September 23, 2012

Pretty Beezy

PRADA Sunglasses / H&M White Shirt / H&M Necklace / FUBU Pullover / Subtitled Skirt / New Look Loafers / Cambridge Satchel 13" Bag

Finally a decent outfit post~! Thanks to my brother who took these pics, I shall have him to take pics every now and then :> Anyways.. Work has been super busy with the new store opening coming up this Wednesday~ Have been going to Kemang for the last week, chose clothes for fashion show and found some awesome clothes (espesically this Burberry-esque Animal Pullover from H! by Henry Holland, soooo cute!) Also as you know Debenhams has this party section where you can buy themed party supplies (princess, pirate, hollywood, casino, etc) well the range gonna be bigger. There's this fairy theme which is like the cutest thing evarrr. You guys really should check it out :) Debenhams Kemang Village will soon to be opened on 26 September!

As 2012 is heading towards the end.. There are few things that I seriously need to do. I hope I can be more clever in managing my time, since I'm pretty much a procrastinator and as hell lazy. LOL. Can't believe tomorrow is already Monday, but I seriously can't wait until Wednesday! Urgh... >_< Anyways, have a great week ahead~! 








September 22, 2012

PRADA Spring Summer 2013

How pretty was PRADA SS13? I think the collection is so cute. The Japan vibe is strong.. Starting from the flowers, which are so cute, then the socks and sandals, and shoes.. Really reminds me of Japanese sandals, and of course the runway! Feels like a ninja hideout or something lol. Anyways.. Can you see the bag? OMG.. Cuteness alert! The two tone bag's structure kinda reminds me of Celine Trapeze but in mini size, but still.. cute. Then the sunglasses omg, those flowers on the frame. cute. Then.. my favorite piece would be the heels above.. and below. The chunky heels kinda reminds me of the Miu Miu Mary-Janes (from the SS10 which I love). Anyways, lovely collection~! I can't really wait for MIU MIU SS13.

September 19, 2012

sweats and shirts

Totally loving these two looks right now. First, I'm so in love with that GIVENCHY Red Stripes Stars from the FW12 Menswear collection (which is now sold out everywhere), and I know just where to get that leather skirt (it's ZARA and I've been dying to get my hands on that skirt). I love how "volumed", loose, and comfy the sweater/jumper look, and how the collar from the shirt looks really effortless hanging there, moreover the necklace is so simple it makes the top look even more special. The skirt selection is like the final touch to everything. Just find a unique skirt to pair the top with. And who needs a big bag with this look? Just grab a clutch and go~!

September 18, 2012


G-Dragon - CRAYON

How awesome really is this video? This is my favorite video evarrrr. Like its so colorful, crazy, funny~! Can you see the THOM BROWNE FW12 Looks? It's like straight from the runway looks. My favorite scene would be him.. shaving lol. I was like having a feeling that he might go topless in this video cus he's been working out, and in previous 2 videos we really haven't seen his abs.. and then BAMN here it is. LOL. Another scene would be him driving that car, and then omg.. LADY Ji. man.. He's cray. Then him shooting himself from above.. so CUTE. LOL but anyways.. Because of the video, I love the song even more. They should've released the video when the songs were out. Anyways....

September 13, 2012

DKNY & Prabal Gurung Spring Summer 2013



Few of my favorite looks from DKNY and Prabal Gurung Spring Summer 2013. Actually DKNY sporty theme doesnt really suit my taste, but I gotta say these 4 looks.. I really love the styling, I'm seeing a lot of baseball caps being used in SS13 and also, in some street style pics. Baseball cap is like the new it thing, bro. Gotta love Prabal Gurung and its abstract pattern. I love how in both collections, none of them are really like skin tight look, which I like, very much :) Oh~~! And do you realize the beauty trend is the minimum make up, the no-make-up make up look? I LOVE IT. You just need flawless skin and mascara to look good :) Embrace the naturals!

September 11, 2012

Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2013


Such an interesting show to begin with. That's what I thought as soon as I finished clicking the looks from Alexander Wang SS13. I realized at the end of the pictures, wait.. are these glow in the dark dresses? I was like.. OH WOW.. So amazing and interesting! Alex surely had an interesting collection presented in a really nice show ;) So happy for not seeing peplums, for once. But I realized the white and black, and some metallics are filling SS13 collection. And, oh do you see those calf-length straps? Dont tell me the gladiators are back (if you've seen Altuzarra SS13, you know what I mean). Remember those calf-length sandals that the Olsen twins used to wear? Disaster.

Anyways, watch the full show below.

September 6, 2012


ZARA Tweed Jacket / ZARA Shirt / Cheap Monday Jeans / CÉLINE Boston Bag / Salvatore Ferragamo Flats
Few snaps from Singapore few weeks ago.. Uhm.. Feeling not so good these days, but I'm just living the days. I can't wait for 4th week of September to come. So many exciting to come, like Debenhams new store in Kemang Village, BIGBANG concerts, and etc. So many things that I have to do as well, can't believe it's September already. Time is flying so so fast, can't believe I've spent almost 1 year of my life working. LOL. Which is a really nice experience, but I miss school. Anyways.. I hope all of you had a great week, tomorrow's FRIDAY (already!) TGIF~! 

September 5, 2012

That XX

G-Dragon - 그 XX

I don't know what to comment about the song, the video, or even GD in this MV. I absolutely love everything about it. I've never thought that he could have a song like this, freaking acoustic with calming tunes, and heartbreaking lyrics ;( Well, the song is really pretty and the video is even prettier. I totally dig the sleek, chic look of him. Totally loving all the clothes that he wore in the MV as well. Hence the beep sounds in the reff, the beep sound is covering the words 새끼 which means motherfucker or bastard in Korean. You can purchase the explicit song in iTunes now. Such a pretty song, video, everything is perfect.