Good news! Now you can put banner on my blog, I'm also open for sponsorship and give away. There are few ways to advertise on my blog:
  • Sponsored Outfit Post - using this, I will choose apparels from your shop, wear it, take photos, and post it as an "Outfit Post". The post will be tagged as "Outfit Post" and "Sponsored". Your shop will be linked back to your shop's link. The chosen apparels will be mine.
  • Banner Ads on Sidebar - your banner will appear on the sidebar of my blog. There are few choices to the ads sizes(can be seen below). I will use the banner from you, and the banner will be there after you make the payment to my bank account. International online shop can transfer to my paypal account. Rates will be discussed through email.
    • SMALL: 240px x 100px
    • MEDIUM: 240px x 160px
    • LARGE: 240px x 320px
  • Website & Apparel Review - I will personally review your website, for example how user friendly it is, what kind of the things that you offer on the website, and the product itself. The product will be given to me, and will be mine. With this method, you have to pay with rates that I will give you that will be discussed through email.
  • Twitter Mention - I will tweet on @sergeantkero about your twitter account twice a day, for a week - with rates. Rates will be discussed through email.

If you have any new ideas about sponsorship or ads, you can discuss it with me through e-mail;