November 26, 2012

photographic technologic

CARVEN Stage of Live Print Velvet Skirt $415

WANT. NEED. OMG. TAT Ive been like wanting this skirt for quite a while.. Because it's so pretty! Then today I saw Lee Hi's (aka YG maknae) wearing it for last Sunday Inkigayo Stage. HAYIIIII LET UNNIE BE YOUR STYLISTTTT Q_Q

Her best performance so far. LEE HI FIGHTINGG!!! 

November 22, 2012

balenciaga boy

BALENCIAGA Structured Wool-Blend Jacket in Grey-Green $1,435

Please someone, a tall, prefered skinny but a bit statuesque.. Buy this and wear this in fron of me. I like this jacket very very much. I won't mind wearing it tho ;p

But tbh, I know exactly who would be perfect wearing it :P

yup. he'll be good.

November 21, 2012

de garcons

COMME des GARÇONS Fall 2012 

I want this to keep me warm during winter. Somebody buy for me please? 

But the only comme des that I have is this..


Say hello to.. SEN MITSUJI

Totally my type. Hiiiiiiiii *stupid voice* OMG I have never liked a male model this much. He's totally my type. Like.. skinny but kind of muscular-ish, stylo, have this smile, he looks funny... rite? He also has this Leap tattoo on his side neck like Freja (which I really love... NECK PORNN). And he's just the cutest evaaaaaaar. period. He also has this blog that he always updates.. Anyways,  some of my friends tell me that he has this GD vibe.. Uhmm is that why? But anyways.. Sen is a mix between Japanese and Australian. He's a model and already have a girlfriend (ME!).


going to be creepy and post his topless pic..... (i'm not usually like this)....
Picture This 4


Music Recorded

Officially Music Recorded (MR) - BIGBANG - Bad Boy

What? I like BIGBANG. And I like listening to MR's version. Because you kinda can listen to their secondary recorded voices. Like in different notes. It feels.... idk different. And sometimes I like the second voice better than the actual one. You can listen to the song's instrumental with just a little bit of the lyricsssss. This song never fails me. I can listen to it everyday, everywhere, without getting bored. Tbh, my favorite song from BB.

Recently this panda just made twitter, I was like WHAT... Finally. He keeps tweeting stupid (funny) stuff, which I like very much. It keeps me happy. People who thinks I'm weird because I like KPOP, and obsessed it with... fuuuuu. I don't care. At least I'm happy and got to meet super nice cool friends from all over the world.

Anyways.. Counting the days to Tokyo..







November 8, 2012

Red and Black

ZARA Faux Leather Peplum / ZARA Lace Pants / GIVENCHY Nightingale / Jason Wu x Melisa Shoes Flats / PRADA Sunglasses / TOPSHOP Studded Bracelet

I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger, I've been caught up with lots of things kkk~! So many exciting changes are coming into my life right now, and I'm sort of ready for it? Maybe? Yes? No? Idk.. But anyways.. Change is good. What has been happening for the last 1 month-ish has been such a blur to me. I experienced some things, that well.. I've never thought that I would actually experienced.. I feel so grateful to everyone that made me can scratch that "thing" off from my bucket list. Anyways.. Yeah... I'll try to update more :D Hope you guys are doing well too :)

PS: I came to like wearing black. and snapbacks.