February 26, 2016

DIY: Vetements Jeans

So, for the love of this VETEMENTS jeans that have been bugging my mind since I saw it on pinterest, I decided to do a DIY on one morning. It's been quite a while since my last DIY post (the first one was way back, when I did the shredded tee, leggings, and bleached denim), so I'm pretty excited for this one!
Final Look! Shoes from ASOS
The VETEMENTS jeans will cost you around $1400, that you can buy at FORWARD or SSENSE -but with this DIY, you won't be needing anything other than; your old jeans, scissors, and courage.

Distressed Old Jeans + Fabric Scissors + Courage
Your jeans is preferred to be your old jeans, cus you don't want to mess around to your new / favorite ones, what if you messed up the DIY and you have to cut it even shorter? LOL. Anyways, I would prefer a washed-light-blue color denim with some raw-distresed looking cuts/holes. The scissors can't be just any ordinary scissors, it HAS to be a fabric scissor otherwise you will get frustrated cutting it. So are you ready?

Cut it vertically!
Step 1: Cut vertically from the bottom of your jeans (you can start on either leg) maybe around 10-15cm up. It depends on how "cropped" you want it to look. I like ankle porn, so I cut a bit higher. Cut it after the thick seamline, it's easier
Now horizontally!
Step 2: Cut horizontally to the left, I cut the front side first so I know the difference that I want for the front and back side. No need to cut it straight, just have fun!
 Step 3: Now, cut vertically again so you will have a patch of denim with you, like before cut it after the thick seamline, it's easier
Go have fun!
 Step 4: FUN PART! You can now decide the back cut, you want to leave it waaaay longer than the front side? It's up to you. But I think 4-7 cm is a good difference. Once decided, cut horizontally again -or anyway you want to cut it. Just remember the final cut that you want to have

Step 5: Another FUN PART! Now for the final look, you want to have a raw looking edges. So try to pull the threads, brutally so it will look like the picture below. But don't worry, in time the threads will come out on its own. Do on both front & back sides
 Step 6: You are done! Pair it with your favorite heels or even flats? I would prefer heels because it will give more length to your legs and more ANKLE PORN!
In the picture below I'm wearing ASOS Tessa in Tan -I managed to get it delivered to my house. All cleared through custom! YEAY! Luxury version you would want to buy from Gianvito Rossi for $795 (black or tan)
So that's it! Please do leave comments below if you have any questions! Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. The jeans and sandals combo are making somekind of a major fashion foot porn right now


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