June 21, 2016

lucky number 7

TOP @label8store // PANTS @atsthelabel // SHOES Nine West // SUNGLASSES @justraito
Time really flies eh! It has been 7 years since I started do blogging. I started thesourcherry.com in 2009, and moved to sergeantkero.com in 2011. So many things have happened since that, lots of hiatus, but anywho I'm very grateful for all the experience that I've been through. In life, generally my life has never been better. I have a steady full time job, in a field that I love – fashion retail; side job that is growing day by day  floristry called @studiojiro; and my blog slowly but sure coming back to life. Outside from those, I have a healthy family (Thank you God!), amazing friends, business partners (who gave me so many new opportunities!), loving (and super patient) boyfriend, super awesome (and expensive) hobbies (diving im looking at u). Seriously, I should be grateful. I'm so looking forward for what the rest of the year will come!

So, here it is what you've been waiting for.. For the 7th year of my blog, I will be giving away these two (yes! 2!) Glossier Balmdotcom - Universal Skin Salve to you all. All you have to do is jump away to my IG @sergeantkero and see this post below. You can find the how to there :D

 Shot this outfit pic yesterday after a lunch (+shopping) date with @marshellajastine. She's a fashion stylist, so if any of you guys need a stylist for your photoshoot, you can try to contact her. One of her latest projects is for the new sunglasses brand called RAITO. They're showcasing their collection right now at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Gallery in Kemang right now. You can follow their instagram @justraito. In below picture, I'm wearing the Shichinin sunnies with yellow lenses. Super loving it, a really nice addition to my sunnies collection.

So check them out, and don't forget to join my giveaways..!! Have a great day everyone!!
SUNNIES // @justraito
Pics by @marshellajastine

June 13, 2016

the weeknd

It's 7PM on a Sunday night.. How are you guys feeling? I hope all of you had fun this weekend! For myself, I began this weekend strong (but it leads to a lot of soreness). Strong means getting "tortured" by Ride Jakarta's chief - Gita on her private class session. Private class includes a 40 minute riding + 15 mins core and arm workout. Intense shit. But the best part it, you get to do it with your friends (with a minimum of 5 people) and request songs! With me, there were a lot of KPOP songs. Even one 4-minute song that I didn't even give/recommend to Gita. I was like whaaat.. Where did you get this song? I guess I managed to drag another girl into the big black hole of KPOP. The usual class provides different kind of song genre with different coach. For 45 minutes, you'll be challenged to run up the hill, ride easy, medium, hard, up, and down. You might feel so tired, but I think it's all worth it. After every class, I feel so happy, I also can see myself getting stronger (hopefully strong enough to start crossfit again) If you're interested in her torturing class, you can check out @ridejakarta on IG (I'm just joking about the torturing part, it's a really fun class. I'm addicted)
Can't wait for next weekend! Ready for the upcoming session. #BikiniBod we're coming!
JUMPSUIT @Milcah_ID / SANDALS Seed Heritage / BAG Cotton Ink / CHOKER Love and Flair
Taken by RHK
Sunday morning, I started my day by arranging a bouquet for one loyal client! Tried to make it special for his wife, as she is such a sweetheart! Her bouquet consist of; roses, eryngium, super cute buds of baby roses, carnations, and lots of eucalyptus.

 Finished with all the delivery for the day, me and my fam are ready for Sunday's mass. Since their opening day, I haven't been able to take my parents to St Ali, so that's where we're having lunch. Per Glo's (their chef) recommendation, I decided to get this beautiful dish of salmon. Can I just say? It's so good. Super loving the lightness of it, and the pomegranate just yum yum! My dad opted for "clean eating" (literally) since that's what he can only eat right now. Good coffee, yummy food, and great companion - I feel content and happy! 

After one afternoon spending time with my friends and their babies, now I feel tired. Man, age doesn't lie. So here I am writing this, thinking how I will plan my week ahead. So excited, can't wait to get back to riding and crossfit! Wishing you a week full of content peeps! xx

June 10, 2016

pre-birthday post: #2 favorite things

Hi! Staying home today cus I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Cough and flu not really a good combination. Anywho, I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite things. Like my skin care or whatever. This post is not sponsored, so I really do think these brands rocks, cool, and worth sharing! 

Let's start with the first one, lingerie. I find Indonesians are still a bit taboo while taking bout lingerie, but I find them really pretty. Apart from being a tool of seduction, I think they can be a tool for woman to feel confident and sexy. There's a quote by Christian Dior, "Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don't show". See, I feel it's important to wear really nice underwear, it will really boost up your mood. Previously, I've worked at this luxury lingerie brand called Agent Provocateur. From there, my lust with lingerie starts. They have the nicest, most classic, to the cheekiest lingerie I've ever seen in my life. You just have to try it on and you'll know it's different than your regular Wacoal/Young Hearts bra ok. And seriously, who doesn't want to wear lace everyday? Classic - french - lace! You'd be lying if you say you don't feel pretty wearing them. 
Unfortunately their price is a bit crazy for something that you don't show, but again.... You get what you paid for. 
First Agent Provocateur Bra! The Love Bra
So, my adventurous lingerie journey began from there. I started buying some when they're on sale. They also have a second line with Penelope Cruz called L'Agent by Agent Provocateur. It targets the younger market, so the price is relatively lower but also the lace quality you can tell that is not as good as the main line. But it still holds the melons quite ok. Over the past year, my quest searching for the perfect bralette has been tough. Most of the brands here don't carry wide range of sizes, and when they do they just fit so off. I think it's all because of the AP curse. Once you've go AP, you'll never go back? Then I found something on Cotton On! They have quite cute ones with a very good price. I guess when you just don't care about supreme quality, you can just buy from there. 
During my trip to Singapore, I went to COS - and for the love of the bras, man they sell the most perfect bralette ever. You may click on the link. I got 2 in different colors, because I like them too much. At the beginning of the year, I remember I saw a local Indonesian brand start selling lingerie, I checked it out, I was like hm.. they quite nice. Until few weeks ago, I saw the brand again- named Raquel Lingerie on Love and Flair. And I decided YES I WANNA TRY! So I did, and I LOVE IT. And the price is super friendly to your wallet. Luckily, I got the chance to meet the owner and have a heart to heart session regarding the lingerie market here in Indonesia and some other private things (haha!) It's so interesting they've been in the business for so long, so they really care about their quality and it's so nice to see someone who is very passionate about their business. It's like her lovechild.
Honestly, people in Indonesia need to stop looking at lingerie as something taboo. It's just a freaking underwear, it's not that much of a different to a bikini. Such a shame that we can't wear something like those girls on pinterest, low cut shirt with lacy bralettes peeking through (you know which one I'm talking about right!) And for you girls who are discouraged or feel sad about your cup size, don't be. Just be happy and grateful for what you have, cus you gals can rock V-Neck like no one else. You can look super cool without being too showy or sexy. 
Raquel Lingerie - The Lucy Bra

Off to second one, SKIN CARE. Lately I've been happy with my face skin. Few months back, I tried the facial at Surface Skin Habit in Setiabudi 2 (right across from St Ali) and it was so good, I keep on recommending it to everyone. I bought a package there, and go there for my monthly facial treatment. So apart from facial, below is the picture of all the products that I've been using lately. PSA: I have really dry & sensitive skin.

Starting from the first row, left to right:
  1.  Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment - it's a serum, you're not suppose to wear this everyday, only twice a week. You can mix it with your main moisturizer. It will definitely hydrate your skin for the longest time. Your face might look a bit of oily afterwards - but it's good. It will look healthy and hydrated. I bought it at ION, Singapore.
  2. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser - it's a face cleanser. It will not strip off the moisture off your face. It does not make lots of bubbles you was your face. So it will feel weird at first. For Glossier products I bought it in America because they don't provide international shipping. 
  3. Glossier Balm Dotcom - Basically it's like lucas pawpaw, you can wear it for scars, lips, and elbow. It's amazing
  4. Kiehl's Lip Balm in MANGO - super fruity smell and very hydrating lipbalm.
  5. Aesop Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum - also a serum, this is my 3rd and last sample. I'm gonna get a full size, cus I love it and it blends well with the Damascan Rose Facial Treatment. My Aesop Lady said that this serum hydrates your skin without being heavy on your face. And the ylang ylang smell? Just amazing.
  6. Dr Jart Ceramidin Moisturizing Cream - AMAZING moisturizer. Hands down. Before I found this, my face skin couldn't survive the 8-9 hours time inside a super cold room. But now, BADABAMMM <3 Got it from Sephora.
  7. Glossier Priming Moisturizer - Also very good, no smell though, and quite watery. You can build it up without feeling heavy. 
  8. Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion - I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING. Post-shave lotion? Are you sure? Are you serious? YES. They're the best moisturizer. I don't know why, but my boyfriend loves it, my aesop lady loves it too. And it works and smell freaking amazing.
  9. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm - Whose hands need resurrection? Get this one and you'll be free from dry-witchy-hands. 

Last one, cause I need to go soon. Perfumes and Candles. For a while now, you might know me as the perfume lover, I did a post on how to search and buy perfume. Le Labo Bergamote 22 is still my favorite and go to scent, I'm on to my 3rd bottle. I've also been alternating between Diptyque and Byredo for formal use. As for candles, I cannot afford to buy Diptyque all the times cus they're expensive so rejoice for Duft and Chandelle! This one in Peonia smells the loveliest :) 

Ok. That's all, if you want to ask me more please let me know ;) 
I will be giving away some of my favorite products soon. So stay tune!

June 9, 2016

pre-birthday post #1: hair

hi guys! it's been a while since my last post! Sorry about that, as always have been busy with work and traveling haha. i should really make more time to write this blog, since it's gonna be (officially) our 7th anniversary soon! can you believe that? actually started blogging even way back before, i don't even know when. anywhoo.. the birthday is gona be on June 20th. I will be giving away some cool stuffs. so make sure you stay tune on instagram/snapchat. 
BB Sunkissed Hair by @BlowPlusBarID
since my last blog post, i've changed my hair. twice. After the permanent blowout, I dyed my hair!!! The last time I dyed my hair was in 2013; when i was still in Korea. Back then I didn't trust Indonesian stylist to do it, but since I was convinced by my friends from @blowplusbarid that their hair coloring treatment won't do any real-harsh damage, so I did the "Sunkissed Hair" coloring treatment with them and I like the way I look now. I think brown suites me better than black hair? What do you think?

See the "sunkissed"effect? 
Hair on Point / Top by @itsaloes / Pants by ZARA / Shoes by Nine West 
Only after 2 weeks I dye my hair, I cut it short. I don't what was in my mind really. Me and Mkoes just sort did it. And as usual we took some #KeroKoes shots..

Short Hair by @andreaszhusalon

#KeroKoes wearing @shopatvelvet Tops
So that's part 1 of my update, pre-birthday posts. First one starts with my hair, gonna post more this week! If you have any questions regarding my salon or hair style, please drop a comment below, or on my IG! See you tomorrow!