May 11, 2013

Freja Beha for SAINT LAURENT PARIS Pre Fall 2013 Campaign



im so excited to see Freja's new work these days. Tbh we're hardly seeing her walking again, and i really miss her walking on the runway, so its good to know she's still staring for the latest campaigns for Valentino, and now.. Saint Laurent. In my opinion, Freja is somehow perfect for the brand. She has this feminine face, but also has this certain of roughness and edge. Perfect for the "punk"ish feminine vibe that Saint Laurent has. I really love the pictures but somehow i just wanna lift her chin up cus we barely see her face facing up :/ or maybe that's the theme of the campaign? "look down?"




wish upon a falling star

I wish upon a falling star, 
that I could be right where you are. 
The star it fell straight from the sky, 
I thought of you and start to cry.

May 9, 2013


the weather is getting warmer, more like hotter actually. it reminds me how Jakarta feels like -less the bad polution of course. went to Yeouido for the cherry blossom festival at the end of the March. it was too pretty and too surreal. ive never seen cherry blossom before until last month. i kinda wish cherry blossom could just like bloom every day of the year. the street would be so pretty. cherry blossom shower.. it was too pretty as well. now the streets are not so grey anymore compared to 4 months ago. 
anyways i just finished my mid exam last week and the results werent as bad as i thought it would be. i have to focus on my finals tho, its gonna be tougher. these days i have been thinking about my future after finishing yonsei. i dont know, should i stay in seoul for masters? or should i try other cities? like maybe new york? or london?

New York December 2012 - from The Empire State Building