Q. How old are you?
A. Born in 1989

Q. How tall are you? 
A. I'm around 5'8" - 1.74m-ish

Q. Where are you from? 
A. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia

Q. What kind of music do you like?
A. Depends on my mood. I like electronic, pop, brit-rock, KPOP.


Q. How long have you been blogging?
A.  I started blogging back in March 2009 with the blog name "The Sour Cherry", but around November 2009 I stopped and I decided to make a new one back in June 2011. And I've been changing URL, because I'm just that moody. and now I'm back to square one, THE SOUR CHERRY. YEAYZ\o/

Q. Why did you get your own blog?
A. I like to share few of my favorite things

Q. Favorite blogs?
A. Man Repeller, Sea of Shoes, Oracle Fox...

Q. What camera do you use for this blog?
A. Canon 60D with 18-200mm lens and 50mm f/1.8 lens and iPhone 6

Q. Who took your pictures?
A. My friends... my sister.. my mba.. and my Tripod + Remote


Q. Who are your fashion muses?
A. Carine Roitfeld cus she has the same initials with me

Q. How do you describe your personal style?

Q. Where are your favorite places to shop?
A. I love ZARA way too much. but quality over quantity. Anywhere that sells something that doesn't look cheap :D

Q. Your favorite designers?
A. CHANEL, CELINE. CHLOE. THE ROW. WES GORDON. CHRISTIAN DIOR. Something that has a masculine touch, still feminine, but not too much


Q. What are your beauty regiments?
A. Clarisonic once in a while, cleanser and creams from my derms (sensitive skin sucks)

Q. Do you use make up everyday?
A. No -cbf. can't do that haha

Q. What are your beauty holy grails?
A. NARS Creamy Concealer, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, La Mer Creme, japanese brands for eyeliner, or Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeliner, and mascara, lip balms. (lots of lip balmssss). yeap. that's it. i'll live with those things.