

    About the next post, how about: THE HARD TIMES IN UR CARRIER LIFE and how to get through it.

    Actually I don't really know it happened to you or not, because it feels like you always got what you want πŸ˜‚
    But, who knows...

    Have a good weekend!

  84. Hi kak!
    Aku Nisa, next post aku pingin kak Carol kasih tips ttg holiday vs job style! Kalo dari lihat keseluruhan feeds di Instagram ataupun blog, stylenya tuh keren tp ga berlebihan. So i wanna know how to deal with it heheh. Thank youu!!

    Nisa Alaicia

  85. Hi Kak Kero! :)

    I'm nada, i've been following your fashion career since a long time ago i can't remember,and i really am inspired by you to finally run my own clothing brand that i've been dreaming of thanks to you kak hehe and it just lauched recently! thanks for being such an inspiration!

    Anyway what i like to see on your next post is how you can maintain your business on trend and on track but still able to manage your time to focus on your fashion career as well

    Thanks xx

    Nada Salsabila

  86. Hi Ci Keroo I'm Kelly (
    Jujur aja belum follow lama2 bgt, cm dr dlu sering ngestalk2 dan blkgn baru aku follow karena isi blognya slalu inspiring <3 I also love your style. Mantengin insta story cici mulu tiap hari krn seems so productive dan akhir2nya malah inspire aku buat produktif juga supaya nanti di masa dpn bisa sukses :)
    I'd love to know how you combat stress, how you organize your time management, and pernah jenuh ga cii? dan solusinya apa?

    Thanks, keep inspiring ya xxx

  87. Hi Kak Caro!
    you inspired me alott luv your feed <33 i want to know what is the hardest part of your lifee..
    xoxo bellaa

  88. Hi Ka Carol! Super love these career posts :') I would love if you write about why you started this blog and how it affects you or your life (and can you talk about the tumblr bigbangswaq as well? Haha) Thank you!!

    In short; Jessyana Angela /

  89. Hii Kakeroo!

    I'd like to know your tips on how to go through an interview, seperti saat gaji yg kita expect ga sesuai dengan company.
    And also tips utk berbicara di depan publik dan juga cara mingle dengan orang tp ngga perlu basa-basi yang basic banget.

    In short mungkin lebih ke tips how to deal with people, krn aku liat di instagram kakero banyakk bgt ketemu orang :)

    Thank youu!

    Fida (

  90. Hi Carol, i wish you a very great day. Love your post about career things btw, my name is cathy, and i love how you tell your journey and what's you really love and adore. I'd like to know your perspective and how you manage to love yourself, since you know right now, social media things can makes someone feel some kind of miserable feeling about their self, and feel obsessed to have a life like somebody else.

    Thanks alot :)

    Cathy (

  91. Hi! I'm Rachael

    Could you please write a blog about you dealing and managing yourself as a person and a women with business, career, and all along with relationship. How to manage time, emotional, motivation within you as kero, + a book or a role model you're holding on to live lifeπŸ˜‰ I desperate for inspiration haha.

    Keep inspiring! xx

    Rachael (

  92. Hi Kero, loving ur writing as always.

    Ive requested previously on DM IG to write about ur style inspo. Ive always love ur style. A bit of boyish yet still feminine ❤️ Appreciate if u make it as a post ;)


  93. Hello, Kak @sergeantkero!

    I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now. I think you’ve maintained the variety of your posts very very well :)

    But if i may suggest several ideas for you to write down on your blog, here they are!

    1. The life of a Fashion Influencer. How it’s like to be one, working with other influencers, collaborating, how you love being a fashion influencer and how you handle being one. Also probably tips on how to be a fashion influencer, the dos and donts.
    2. Destination Guides
    3. Fashion events, runways. Since the fashion events section’ has not been updated for awhile, i suppose.

    Nevertheless, just genuinely hoping there will be lots of your posts along the way!

    Valerie Irene

  94. Aku suka bgt baca baca KeroWorkSeries. Ditunggu kak KeroWorkSeries selanjutnya!!!

    Cut Muthia,

  95. Helluuuu~~
    I'm Nafa! I've actually mentioned this in IG DM before but maybe you can write something about underrated Indonesia's online clothing store or fashion designers that are super cool and worth to check out!! Anyways, maybe something about k-pop (i'm a big fan of dean) would be nice as well?? keep writing because there will always be people who likes reading them!

    Nafa Nazifa

  96. Annyeong :)
    Can you write about your best korean fashion inspiration?
    And how you make it fit into your style, would love to see that :)

    Hana -
    Have a great day ��

  97. Hey There....

    Fun topics I'd like to read about in your blog:
    - Your personal style evolution
    - Your personal fashion faux-pas

    Have a nice weekend!


  98. Hello :)
    I will be fresh graduate soon so how about you share the tips to fresh graduates that wants to get the job like yours in MAP, Debenhams and other companies. Also, share about your interviews experience in MAP, Debenhams about what questions that they will ask.

    Have a nice weekend :D

    Yvainnia -

  99. Hi kero! Maybe this is the last comment since I just see your post about giveaways things! Semoga aku masih beruntung! Anyway, I always seen your post not even about lifestyles, love story or family. But you also always surround with a great friends, gmn cara km mempertahankan ur friendship dan bgaimana reaksi km kalau ada tmn yg super selfish?

    Things about friendship hehe... Have a wonderful my beauty . Luv gbu

  100. Hello ci kero!! Introduce me ;D my name is lisa.

    I've been following you since last year and i really love everything about you. Your style, your love story, your career as a florist and fashion stylist, and the most thing.. i love your diving adventure! I think this thing that makes you different with other celebgram. So can you share your diving experience? Any tips for your skin care while diving? Or where is your favourite spot for diving?

    Thank your for this opportunity for sharing our curiosity about you xD

    Keep inspiring always! Have a good weekend! ;DDDD


  101. Hi!! I want you to write about how u met him and how can we tell if he's the one hehe sekali2 posting tentang romance life won't hurt right? Thankss!!
    Btw, a long time reader here haha i've been reading you blog since i was in junior high (i am now a senior student at the university) and always love & inspired by your look ever since!

    Michelle -

  102. Hi! Im in love with your style�� I would like you to write a blog about how to make winter clothes more stylish and how to mix and match with the colours. ( since im confused how to match everything and going to NZ soon ) I hope this is the perfect blog topic that u want to choose, thankyou Carol!

    Cindy :

  103. Dear Kero,

    Been following your IG since 2014. Maaf ya baru sebentar sekali :(. Tapi gue suka banget waktu nemu IG Kero yg def suit my style. Gue paling suka kalau Kero pakai oversized blazer. Or blazer pada umumnya. You're truly my inspiration of how pakai blazer di setiap kesempatan tanpa harus kelihatan overdress dan kaku, tapi tetep kelihatan sleek, posh, dan chic.
    Anw, you sometimes remind me of those Parisien Girls yg bisa laidback tapi tetep cool.

    Anw, gue termasuk pembaca baru blog lo dan selalu ngikutin Career Post Series. Somehow gue penasaran sama bagian elo memutuskan buat belajar di Korea. I mean, pikiran apa aja yang terlintas pada saat lo memutuskan buat ke sana, meninggalkan karir sejenak? Mungkin ada banyak banget pertimbangan yang harus dipikirkan. How did you deal with that? Dan apa motivasi terbesar yang bikin lo yakin buat ke sana?

    Perhaps, if you do not mind sharing the experiences, it'd be another second thought for me :)

    Arin (

  104. Hai Kero,

    Reading ur blog and seeing you thru socmed makes me always wonder how to manage life between career (office deadlines & own business), lifestyle (work out, hangout with friends), love life & holiday? Not for being so kepo ya. But as i know that a marketer is already really busy with all the deadlines that makes me really tired and have no time to have a balance life like u. It would be inspiring if u kindly share tips about balance life.

    Thank You

    Renata -

  105. Dear Carol,

    You're such a character, i've been one of your biggest fan such a long ago.
    For me you're different from another influencer, instagram celebrity or everything called. I adore and inspired with your style, passion, writing, love and work life, positive vibe that you always spread and yet your humble smile. Hope you keep inspired others people with your life and reach everything what you dream about. (anindita ningtyas, IG : @aninditaningtyas, e-mail :

  106. Hai kak Kero, aku mau kakak sharing tentang relationship (struggle in your relationship) karena setiap aku lihat IG story, kalian look like cute couple terutama foto birthday kakak pose songsongcouple.

  107. Hi Kero, it's been a while seens i've been following you maybe it's been around a year back. I've love the things ans post you write about. I'd love to see more tips and tricks of you take pictures, posing while bot being to pose-y and more reviews about anything and everything. Keep up the good workk.
    My name is Jessline,

  108. Hi thanks for sharing your career life, its so inspiring cause i recently graduated and about to face work life but still strugglin on it. I'd love to see you share about how you balance your activities between dealing with deadlines, workout, travelling and going out on a date or with friends. Plus styling tips for office life please thanks!
    Kellya Nenggala (

  109. Hi Kak Kero, how's your life as a fashion blogger/enthusiast or influencer or anything it's called and still doing your full time job? and a little bit tips how to take and edit your photos for instagram, thanks.

    Vita -

  110. Hi Caroline! My name is Cynthia, can you please write about how you started to become a blogger and all the pros and cons and how to know if your boyfriend is the one you've been looking for? Thank you!

  111. Hai ci Caroool. Dr awal ngikutin, yg ngebuat kagum adalah gmn Carol bisa bener2 jalanin apa yg Carol mau dan itu asik bgt. Wlpn Carol selalu ngmg "gw ngga bisa nabung" dan seakan akan idupnya ngga teratur. Hahahaha.������ Cm pasti ada cara Carol bisa maintain hidup Carol sehingga semuanya seimbang. Dr pendidikan, kerja, hobi, sampai usaha. Apa sih nilai dasar yg ditunjukin atau diajarin ortu sampai bisa jd Carol yg sekarang?

    Lots of love,
    Vany Gracia -

  112. Hi.. hope you having a great day today..very excited to join your giveaway because glossier is one of my FAVE skin care brand that i followed on instagram.and also THaNKYOU very much for sharing your career journey with really inspiring us especially myself. I've been following your instagram since 2015 as i remembered :) and i know how you love using glossier and diving that inspire me to go diving too. I really hope that you can write about your honest review using all the glossier products that you've been used before.and also can you share with us about your very first diving experience and where you wanna go next for your diving new experience.Thankyouu for making this giveaway and let us tell you what we wanna see next on your sour cherry blossom blog :D [] love, Julia Jennifer

  113. Hi kak,my name is angelica and my email is I know this is different from what you usually write about, but i would like to know about your views on the LGBTQ+ community, equality, and intersectional feminism.
    Thank you.

  114. Really really interesting career journey!! The best posts i've read so far since you really tell us in details. Anyway,, i'd really like you to post about your blogger life, how you become such a successful blogger, and how to start to be a blogger nowadays since it's like so many people try to be one and no offense most of the famouse are coming from high end background (i mean they wear branded items and stuffs), while is it true or not.

    Much loveeee

  115. Hay Kero,

    Been following you for a decade *hahaha agak lebay,jauh sebelum instagram booming dan makin amazed bahkan setelah jadi influencer sangat friendly karena mau bales dm walaupun sekedar muji postingan outfit atau nanya tempat yg di posting di ig stories,dll. Ini sih yg bikin kagum dibandingkan influencer lainnya,bahkan dari balesan dm gak keliatan terpaksa bales dan memang pure mau share informasi (two thumbs up deh buat attitudenya yg satu ini)
    Seneng banget akhirnya blognya terupdate kembali dan super lav sam tulisan tentang karirnya yang super detail sekali dan yakin bermanfaat bgt bukan hanya buat yg kerja di retail aja sih tp "the strugle is real" bnget yah dari tulisannya :)
    Berharap Kero bisa nulis detail nih tentang style yang kero banget. Fashion kan perkembangannya cepet banget dan kadang kita jadinya kayak suka kemakan trend,nah kalo setiap postingan Kero tuh keliatan bnget ibaratnya "kero banget" nah apa sih awalnya yang menginspirasi seorang Kero untuk punya style kayak sekarang? Apa ada fashion icon atau editior siapa gitu yang awalnya menginspirasi style seorang Kero? Terus gimana Kero bisa menjaga stylenya tetep "kero banget" tapi berkembang (secara ngikutin kero dari zaman dulu blogger tapi tiap ganti tahun kero itu keliatan lebih mature dalam setiap outfitnya) semoga kira-kira ngeri yah maksudnya,hahaha

    Olive (

  116. Hi Kero,

    I really love your career posts.

    I've been experiencing quarter life crisis. Really bored of my daily activities, but I don't really know what I want to do. Basically, no goal in life.

    If you happened to be experiencing this thing in the past or know how to deal with it, please write how to overcome it. I'm also curious about your study in Korea. Please write about that topic in detail.

    Thanks! ;)

    elisa (

  117. Hi Kero,

    I might be the last person writing a comment on your post because i was too embarrassed to say anything but here goes ;p

    I'm actually no one but i've been following you ever since blogspot was hot stuff and we all wrote down things that were happening in our lives, well i gotta say it's kind of a positive outlet.
    You know when you want to say something, but you're at loss for words and then you come across a post or something that speak exactly what you wanted to say, for me one of those posts come from you.

    To be frank, i just resigned from my merchandising job and i can say it's one of the big mistakes. Especially when i didn't have a steady income from other source. It's just that i was at that point where the salary just didn't pay enough and i had tons of workload without a helping hand. So one day i'd just had enough and quitted, convincing myself that finding a job is easy and i would get it straight away. But as it turned out, i was wrong.

    You are lucky that you meet 'the right people' along the way in making Studio Jiro come true. It's one thing to have a job that pays but a whole different thing to something you really love.
    I really wish i'd be lucky enough one day to do something i'm really passionate about and not worrying about all those late hours i pull just to get a certain work done.

    I wish you the best of luck.


  118. Hi Kero, I do really love your style and how the way you look.
    I've been watching your instagram feed and maybe you know that scandinavian style is really happening now. Would you write about your comment regarding to it and give your scandinavian kind of style. And also mention your favorite person (in style) and why.

    Thank you so munch. Mafel.

  119. Hi kak Kero!
    I'm gonna ask you about the insecurities. Everyone have their own insecurities, aku sangat respect sama orang yang percaya diri kaya kak kero, to share your story, tips, dan your ootd. Can you write about "struggling with insecurities"?


  120. #kerogiveaway yay!
    Tell me your spiritual journey too.
    How you maintain your spiritual thing with your life.
    What kind of faith you keep in your mind to having all you have now.

    With love,

  121. Hi Caroline! Would appreciate it if you could write about : how to pack for a beach / city holiday! Do you isually coordinate outfits specifically or bring a few universal clothes to inter mix and match?

    Thanks for this giveway!

    Hoping that lady luck is in my side,
    Jo Ann ( xx

  122. Hi, I'm Adela... your blog's have been really helpful!
    Could you write about how you manage to balance out your life?
    It's like lately there's just so many things to do and to be done... work, friends, family, exercise, social, spiritualy and love live... and it looks like you've been juggling everything well in your plate! Maybe you can share how you adjust and balance ur life in jakarta...


  123. H i S e r g e a n t K e r o !

    My name is Echa, illustrator from jakarta.

    I Love the way you mix and match your outfit. Really. *\(^o^)/*

    Aaandddd I really curious about how you style

    PRE LOVED F A S H I O N • ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    That's all. Xoxo(≧∇≦)

    Echa (

  124. Hi ci Kero! I am currently interested in opening a business as well, with the same reason (i don't get enough salary). Can you give tips and tricks on how to find the right business partner and what things need to be all set clear on the first agreement between both parties? And how do you actually know that you can have an opportunity in such business (like being a florist)? Hope you can inspire more, not only about fashion, lifestyle, dreams, career, but also your tips in business, from the business guru ����

    Always stay stylish!
    Love from Cathline ❤️ (

  125. Hi Ka Kero,

    After reading your blog & whole career journey, I am so inspired by you. You juggling the works as a marketer, entrepreneur, and bloggers.. And that's like a dream for me. I really want you to be my life guru professionally!
    I'm currently struggling because I've been in the same job (marcomm) for almost 3 years. It's good to think that I'm loyal, but the thing is i'm still here because I could not find another job. I really want to change path according to my degree (business & marketing), but I think it's too late. I've also sent out my CVs to some company inside and outside the country. It kind of sad because this situation makes me doubt myself and my qualities. Especially since working in the same position, I'm not even growing because my company doesn't give me enough challenge to develop. I tried to find a challenge outside my company, for example by joined an organization and did some voluntary work with kids in the global world. However, i'm not sure if it's trully improve my quality. I mean I feel it, I'm genuinely happy with my experience, but do companies see that?
    Can you please write about "How to improve self qualities" and "How to love yourself and your life to the fullest".

    I hope you will consider writing those topics because it means the world to me!

    Thank you so much

    Sabrina (

  126. Ha kero!
    Dari sekian banyak hal yang pingin aku tanyain, aku pingin tau banget gmn kamu membagi waktu antara pekerjaan, usaha, fashion hingga love life kamu! Since you looked so organized in everything and like there's no such burden.
    Mona (

  127. Hi!
    Finally someone share their "behind the scene" of creating a business. Ga cuma di bagian luar aja tapi dari ketemuan sama partner bisnis, sampai ke hustling dari satu job (full time) ke side job juga. Thanks a lot, really inspiring!

    Pengen baca gimana 'present di digital media' itu, gimana trend vs our own design aesthetic? going along with it, playing with it or just mix it up, based on your personal experience, which work the most dan mungkin ada tips2 tambahan juga.
    Plus, when you're burned out what you do (ini ada personal sih tapi penasaran bgt dg hidup di Jkt plus MAP job dan side job waktu itu. How do you manage stress living in Jkt?! (aku coba kerja di Jkt, tapi ga kuat dan akhirnya resign karena sakit. Lucky me, God provides me a new job in Bali. Jadi malah kabur dari Ibu kota yg katanya lebih kejam dari ibu tiri :p)

    Thanks in advance!

    Maria (

  128. Kerroooo, this is super inspiring! To know that you also have emotional roller coaster, doubt, and uncertainty about things but you keep going and giving your best. Dari dulu selalu seneng your life posts, kaya liburan kemana, lagi suka apa, tapi yang paling disuka adalah what's inside your head, komen-komen simpel tapi kocak yang bikin ngerasa deket personally. Hehe. Keep writing, Kero!

    Vani //


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