August 27, 2011

10 for 10 Challenge

Hello everyone :) I just got back from Singapore. I haven't changed my clothes, I just went straight to my room, turned on my mac and blogging. Anyway, today I went for my first ever job interview and it didn't turn out well. I didn't get what I want, and I was quite sad until on the afternoon, someone mentioned me on twitter and congratulated me for winning this contest that I joined a week ago. Gotta say that this is what made my day! I was so happy for winning the prize~ 

This is the contest that I've been talking about. This event was held by; for summary they asked their forum members to participate in "mix & match" event for 10 days by sharing 10 looks that using 10 apparels (including shoes). 

To be honest, I personally think it's a difficult task because I'm the type of person who dress depends on the shoes. And I can't decide which shoes or even how many shoes that I wanted to wear for 10 days straight. But thankfully, I decided to go with 8 clothes (top+bottom) and 2 shoes and it worked out pretty well I guess! I learned a lot from this event, I found out that I could mix crazy colors and it still looks good, even though on the last day I just went wild with color blocking. To see all of my looks, click here. Anyway, thank you so much for FD girls who have picked me as the winner, congratulations to bebe, cheapandpepper, kokoya, marcie, and ketupatkartini as well :) I know you guys are going to win~

Happy holiday everyone, I'm going to Bali tomorrow.. So excited! See you guys around!

August 25, 2011

Looks Magazine 4th Anniversary Issue

Yeay! Finally the time is here :) This is one of the news that I've been so excited to tell you guys about :) Elco from LooksMagz asked me like a month ago to be featured on the September Issue, I'm really thankful for the opportunity and I will be eternally grateful to you guys! Thank you to my blog's reader, follower, my personal photographer Andy I (hahaha.. I wish!) , my sister, my friends, all the people who has been so nice to me and being so welcome and encouraging for my so called comeback to the blogging world. I think this is one of the best things that happened to me so far in 2011. I love 2011! I hope more good things to come in the upcoming months :) Don't forget to buy the magazine everyone :D

Anyway, I'm going to be away for holiday for about a week. I will prepare some posts but I think I might not have the time post it :( Finger crossed! Hopefully I will have the time, and I wish you all the best, Selamat Idul Fitri to those who celebrate :) I'm sorry if there are any words/things that offend you in any way.

click the image to read the interview

August 23, 2011

Match Made in Heaven

Hello everyone :D Are you excited for Ramadhan holiday? Cause I do! Do you have any plans set up for this weekend? I will have a pretty packed week, I think. I have to take care some work-related things tomorrow morning, and make sure everything that I need for this Saturday ready. I can't say what I'm up to this Saturday, because I'm a pretty superstitious so I don't want to jinx it. I just need your pray for me, and hopefully everything will go well :)

I know how red and pink combos are not supposed to mix well because they are from the same shade of red right? But few weeks ago I read on refinery29 or is it fashionologie that wrote something about red and pink mix and how some people could pull it off. And for the 10for10 contest, from 10 apparels that I chose, 2 of them are my pink blazer and red chiffon top. I got stuck mixing and choosing my 10 outfits so I decided just to try every single mix and match possibility that will look good on me. And tadaa! This look was created. In my opinion, the color mixed really well. But, when I picture myself wearing a different shade of pink blazer, like maybe baby pink, I think it will look ugly. Don't you think?

August 21, 2011

Au Revoir!

So, basically we're almost at the end of August, I think it's the perfect time to say goodbye to summer clothes isn't it? Even though here in Indonesia we only have 2 seasons, either it's crazy hot or it's raining, I love fall/winter clothes collection, I think they're very romantic in a way, cozy, and fluffy (geez.. I don't know why I said fluffy).  I'm also very excited for Fashion Week next month, I'm really looking forward for the Spring Summer 2012/2013 Collection. I hope they're still showcasing bright colors with more structured and polish looks. How can I live without colors?

Anyways, although this is too late to say this on my blog, but for those of you who follow my twitter might know that for the past 2 days I've been tweeting like crazy about Jiyong and BIGBANG. There's a reason behind this heavy tweeting, on 18th Jiyong Oppa celebrated his 24th birthday (Korean) or his 23rd birthday and on 19th BIGBANG celebrated their 5th anniversary together :D So us, VIPs tried to make "#itsGDay" and "#BIGBANG_FOREVER / #BB5forlife" trending. But I guess twitter trolled us, the ones  that trended worldwide were Happy Birthday Kwon Jiyong and Bigbang Forever (please correct me if i'm wrong) Anyways, I wish all the best for Jiyong oppa, I hope you stay healthy, creative, and I hope you'll find a great girl (like me), who can cooks (like me).. ㅋㅋㅋAs for BIGBANG, I will forever wait for your comeback. And BIGBANG will always be 5 members, not 4, 5. BIGBANG BIGBANG BIGBANG 화이팅!!!

Kay, moving on to these pictures, Andy took these pictures for my contests and the 10-day-contest officially has ended today. Let's hope for the best shall we? I'm sorry for my repetition using the same kimono over and over again :p

August 17, 2011

Independence Day

Years ago, Indonesians finally unite themselves to declare their independence from three and a half century (that means 350 years) plus 3 years of slavery from the Dutch and Japanese. Whoah, that's a really long time, isn't it? Today, We, Indonesian celebrate our independence after 66 years. But in my honest opinion, the way that Indonesians united right now is not the same as the way Indonesians 66 years ago, when they're fighting to their last drop of blood for freedom and justice. Nowadays, there are so many things going on here where justice is not justice anymore. People who are strong, getting stronger with their money, and people who are week, getting weaker each day. So many disappointing things happened in this holy month too. I don't know what  things are going to come in the next years, but I hope Indonesia can be free from corruptors, bad people, terrorists, and etc.

To celebrate this day, I'm gonna share a picture of me in traditional Bali dance costume. I wore this costume on Sunday to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day by dancing at my church :D There were 5 of us who wore 5 different traditional costume, I chose Bali because Bali's traditional costume is my favorite. I love all the headpieces, flowers, the color combinations between gold, orange, white, pink, and red. I think it would look better without the pink t-shirt to cover most of my skin, but it would be inappropriate to wear something too "open" at church, won't it? So how do I look? Kekeke.. Enjoy the rest of the week people :)

August 16, 2011

Santa's Coming!

Well, We're still in the middle of 2011 and I'm sporting this bold Christmas-like color-block trend. This look is so extreme and colorful, I need to tone down my accessories. Anyway last night I had a really great time with a friend, I watched Transformer 3, finally! And is it just me or do you agree that the movie sucked?

I think the first half was pretty okay, until they made it a 3 hour and a half movie. The movie was so bad I kept on thinking when the movie was going to end. I think Rosie is very pretty and all, her body is indeed amazing BUT, she's a terrible actress. I was expecting her voice to be all bubbly and light, but her voice is very.. deep. I think she just have to stick to modeling. Patrick Dempsey though, McDreamy delivered a really great job, I didn't see him coming though as a villain. I thought he was going to be the good guy. Thank God the movie was funny and those cars.. I want to have those cars, I'll sell it and buy a bunch of bags, clothes, and shoes. Speaking of which, I need a new bag!

Anyway, enough with the rambling.. Prepare your eyes haha

August 14, 2011

Tangerine Breeze

Hello everyone :) Here we are.. In the end of the week, again. How was your week? Good? Bad? Busy? I had a pretty busy week, even though I feel so tired, I'm so glad for the things that happened to me for the past week. I hope all of you had a great week and have the strength to face Monday! Oh, there are some pretty exciting news that I'd like to share with you, but I don't wanna jinx anything so I'm gonna tell you when it's official kekekeke. Dude my friend Andy is going to Singapore soon, I definitely need someone to take my picture :( Well I need myself to go to buy a tripod really for the time being ;P

August 12, 2011

Kristen Stewart for W Magazine September 2011

Yeay! I got the HQ picture from a twilight blog, confession of a twicrack. Anyway, how amazing these pictures are? You know I'm a sucker for pink, so I'm loving the cover. Kristen looked absolutely, absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. She's channeling Elizabeth Taylor don't you think? I love the make up, the sweater.. is from MaxMara (if I'm correct..) Gahh!! I have no words, it has been such a long time since I saw her THIS pretty. I've always loved her since the first time I saw her on Into The Wild :) Then I saw her on Twilight, and I thought damn!!! She aged really gracefully. I've always loved her cocktail dress selection too for redcarpet. Don't you just love her? We all have a Twilight phase, please don't fool yourself. kekeke.. I'm not a big fan of the series though but I love seeing Kstew and Rpattz together :) Anyway, I cannot wait to get this magazine ASAP!

Kate Moss for VOGUE US September 2011 by Mario Testino

"Kiss Me, Kate – Captured by Mario Testino, a newly married Kate Moss covers the September issue of Vogue US wearing Alexander McQueen. Inside the magazine, Kate is featured alongside her husband Jamie Hince and daughter Lila Grace in a mix of posed and candid shots from the July wedding. Wearing romantic designs from the likes of Lanvin, Tom Ford and Calvin Klein, the new bride is absolutely radiant." - fashiongonerogue

My favorite pictures would be the one with the flower girls, the car shot, and her picture with her daughter. Absolutely amazing. She looked really pretty and radiating.

Anyways, have you seen Kristen Stewart's editorial pics for W Magazine September 2011? Her pictures are so beautiful.. She looked so pretty, I will definitely share it with you guys once I found the HQ pictures :D

August 10, 2011

Geeks and Dorks

I have to admit that I'm a geek and a dork. I'm sitting in front of my computer almost 24/7 and sometimes I hate going out (mainly because of the traffic), I rather spend my time playing computer. I don't know what would I do without internet and computer. I also love reading books, even though I rarely do that now kekeke, but I promised myself I would read more books! Apart from books, I also love.. reading mangas!! I'm a big fan of manga :D Few of my favorite series would be.. Pansy, Mari-Chan series, Eyeshield 21, Fairy Tail, Throbbing Tonight, Angel Lip, etc.. The thing about manga is that.. I used to buy comic books for Rp 4,500 (around U$ 0.50) each, NOW? I have to buy them for almost Rp 25,000 ($ 3)!! And the price keeps inflating each month/year.. I don't know.. That's why I rarely buy comic books again now, I only buy the ones that I really like or maybe old series that got reprinted like "Topeng Kaca".

What else... The point is that I'm such a dork at heart, I love to do stupid things, I like to be random and spontaneous. I like to make stupid faces and do silly things. It might be annoying to some people though, but what the hell hahaha...  Anyway, I recently joined a "contest" or it's more like a challenge for me to mix and match 10 apparels that I chose for me to wear it for the next 10 days straight (so the next 10 posts would be pictures for this event, I apologize if the outfits are repetitive). These apparels include shoes and clothes, I chose 2 shoes and 8 clothes that include 3 bottoms and 5 tops.  Anyway, this is my first look to celebrate the dork inside me. kekekeke

August 9, 2011

Sunset Glow

Have you ever feel that you don't have much work BUT you feel so busy? I don't really have nothing to do but this week is going to be a pretty busy week for me, I have dance practice tomorrow and another practice on Saturday, also I have to print my design for my cookie business :P I'm going to have choir practice on Thursday plus, I'm gonna have lunch with my best friend on that day too. Then on Friday... I think I'm going to have something on Friday too.. Dear Lord... The thing is, I don't feel really well lately; I feel so restless.. Ahh... Anyways these pictures was taken after the first outfit, it was more like fun pictures rather than "outfit pictures". I changed my clothes because I was all sweaty. Hahaha.. Have a nice week everyone! Fighting!

WEARERUBBISH Scalloped Crop Top / Pull&Bear Shorts / Charles&Keith Two Tone Flats

August 8, 2011

Fly High

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last outfit post :D I'm really having troubles taking pictures for my blog because first, my sister went back to Melbourne to continue her study, and second I don't have a tripod. Then, help came along.. A friend of mine was kind enough taking my pictures. Thank you!

Anyway, these days the weather is getting more insane. Everytime I go out of my room, I can feel the hot weather touching my skin and after a while.. I'm all sweaty. You can see how in the end of this set, I don't wear my blazer anymore because I cannot stand the heat! OMG! Ahh.. anyway, thank you so much for reading and following my blog :D

August 7, 2011

Goodbye Baby

Miss A - Goodbye Baby

First, I'm very YG biased. For those who don't know, YG is an entertainment agency in Korea that produced my favorite groups; BIGBANG and 2NE1. But, as time goes by.. There are a lot of Korean Idols out there and the "KPOP virus" starts spreading from one agency to another. I've never liked other KPOP Idols, UNTIL.. I saw SNSD/Girls' Generation videos. I'm not into "that" type of girls (aegyo/cute) but I gotta say, I am so jealous of their bodies. It's really annoying how skinny and good looking they are, it's almost impossible to look at them. 

Anyway, if you guys are familiar with Simon and Martina's EAT YOUR KIMCHI, you guys know Music Monday right? It's a video review that they made for KPOP new and old KPOP videos, it's quite entertaining so you guys should check it out. Anyway, few weeks ago I learned that MissA was releasing their newest single, Goodbye Baby and EYK's review to the video was not that impressive, but I keep seeing my friend's tweet that the song is really good, etc.. Still, I'm not convinced, and I watched the video and I think the video sucks. Until, few days ago I was watching series of Korean's weekly music award (Music Bank, MCountdown, Inkigayo) and I saw MissA performing Goodbye Baby. Well, it's not that catchy at first but after few hours and today, I kept singing the refrain, "Goodbye baby goodbye" I was hooked.

I gotta admit that KPOP is getting better and better, there are so many talented artists in Korea (but of course YG is still the best agency that has the most talented artists - see? I'm very YG biased). I'm pretty much already like MissA and Girls' Generation. I've tried listening to 2PM & Super Junior, I don't really like the members because they are very.. muscular. I don't like, well I hate muscular guys, I love tall skinny guy but with a little muscle on their body. Kekekeke But maybe, MAYBE in time I will love them too. BUT I will always be a VIP and BLACKJACK! I will be a BIGBANG & 2NE1 - a YG supporter forever and ever :D (HAVE YOU SEEN GD'S SHAVED HEAD?)

I keep rambling, don't I? Anyway, this song is really good and I think this is "my song" right now :) 

August 5, 2011

i wanna be pretty

Went for a photoshoot with a friend last Thusrday :D Gonna post the pictures next week, I haven't finished editing them :) Anyway, I hope you guys will have a great weekend :D I've been waiting for this weekend to come! I also have been loving August so far :) How about you? Here are some "teaser" of my photoshoot. My friend took the picture when I was fixing my make up. I'm using MAC Studio Fix+Foundation for my powder, and I've been using MAC To The Beach Marine Life as my blush (it supposed to be a highlighter). Enjoy your weekend!

August 3, 2011

pink caramel

Few weeks ago, a friend of mine took me with her Holga camera :D I thought, i've never a holga before so I guess why not right? And today she gave me the results and I gotta say I like it :D Thank you Anya for taking my pictures.. although there were some unexpected things and the weather was unbelievably hot. Visit anya's blog here.


August 2, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday: Love Lust

Few of my favorite pictures over the weekend. Most pictures are taken from fashiongonerogue and tumblr. Anyway, July has ended and now it's already the second day of August. I hope August will be as awesome as July :D To those who celebrate Ramadan, Happy Fasting! I hope all is well :)

Free People Fall 2011
Daphne Groeneveld for LOVE Magazine
Daphne Groeneveld

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Ashley Smith

Mary Katrantzou

What I've been feeling lately, 
"Tonight.. Such a beautiful night"

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