December 20, 2013

Little Bambi

Yes we may go panic. After being sold out like everywhere.. They have restocked the GIVENCHY Bambi Antigona Tote. For a disney fan like me, this is like a dream come true. Look how cute that half-cut Bambi is on that bag? And basically Givenchy Antigona Tote is a good everyday bag; a simple; cool... bag. It's black, it goes well with almost everything. It's even better than Rottweiler version to be quite honest. Get yours now here!!!

December 18, 2013


Honestly, Beyonce is not my favorite singer of all time but I can't deny that she is a very talented person. She's just so.. good that you just have to agree and admit that she is indeed good. Few days ago Beyonce dropped her new "visual" album, 14 songs along with 17 videos. My favorite song from the album probably "Partition". She made 2 videos for this song; Yoncé and Partition. I really like Yoncé video- Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman, and Joan Smalls made an appearance!! So happy to see them on the video. Four of them looked so good and really.. sexy. You can watch the full video here. Don't forget to buy Bey's album online!

December 14, 2013

Pucker Up!


I have a confession. One of the things that I'm addicted to in life is lip balm. I dont really use lip gloss, because I hate the sticky feeling. I dont really use lipstick too.. Cus.. Idk it's hard for me to really find the color that suitable to my skin color. So in the end I just use lipbalm. Above is a picture of few of my favorites lipbalm. I used to collect everysingle thing. This picture prolly miss one thing, the EOS Lipbalm -I lost it earlier this year and havent got the chance to buy a new one.

So yeah let's start talking about the first one on the left, it's LUCAS PAPAW Ointment. Pretty sure it's from Australia. I was introduced to this one back in 2011. I fell in love. You can use this for your lip, burnt skin, your cracked feet/heel. When you accidentally touch your curling iron/straightener, or touched that super hot pan when cooking.. You can use this too. Super multiuse!! and it's very cheap too. You can get it around $3 in Australia, but online it's like $30 for 3. They have a jar version too, since it's quite disgusting to use something for your feet and lip at the same time right? 

Next one to the right is the SMITH'S Minted Rose Lip Balm. They have other versions, but I like this one the most, because of the smell and the glossy-pinkish effect it gives to my lip. I've been using this for 3-4 years maybe. Apart from the effect, I really like the smell and how it really hydrates my lip. And for the record, I have a really dry lip. So yeah.. This is like my number one I think. I bought it at Sephora for SGD 15 I think..?

Next one is my drugstore favorite... And I've been using this.. since like... FOREVER. This one is VASELINE Lip Therapy in Cherry. They have the original one too without the cherry smell. But I love cherry, so I got this one. This one is so cheap, and you can get it at any drugstores. I just love this. Before I got the SMITH'S one, this is my favorite. This has no gloss, it has a matte effect. So it's only good for moisturizing, not for like "finishing" your look. 

Another goodie with fruity smell is MAYBELLINE Baby Lips. I think this is quite famous.. The price is quite cheap too. It has SPF, smells good, and will make your lip like a baby. One thing about wearing super good lipbalm is, when you have chaplips, you can remove all the dry skin like after you apply it few times.. And all my favorite ones can do that. Baby lips has few others selection as well.

And last one, is my newest addition. It's the FRESH Sugar Lip Treament. It has this smell.. that I can't explain. It's just.. good... really good. They have other scents/smell too-also with color. I really like it, and I've always been a fan of FRESH. I just love their.... Idk.. this aura that I get everytime I see their products. Like we have good products, please buy us!!! 

Ok, that's all.. I've tried Chapstick before and no, it's not good. And before I use everything here, I used to use this FOREVER Aloe Lips. It's also REALLLLLLY good, but I think it's kinda hard to find now. What else.. Oh those cute lip balms from Lip Smacker, yeah.. They're just cute. So.. what's your favorite lip balm? Please do share! Seen on the picture; Comme des Garcons pouch. Similar ones here or here.  

December 13, 2013


JUST... Watch.

CHANEL Pre Fall 2014

Chanel has it Pre Fall show (or as they may call it Metiers d'Art) in Dallas. CHANEL made a return to Dallas for the first time since 1957. Before the show, the attendees watched the new fashion movie 'THE RETURN' by Karl Lagerfeld. As always, CHANEL fashion show always over the top, fabulous on so many levels. I've always love their decoration for the show. It's very detailed and just... pretty. Moving along to the collection, I really like this collection. It's still elegant, classy, but pretty much its very simple and laid back. I really like these looks especially with the oversize shawls. And do you know what, Kristen Stewart is the new face for CHANEL. This is intriguing, cus myself is a Kstew fan. I'm looking forward for what Karl is going to show us next :) Images from 

December 12, 2013

GUCCI Pre Fall 2014

Few of my favorite looks from GUCCI Pre Fall 2014 Collection. I really like it.. It's very... me. I can see myself wearing most of the clothes. The all-navy look is very sleek. And the coat below is just pretty, the yellow clutch created a very distinguished look. They have like red-pink shades inside the collection. Few years ago I would be like "OMG that is so me!" but not anymore I guess. Hahaha.. And can we just talk about the hair.... So sleek and so pretty and effortlessly hiding... tucked inside the tops/jacket/scoats. And the hat!!! Makes the look even more stylish. Images from


December 11, 2013


Oh dear, I think I have found my new shoes! I found this very very intriguing.. Classic pointed pumps but with a twist. The scallop cut on the side make it interesting plus the shades (and its VALENTINO)!!! Just so lovely, it's the perfect red pumps to be honest with you, for me at least. The catch is.. Do you prefer it with leather or patent? Honestly I've never been a big fan of patent.. Sometimes patent can look very cheap. But in the Saint Laurent shoe case, I must say the patent one looks nicer compared to the leather one. Patent makes it "shinier" and gave that.. dominatrix feeling. And with this one, I'm just scared by the time goes by, the scallop with leather will turn soft and it will die.. What do you think?

December 6, 2013

Soft and Sweet

Remember that time when I told you I'm gonna do food post? Since I've moved to Seoul, there's a few things that change in my life... Like the fact that I've became a foodie. Now I like to find where they have a good food with good atmosphere, etc. One of the things that I really love in my life.. is ICE CREAM. And if you have the chance to visit Seoul, you have to try this "hip" soft ice cream place called SOFTREE (소프트리). The first branch that I knew is located in Garosugil- this is not a tourist area, usually if you go here with a tour, you won't be going to this area. How to get to Garosugil? It's located at Sinsa Station (Line 3 - Orange), and go out at exit 8. And just walk straight until you see MISSHA at your left and make a left turn. That's Garosugil main street (actually the street name is Garosu, and gil means street in Korean). 

Softree is famous for it's HONEY CHIPS on Soft Ice Cream. You can choose if you want it with a cup or a cone (they have like colorful cones too!). You can also have ice cream with bread, etc. So many things on their menu but this is what they're known for. The texture of the ice cream is very soft, it tastes sweet, and I like it when they put a big block of honey chips on top of it. It's sticky and... has this texture.. It's just so good. I think one cup is around 5,000won ($5/Rp 50,000). 

Here's a map on how to go to the one in Garosugil, if you dont have the time to go to the one in Garosugil, you can try the one in Hongdae. I know they now have one too in Hannamdong, Ichon, and several other locations now. They're like seriously EVERYWHERE. If you're going on weekend, the line is gonna be hideously long. Remember those lines for Sour Sally? Yeah.. something like that. Just checked the map, and they have Softree in 7 locations. I hope you can understand my direction, just tweet me if you dont know where to go ^^
- SINSA STATION - Line 3 (Orange Line) Exit 8. Walk straight until you see MISSHA and go left. Just walk straight, until you see DIESEL on your left and Sognare (Italian restaurant, bricks, big teddy bear and wine bottles at the front) make a right. You will see MUG FOR RABBIT Cafe on your right and LOW CLASSIC Store up in front. Make a left (the 1st alley - there are 4 alleys there). And then you'll see the line- hopefully not tho.

-HONGDAE IBGU (Hongdae Station) - Line 2 (Green Line) Exit 9. Go straight from exit 9, until you see a big intersection, make a left. Then walk until you see H&M, and cross the street to TONY MOLY direction. Just walk straight, you will see Etude on your left, keep walking straight. Softree will be inside this store called AROUND THE CORNER (a mint green- glass building) and it would be on your right. 

December 3, 2013

Plain Black

For me, every girl needs a good plain black heels. I know wearing heels sometimes could be painful (or most of the time) but good shoes is good shoes. You just can tell how the shoes has good quality (especially for heels) when the heels is just strong, how the shoe arch.. Is that even correct, but good quality heels has this "curve" that just makes your feet prettier and prolly less-hurts. For my personal preferences, I've always liked a good-pointed-toe pumps. I like the front narrow, it gives the "chicness". What are these type of shoes called? Court shoes? Anyways, since it's THE time of the year (yea, not Christmas.. SALE TIME!) Time to shop? So These are some of my favorites that I found on SSENSE.. Pretty nice right? For similar style from ASOS click here, here, here, or here.

November 24, 2013

In The Middle

ZARA Blazer & Dress / CHANEL Boy Celtic / CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Loafers / MIU MIU Sunglasses

Some really clear shots that Real Street took like in the end of October. The weather was perfect, it wasn't too hot and not too cold. This was the outfit that I wore in my last post too :D Anyways, I'm so sad that I'll be going home soon. I hope all my plans are going to work out once I go back. I'm still hoping for something to work out here too though.. I'm gonna eat more Korean food, and enjoy the city while it lasts. I hope all of you had a good weekend. Monday is here.. soonish.

November 19, 2013


ZARA Blazer & Dress / CHANEL Boy Celtic / CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Loafers / MIU MIU Sunglasses

Was so surprised when my friend told me that I was in a magazine, and he sent a picture. But I didnt know which one so I searched.. Apparently it's LOOKTIQUE October 2013 Issue. It's a Korean street style magazine... What made me so happy is that I'm in the same magazine like kimmie!! Yeay.. hahaha But anyways, I didnt know that I was gonna be in magazine, I just thought oh maybe for some streetstyle blog, whatever haha. And then, found this picture on facebook (it's Korean streetstyle facebook page) and I look damn bitchy!! Sorry... if it hurts your eyes... hahaha

November 9, 2013

Yellow But Not Mellow

STEVEN ALLAN Chambray Shirt / ZARA Sweatshirt & Trousers / ISABEL MARANT Boots / GOYARD St Louis Tote

Weehee! Finally an... outfit post.. Can I just tell you again how amazing Seoul weather is lately? It's so cool, breezy, warm..... Just perfect for a walk outside. Anyways, this is not really an outfit post but similar to one I guess. Last Thursday I went to... National Museum of Korea for a school field trip. It was interesting. I made a traditional name stamp~~ 

After that, me and my friend decided to eat near around Ichon Station. We ate at this "fancy" kimbab restaurant called Kim Seon Saeng. I say its a "fancy" kimbab restaurant cus u can always buy kimbab anywhere and its considered a "snack" actually rather than a meal. And they have all kinds of kimbab and the diameter of the roll is quite big too. As my observation goes, more people buy the kimbab for a take out rather than eating in. I ordered one famous kimbab with spicy pork meat, a mandu (aka korean dumpling), and this.. hot plate spicy pork meat with rice that we have to wait for quite a while. My favorite dish is the mandu!!! SO GOOD!

So I guess... That's all.... Anyways if any of you want to buy a pair of super nice and comfortable boots, I would recommend to get a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker boots. They have several colors other than black. They are super comfortable, I've been wearing it like there's no tomorrow. You can get it here or here.