August 16, 2013

a matching clutch

What a great clutch for me! Since kero means a frog. and This cute clutch has a FROG on it.. waiting to be kissed. What's great about it -beside the frog of course.. is of course, the three pouch that you can use in 3 different design. Aren't they so cute and pretty! Definitely on my wishlist!

August 12, 2013

back to black

image from / /

Totally loving the first look! Its very chic and casual. Alexa Chung is always cool, as usual. And she will always be one of my muses. Miranda looks awesome in Birkenstock - which makes me want to buy a pair. Then Jourdan.. is amazing. That top..... love it.

August 4, 2013

eat ate eaten

sunnies PRADA Baroque in Tortoise

I think.. soon Im going to be a food-blogger, no longer a fashion blogger. Seeing the amount of food I've been eating lately. I think I'm bingsoo-overdosed. Anyways, few days back I made lists on foursquare about where to eat, shop, and have coffee or dessert around Seoul. I'm kinda sad that I can't take pictures anymore for the blog. I feel like this blog is... being left behind? But I don't want it to happen! I hope I can update more often. It's not that I'm busy (except during exams period) -it's just... All of the sudden, I get so tired... or lazy. I had too much fun on tumblr, going out, then I dont have any time left to update :(

Is it just me or... as you grow older you need more sleep? Hahahaha. I used to sleep around 3am in the morning, and woke up around 6.30am. Now..?? If I didnt go to sleep at 11-12 (and I have to wake up in the morning at 7- need 1 hour to roll and gather my soul on the bed), I would be totally zombie-like the whole day. Is it that I dont exercise nowadays? But I think here in Seoul, since I walk everywhere.. that... counts as exercise? Right? I'm such a lazy ass.

For the 18241xxth times.. Im gonna say HOW FAST TIME FLIESSSSSS. I cannot believe that Im entering my 7th month living alone, in Seoul. So far... So good. I met few new friends, who are amazing. I feel so blessed, I got to celebrate my birthday, my mom's birthday, and my parents' 25th anniversary here in Seoul. Everyone was here.. I feel so blessed. 

Top ZARA / Pants ZARA / Sandals ASOS / Clutch MARNI

Few weeks back, the weather has been pretty crazy. It's like the clouds got into a fight or something, or prolly PMS-ing. It kepts on raining for 1 whole week. Then it got reaaaaally sunny. Then it rains. When it rains... Small drop. Big drop. Like seriously, make up your mind. Don't be a girl. But lately? It's crazy hot. It's so humid. It's not THAT hot, but you keep on sweating. ITS CRAZY. Please someone wake me up when Summer ends. I think you shouldn't come to Seoul during Summer. JUST... DONT. Come during Spring, Fall-Winter time. Those are the best time.

But one thing that I like from Summer.. well 2 things. First, SUMMER SALE (its Sale everywhereeee!! not kidding) then.. BINGSOO. And other kind of desserts that I cant even mention OMG. THEYRE SO GOOD. LIKE AMAZZZINGGGGLLY GOOD.

Pat Bing Soo - Lemon Bing Soo from BING BING BING - Hongdae
Cone Ice Cream with Honey Chips from SOFTREE - Garosugil
Royal Milk Tea Bing Soo from TWOSOME PLUS STUDIO - Hongdae
Lemon Meringue Cake from GLAMOROUS PENGUIN - Hannamdong
Carrot Cake from CECI CELA - Cheongdamdong

Okay.. I think that's enough for today. I hope I can update more tomorrow.. :)) Have a great week everyone!! 

zara fw 2013

ZARA FW 2013 Ad Campaign Video

When i saw these pictures the first time, I was like.. "wait... is this zara? are you sure?" the vibe that you get from seeing this pictures kinda reminds you of designers campaign. Anyways, I really like the styling, and I love the hair!!! How sleek the models look, very simple, and modern. Is it just me or you also feel that Chloe, Celine, Balenciaga feels.. mix with Acne and Saint Laurent?