August 14, 2016

TWIST at Dawn & Willow

Last night I had the chance to join the first ever Indoestri Dinner – TWIST at Dawn & Willow. Five course dish were prepared by Chef Ade Kurniawan and Chef Oscar Widjaja. First, special shout out to @manualjakarta team for choosing me as your giveaway winner. So, I took my boyfriend with me to Indoestri last night and we joined the rest of the guests. We should've sit outside underneath the twinkling lights, but unfortunately it was raining. Hence, our table moved inside. Rustic flowers, linen table runner, and candles decorated our tables, giving it the rustic/garden feel. It was somewhat over 7, they finally served their first dish. It might took a while for the food being served, but the two chefs managed to deliver the taste for each dish. 

Our appetiser, the 3 croquettes taste like Gado Gado, Singkong, and Sate Padang. I must say the sate padang one was really good. On to the next one, the frog fritters (as you can see below)!! Prolly the best dish of the night. I just wish they don't have the toothpick as a decoration otherwise I would have wiped clean my plate. The sauces were amazing, there were 3 different sauce– garlic miso, marmalade apple cucumber, and garlic cream. So soo good. Some people said the garlic miso reminds them of that Kanpai (a resto in melbourne) sauce.
Frog Fitters

 To the next menu, it's called the "Local Fish" but I assume this was gurame being grilled and hidden under a jelly. Served with some pineapple sagoo and pineapple curry foam. Not my fav, it reminds me of a deconstructed gurame asem manis though.
Last savoury dish is the Pigeon Duo. I'm not a big fan of pigeons cus they taste like "ati/ampla" and I don't really like it. But that one part covered with crushed pistachio is just AMAZING. Simply, amazing. 
Pigeon Duo
Last dish! Dessert!! I'm not really a fan of "deconstructed" dish since sometimes I found people overdo it– but I must say, this es teller was soooo good. The jackfruit was still cold and icy it gives a fresh taste into your mouth. 
Deconstructed Es Teller
I'm not really good at explaining things –so my review in describing some of the food would be really bad. For every savory dish, they also matched all the food with different kind of mocktails. My favorite one could be the one with the fish, since it was a mix between white grape juice, soda, ice tea, and rose. Sounds yummy right? Also, during the dinner we were being entertained with live music by BINJ. The singer is actually one of my colleague. I'm so so so proud of her!! Finally again, thank you Manual, Indoestri, and Dawn & Willow for an awesome dining experience. Wishing each everyone of you a big success! Thank you and see you around!