April 24, 2014

marant girl

 Some cool looks that I really like from Isabel Marant Pre-Fall 2014 Collection. I think I'm gonna get this Adidas Original shoes. Look super coooooool. Honestly these looks really represent my style mehehehehe. Especially the hair, make up, and how loose I like my clothes to be...

April 9, 2014

Unbutton It All

Digging all these super low unbutton looks. In Korea I'd be like dun careeee, cus everyone will be doing something even more crazy, like wearing super short dress in the winter (ok ive witnessed that during fashio week). But here... It's a bit tricky. I tried to pull off the look few days ago, it still looks appropriate, my twins are not showing at all, just a bit of skin that make the look.. nicer. Anyways, the comment that I got was "you forgot to unbutton your shirt" / "your button is open" a.k.a "kancing lo kebuka tuh" HAHAHA. I wish I can pull off these looks.. Sometimes I wish I'm like these super skinny models- being all flat chest.. so you can wear all those lace crop top, and it doesnt look slutty or inappropriate.
 These pictures were from the Saint Laurent Pre Fall 2014 LookBook. I'm pretty sure it's a good idea to save all your money and buy a Saint Laurent suit. I'm 80% convinced to do so. And to be honest with you, I used to be like wear shorts! shorts! shorts! But now I won't buy anything that is thigh-length. I would buy knee or below the knee skirts, and more tailored pants. I rarely post anything on social media right now. I've started working!!! Yeay!! Wave your pom poms!!! I've always want to bring this blog back alive but.. it's.... HARD. I'll just pop up every now and then.. Miaw Ciao Bella!