April 29, 2012

Purple Haze

WEARERUBBISH Red Shirt / H&M Knit Jumper / ZARA Pants / Salvatore Ferragamo Flats / Chloé Paraty
Eventhough I've been an iPhone user for a very long time, I still can't believe how good iPhone4S camera is. Can you believe these 2 pictures were taken + edited with iPhone (edited with Camera+ app)? Anyways, I can't believe that BIGBANG has ended their ALIVE promotion. Thank you so much BIGBANG^^ 빅뱅 오빠 고마워요^^ 정말 고마워요~ 잘지내요, 빅뱅 짱!! 화이팅!! BIGBANG made their last / goodbye stage so special. I'm a very proud and thankful VIP /sobs. Going to post videos later! Anyways.. How excited I am to wait for their comeback and for YG to release their World Tour Dates. I know they're going to Jakarta in October, but I need the DATES! 

Oh, have you guys watched The Moon That Embraces The Sun? It's a K-Drama starred by Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High), Han Ga In, and Jung Il Woo (49Days & Flower Boy Ramyun Shop). I've watched it 3 weeks ago, and now I'm rewatching it again. I still can't believe how good this drama is! Definitely have a spot in my all time favorite. It is a MUST WATCH EVERYONE :] And oooh, I'm so excited for my plans in the near future too~ kekeke~ We should make plans and goals every once in a while, so our lives won't be boring, and we have something to look forward to! Keep positive and have a great week ahead! God bless you xx 안녕~ 굿바이~잘지네요^^

April 28, 2012

Brunch Time

DE CLIEU, Melbourne

What a perfect time to have brunch! Usually I'll just eat croissant with tea, but when I was in Melbourne it seemed like we need a perfect brunch :D Well, I didn't eat this, but I took a bite and it was heaven! You can find DE CLIEU at 187 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. I personally like the place, and when I came the weather was so perfect so it was great to sit outside. Have a great weekend everyone :]

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April 26, 2012

Grey Haze


A teaser pic for tomorrow's outfit post. Anyways, please don't forget that I've changed my domain to www.sergeantkero.com ^^ So don't get lost~ I wish you all a wonderful week! Can't wait to sleep all day long. Can't wait for K-O-R-E-A!! 

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April 25, 2012


source: tumblr.com

HELLO EVERYONE~ 안녕 여러분~~ Can you see a difference in my blog? I have moved my domain, again, to WWW.SERGEANTKERO.COM. Why? Because I can :> Nah, I just thought I think I should buy sergeantkero.com, because sergeantkero is my identity! So I thought, and well.. Some of you and most marketers always get my blog name mixed up (carolcoraline, coralcaroline, etc). So.. If they want to visit sergeantkero's blog, they now just have to type "www.sergeantkero.com" kekeke~ easy right^^ Hopefully everyone enjoying their week, so excited for this week to end. I just wanna sleep all day. 안녕~^^

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April 23, 2012

Blue Monday

What a blue Monday. That's all I can say for today. One of my colleagues' husband passed away yesterday. I really don't know what to do if I were her, I couldn't imagine the painful things that she must have felt during this time. All I just can do is pray for her and wish that she can be tough.

Anyways, the mood today is not really good. I went to the husband's family house with my colleagues to pay respects. Then hear some really sad stories about family deaths. What happened yesterday and today, really wakes me up, I need to be more thankful for everything in life. I don't want to complain anymore, how bad things might get, I believe God have something good planned for me. Thank you God for this amazing life. Oh, don't forget to always show your love to your loved ones. Treat other people like its their last day :) Be blessed everyone~IMG_8436
ZARA Leather Jacket / ZARA Grey Sweater / Sass&Bide Shorts / OASIS Tights / Melissa x Jason Wu Flats / Louis Vuitton Sling Bag / House of Harlow Necklace

April 19, 2012

Bad Brooklyn

Melbourne, 10 April 2012

Sneak peek for the next outfit post :D Don't you think this pic reminds you a lot of BIGBANG Bad Boy's video? I took this pic because it really gives me that Brooklyn feels (well mainly because of BIGBANG's video). Do you know that certain part of Brooklyn that always comes up in most movies, music videos, and even video games? Yeap.. That dodgy under the bridge green/blue-ish part of Brooklyn. Anyways, hopefully all of you can come to DEBENHAMS FASHION NIGHT OUT tomorrow :) Get free vouchers (yes, we're distributing free vouchers for FREE) at Debenhams Senayan City Customer Service at level GF. Anyways, back to BIGBANG, Bad Boy probably my favorite song from the Alive album, moreover my theory was proven to be true, the song BAD BOY was made for VIPs (a name for BIGBANG fans) Enjoy the song!


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April 17, 2012

Brunch at Chez Dré

Brioche + Smoked Salmon + Mashed Avocado + Poached Eggs
Brioche + Sauteed Mushrooms + Poached Eggs
Hot Cross Buns
Caffe Latte
Salted Caramel Éclair

I decided to make a regular "food post" on my blog, since lately I've been trying a lot of new food, I think it would be fun to post them on my blog! I'm gonna make you drools. So anyways, I got to tried this place called Chez Dré in Melbourne. To be precise, the place is located at 287 Coventry St (rear)South Melbourne, VIC 3205. The place is really cozy, they have both indoor and outdoor seats, they served you with fresh pastries and coffee! You have to try their croissant (I LOVE croissant), their brunch set menus, I think the food is really good, and don't forget to try their desserts. They have a LOT of dessert options, but my heart fell for the Salted Caramel Éclair, which was perfect. The place is closed around 3-4pm, since they only serve breakfast and brunch menus. What's even more perfect? They have wi-fi! 

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April 15, 2012


Brunch at Chez Dré

Yeay!! Chukaee~ First outfit post in months! I'm so excited, eventhough I didn't get to shoot decent outfit post, but still.. Lately I've realized that I have this kind of obsession towards blazers. I just love them, and when I spotted this particular white blazer with black collar at ZARA, I just have to make it mine. Anyways, how are you guys? I hope all of you are doing well! Yesterday I got to pick clothes for DEBENHAMS Fashion Show for Senayan City's FASHION NATION. I really hope that I did a good job ;) I've never experience such stress at work until yesterday, it was a fun and exciting experience though~ I was really happy that I got to do it.


ZARA Black and White Blazer / Forever New Tanktop / ZARA Pleated Maxi Skirt / CÉLINE Luggage / Salvatore Ferragamo Flats

A Dessert Story

Dessert Story, Melbourne.

This is probably one of the best dessert that I've tasted in my life. Since I'm not a really big fan of  chocolate -except Reese's Peanut Butter, I'm more into ice creams and jellies. I also don't really like pearls or bubbles, but this particular dessert is just heavenly delicious. Managed to eat it twice when I was in Melbourne. The lilac/yellow thingy are taro balls, they supposed to be like this chewy food like mochi, but even better. The grass jelly was just.. heaven. I would love to eat this again!

Outfit post tonight :D Stay tuned~

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April 12, 2012

Over The Weekend

5 April 2012. Chapel St. Melbourne, Victoria.

Annyeong~ Finally got back from my short holiday to Melbourne. Managed to take some outfit pics, eventhough it's not much.. But still.. new outfit post coming up :) Had a lovely holiday over the Easter weekend. Got to see my sister and her friends, ate some delicious food, hanged out with best friends, and shopped a bit. sort of. kekeke~ Life is good. Finally got the chance to take a break from work. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too~ Annyeong~

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April 3, 2012

Easter Break

source: tumblr.com

Picture says louder than words. Off to Melbourne tomorrow night.
아이~~ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~ 캬아아아아~^^

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April 2, 2012


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Pink Paradise

source: tumblr

I would be very happy to live there. I wish you all a great month ahead :) So excited that I'm going to Melbourne this Wednesday :D Got to meet my sister again :) Yippie~ Annyeong~

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