March 2, 2017


So me and other 5 super cool girls – Alika, Patt, Nadine, Saffron, and Rahajeng got the chance to be the face of #cottoninkdenim campaign! So exciting....! We were all dressed in super basic and casual clothes by Cotton Ink. Gotta say I have my eye on this super light blue mom jeans (I'm a sucker for high waisted jeans and straight cuts)

Watch the BTS below

To be honest for me, it's really hard to find a good jeans. I found all the jeans that I have are too big ? But when I tried them on in the store, it fit just find. I have no idea why, but anyways.. I have some of my fav jeans all of them are high-waisted because I don't like butt cracks and you don't want people to see it.

How I style my jeans really simple, I like to pair it with white t-shirt or crisp shirt. Depending on what occasion you're going to, if it's a casual setting – you can just go t-shirt jeans and coverse combo. If it's slightly  trendy setting, I'll go with t-shirt jeans blazer/jacket and pointed pumps. If it's my work setting, I'll go with jeans, top with some details and a statement shoes. It's really crucial to have at least 1 good jeans in your closet – it's a very essential piece, you can wear it daily and just do whatever you want

Photographed by ILA SCHAFFER 

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