September 18, 2013

p for pony


Honestly I've been raving about the Givenchy Slip On that I posted before for weeks, and I've set my mind that I will buy it... eventually. LOL until I saw this with my own eyes. CELINE Slip On with Pony Hair in Black (or Burgundy in this picture). I knew for long that CELINE has these but they never came up to my mind. And I feel like I'd rather splurge more on CELINE rather on the GIVENCHY ones. They sell this one for $900 (idr x 10,000) at the CELINE stores in Jakarta. But again, how much would you spend for a sneaker? But I feel like with this CELINE pair, you can dress it up, dress it down, wear it with the CHANEL Boy Celtic with Pony Hair from the CHANEL Metiers d’Art Paris Edinburgh Collection.... plus I'm pretty sure that I can wear this shoes every single day. I think. LOL 

CHANEL Boy Celtic with Pony Hair - Metiers d’Art Paris Edinburgh Collection

What do you think?