May 20, 2017

Style Swapping with Olivia

Had the chance wearing all the things and that I might never wear, cue– body con dress. But this girl made me dress in it. Watch the video above where Olivia and I decided to do a style swap in all GIVENCHY look, and let me know what you think!

Toodles, have a great weekend guys!

May 16, 2017

That Little Black Dress

Dress KURO // Jacket ALAND // Shoes MARC JACOBS 

Often we wear black because it's the easiest decision. However, little black dress is more than just an easy piece. It is truly a classic, and with the right styling.. There are so many look that you can create for multiple events. 

Few years back, I almost had no black outfit. I don't really like to wear black, because I think it's too depressing. However, eventho I didn't like black, I still loved black dresses. I was so into that 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' idea. It's so classy – back then and now, my style identity still remain the same. I always like that cool sense, feminine yet boyish look. Pairing up cool pieces with totally classic item is something that I always like to do. 

So for instance, this very feminine flare cut black dress from KURO – I chose a vintage pink denim jacket that I got few years back in Aland Korea (need to put some pins, cus they're sick!). What to wear? Not heels, but a pair of white sneakers. Really love how it looks at the end... What do you think? You can also match it with bomber jackets or even blazers...

For a different occasion, of course you can still wear that little black dress with just a simple pointed toe heels (they make your legs look longer!)... 

Dress KURO // Heels Christian Louboutin // Sunglasses Gentle Monster

May 13, 2017

Lucky 7

Can you guess?

Feel so lucky to be included in Harper's Bazaar Indonesia 7 Indonesian Influencers list. Alongside with me, there are my friends– Michelle Koesnadi, Elxi Elvina, Alika Islamadina, Anastasia Siantar, Sonia Eryka, and Cindy Karmoko. 

You can watch the video above for more of the shoot, we also did some shoot for the article. I was dressed in CELINE Dress, I paired it with distressed jeans and CELINE Sandals too. The dress and sandals are part of their SUMMER 17 Collections (available in CELINE boutiques!). We did our own make up and hair, and allowed to dress comfortably! Thank you so much Geo!!

Stylist : @geofannytambunan
Photographer : @agussantosoyang 
Videographer : @randitasastro 
Location : @studio20jkt 

Had so much fun during the shoot! We finish it by eating some good lunch that we gojek from Honu! It's a pokebowl, and it's damn nice. 

May 11, 2017


Few months back, I was— and still am honored to launch my first collaboration collection with Reves Studio. I believe that many of you should have known Reves by now, if not, let me introduce you to the dynamic duo behind the label. Both name Karina, started Reves with the purpose of dressing women with the essential designs to look sophisticated and classy. No doubt these two girls have won women heart with their signature designs (fyi, they always have suits and signature white shirts in every collection!), they have also won Cleo Fashion Award last year throughout their journey in the fashion industry –they sure are the dream team !

The collaboration collection focuses silhouettes and semi-fitted fittings. The designs mostly suit working attire with a selection of basic and essential colors that can be easily matched for your day-to-day OOTD. Why suits? Cus I love them, I love how I can wear my suits for either formal or casual events. You can check the full collection here. If you notice, every look has v-neck line– cause it's my favorite neck line as it shows a little bit without giving too much exposure. When we did the designs, the outerwear are easily styled, can be worn multi-way ! what’s not to like about that?

Finally I wanna say thank you to REVES Studio team again, thank you for making me a part of this journey, such a mile stone in my life! You can buy the collection straight at OR Galeries Lafayette! Thank you everyone for your immense support! Much love xo

Photographed by Hilarius Jason Pratana
Brushed by Winnie Neuman