September 16, 2016

when life knocks you down

Hello everyone! So here I am, writing this post at 2:29AM

I decided to name this post "when life knocks you down" – as an ode for confusing things that have been regularly turning up in my life lately

Life is not perfect as we wish or want it to be – life is tough. Life is weird, I think I can say that. Life gives you lemons and expects us to make lemonades without any knifes or squeezer. 

Early this year, I found out that my dad's cancer relapsed. It was not an easy period for our family. He was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer (cancer located at the back of the nose) back in 2011, and in March 2016 for his yearly check up we found out the cancer came back. We were devastated and all hope seems to be so thin. Radiation and chemo are not the way for you to go if you have second time cancer– as the cells are obviously quite strong. Long story short, after weeks of discussing, we decided that the best route is to go to Japan and do a cyber knife treatment. It's not a surgery with knifes and all that, fyi –the treatment delivers beams of high dose radiation to tumors with extreme accuracy and this treatment so far have been successful on patients with relapsed case. Thank God everything went well, the treatment lasts for 3 days and my dad is stated clear again by the doctors in August. He will do another check up in November so let's hope everything will be great :)

Okay so, from what happened to my dad, I learned these few crucial things that I want to share as I've been seeking strength to tackle my life problems; 

First, it's the power of prayer. I witnessed so many people (thank you so much!) genuinely care for him and pray for his health. I really believe now that if you pray hard for it, God will gives you answer on His time. It might not be the answers that you wished/asked for, but it will be the best and it will be right on time. He is never late. 

Second, is to be positive in negative situation. I can say that I'm a very positive person –but it's fucking hard to stay positive when life keeps on punching you, rite? I'm pretty sure my dad was the most devastated one when he found out that the cancer was back again. But I mean, he did not show it publicly that he's sick or sad. He kept his spirit up, stay positive, eat all the organic/healthy food and drinks that my mom prepared for him (he went on a strict diet recommended by other cancer patient, and still is now. We decided to keep everything clean for him with few cheat days :P). Doctors also said the key to health is your mind –so I guess it's crucial for us to see the good things first rather than what sucks. Let's say "yah.. at least this happened now not later on" rather than "fuck shit then complain complain complain." 

Things happen for a reason
You met/crossed path with the wrong people for a reason
You found the right one for a reason
You get what you wished for a reason

At first, it's gonna be hard to see what's good when everything else seems so bad, but when you get the habit out of it, life will become easier, slightly stress-free, and you'll feel lighter. Keep this in mind,


Third, be kind. This one is easy, yet so hard. I'm not freaking Cinderella, I have my moments when I dont have the courage and I cannot be kind. As I said, I AM NOT CINDERELLA

Fourth, to try. I am not Cinderella, but at least try to have courage and be kind. You know, life is a wheel, sometimes you go up sometimes you go down. You'll never what hits you, so it's better to spread kindness rather than spreading hate. Help others when you can.

You reap what you sow. So when shitty, weird things happen to you; Don't seek revenge. Just focus on your own shit –seriously if you mind your own business, you won't have time for other things. Improve yourself, do better, and take the high road. Smile and sing it like Selena, "Kill em with kindness". 

Finally, be happy and be grateful. Your blessings outweigh your problems. 

Stop and smell the roses.