November 30, 2011

Fresh from the Oven

I think it's the perfect time to post about the recent, the hippest fashion event, Brightspot Market. As you all know, on 24 November Brightspot Market has officially opened, even though it's not for public, but I'm lucky enough to get invitation to the event. It was the biggest Brightspot ever. It used to be so hard for me to browse around to see what the brands are offering in their booth, but this place is so big, they actually had more than 100 brands participating. When I arrived at Plaza Senayan, lots of people heading towards the venue. I read from the twitter that lots of people has lined up to buy FTP's tickets and they gonna have the chance to go in to. And boy, it was really crowded. The queue was so long, it reached Marche's entrance. Thank God I didnt have to queue :D

Anyways, I was lucky to be invited by MILCAH, to visit their booth and browse around, and I was told that they're going to launch their webstore soon. Please follow MILCAH's twitter here to get the latest update about their brand! I managed to buy a lovely necklace with a really lovely color. I will tell you more about the brand on separate post :D

November 27, 2011

A Hint of Gold

I'm really sorry for the lack of post, I've been so busy I don't really have time to write or event take my outfit pictures :( But my sister is back in town, so I will have someone to take my pictures! Anyway... How was your week everyone? Mine was.. a bit rough I guess. I experienced something quite different, quite new to my life, but the past has been done and there's nothing that I can do about it really. All I can do now is to strive being better and do the best that I can do. FIGHTING!

On Friday I also get the chance to go to the opening night of Brightspot. OMG, that place is like a free sauna. BUT, the good thing is that the place is really big so it's really nice to move around compared to the last Brightspot. I managed to buy NIKICIO's dress, top, and accessorries and MILCAH's necklace :D I spent good money on those items! Anyways.. I had an amazing weekend as always :) Thank you God for the 2Fs (Food and Friends). We have to be positive at all times, even in the darkest moments there are lights, even if it's small :) Have a great week ahead everyone! FIGHTING FIGHTING FIGHTING!

November 22, 2011

Market of All Things Cool

For the first time, Brightspot Market will be held in the luxurious PlazaSenayan, filling 3,500 square meters of raw space in the former bowlingalley location. With more than 130 booths, visitors will find tons of the coolestproducts from a number of Indonesia’s most creative entrepreneurs alongside some of the biggest international streetwear brands. Several never-before-seen brands will be launching their very first collections at this event,while many returning vendors will be introducing their latest season.

The four-day event will kick off with an opening party (invitation only) onThursday, November 24th, 2011 from 5:30-11 PM. Doors will be open to thepublic from November 25th- 27th from 11AM-11PM. As usual, we will havecontinuous musical entertainment from some of Indonesia’s best DJs, as wellas the ultra-yummy bake sale to satisfy your sweet tooth.

See you there!

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YG Ladies on ELLE

YG ladies, 2NE1, Kang Hye Jung, Gummy, Jung Hye Young, and Yoo In Na were photographed for ELLE "Share Happiness" Campaign. I love this BTS so much, I think it's very.. magical in a way and really lovely. CL looking really pretty! I love Bom's red fiery hair~

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November 16, 2011

Ronzaro Customizable Shirt

As much as I love fashion, I gotta be honest with you.. I'm not that 'expert' when it comes to menswear. I love guys in suits, obviously. I love guys who dress nice, clean, polished, even better when they smell nice! Don't you agree? In short, I love guys who have great taste in fashion and simply can dress himself (he has to know what looks good on him!) Anyway, I'm quite blind when it comes picking up shirts sizes for guys, and I don't know the difference of the pleats, double collar, or anything. I just know my dad's shirt size. But  ONE THING I do know (in my own opinion) in order for guys to look good in shirt, those shirts have to be well-fitted. Because when it's too loose or too tight, it will ruin the look! Anyway, I was introduced to this new Singaporean brand called Ronzaro. All they said that I can customize it, but hello!! I didn't know that I can customize the shirt into so many details. My mind was blown away. Like seriously, you have to try it. Their 2nd collection is available today! Grab one now!

November 12, 2011

Longing for the Sun

Can you believe how fast 2011 goes by? It's already 2nd week of November. I'm really sorry for the lack of posts, lately I've been so occupied at work and I've been feeling weak and a wee bit dizzy :( I hope you all had a great weekend! Anyways.. I've been craving for a nice holiday! It's really not nice at all when you still wake up at 6am on Saturday and Sunday :( It has become a habit, waking up so early in the morning. Just like my habit drinking coffee in the morning now. I've used to hate coffee so much, I don't get why people so addicted to it. But now, I drink coffee every(week)day! It's crazy. Really. I also realized few things lately, I'm very attracted to colors and hate the color black.. But when it comes to cocktail dresses for parties like wedding, I always pick a little black dress. I wonder why... Second thing.. You should always keep your guards up. Smile a lot, eat a lot, be happy, be merry, don't think too much! Have a great day everyone~

November 8, 2011

A Day in Wonderland

Can't thank God enough. Like seriously, my life recently has been like a series of fortunate event. Lots of good, no.. great, no.. AMAZING things happening to me. Thank you Lord for everything! Great job, great friends, great family, great, great, great! I just hope all the things that I'm doing right now is for the better good for everyone else :) I hope I could be a "channel" of blessings to someone else. Anyway, took this pictures few days ago.. Since I couldn't take outfit pics on weekdays anymore, so I've been taking pictures on Sunday and Saturday. I've been feeling great, but my health is a wee bit going down the hill. I guess I should take more vitamins and sleep more. I've been feeling the back pain again :( I hope nothing's serious going on with my body. I hope all of you will have a great week ahead, and by the way...

I'm so proud of BIGBANG winning the MTV EMA Worldwide Act. My boys deserved it! This is a gift from us VIPs + other KPOP fandom, to show them that we're always going to be there for them, through all the ups and downs. This award meant a lot to us BIGBANG + VIP, because with everything has been going on since May, like come on.. DaeSung's accident and GD's marijuana case, BIGBANG need this award. I couldn't stop smiling and screaming when I watched the MTV EMA LIVE at 2am on Monday. 6.11.11 definitely one of the best day I've had this year. BIGBANG DAEBAK!! BIGBANG HWAITING! Watch their winning speech down below :)

November 6, 2011

Love You Like a Love Song

Come on! I bet you all know that song, don't you? It's Selena Gomez' Love You Like a Love Song, it has been playing on my playlist for almost a month. I can't stop hitting repe-pe-pe-pe-peat :D I know most of you must be can't stop singing or humming that catchy song. Anyways.. It has been a very tiring yet exciting and super fun week for me! Lot's of birthdays and events on the past week, bachelorette and birthday parties! It was all super fun! I love hanging out with my friends. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Don't you agree? Anyway, shot this in my room, after I got home from work. I hope it turns out okay.. Didn't put any make up in the morning, so I put on some red-orangey lipstick, that is the trend for beauty fall 2011. I have been wearing a lot of cardigans too, I love how it's really cloudy and all windy! Hopefully we won't have much traffic this week ahead :) I hope all of you had a great weekend :)

Debenhams: Blogger Styling Competition // Sonia Eryka

Sonia Eryka started her blog, Diary Of: The Riotous Belle back in 2009. She started her blog because she loves art, especially photography. Fashion editorials became her inspiration for starting her fashion blog. Her style is influenced by music, she loves vintage clothes when she's listening to some old music and then she feels a little bit grungy when it comes to rock music for a day. But basically, her style is inspired by the 70s.

November 3, 2011

Debenhams: Bloggers Styling Competition// Marcella Caroline

Marcella Caroline, the girl behind Footloose & FancyFree started her blog 3 years ago, in 2008. She loves writing and scrapbooking. So she kept doing that until she realized that it will be more simple if she blogged about it. Then it became her online diary. And then, she knew that art and fashion couldn't be separated from her. They inspired her.

November 1, 2011

Like a Seafoam

Took these pictures few months back and I forgot to post it. This is where I found my "signature pose". You know how people has that "perfect angle" that always looks good in picture? Well, I found out that my "perfect angle" was from the left side, and it looks even better when I show my back. I'm sorry I'm very narcissistic. Anyway, I really love this set of pictures. There's gonna be a load of pics overhere, so please don't be mad haha :D

Anyway, I really love my new job. I think it fits exactly to my passion and the things that I love. I hope I could do well in my job and work hard. So I could get all the money and buy the pretty shoes and bags. But most importantly I want to give back to my parents who have raised me until now. I really love them so much and I'm so very thankful for what they've been giving to me. I realized I'm not the best daughter, I'm rebellious and at times emotional and naughty. But, I'll do everything I can in order to make them happy :) Enjoy your week, and most importantly enjoy NOVEMBER!

Debenhams: Blogger Styling Competition // Anastasia Siantar

The girls who wears brown platform shoes named Anastasia Siantar. She made her personal blog recently with the help of her older sister this year, on 20th February 2011. Anaz was first known on the fashion site,, she was catching all the attention of users by giving us a very free look. She described her style as free. Because she like to mix and match according to the most essential piece in her look, her shoes.