September 5, 2012

That XX

G-Dragon - 그 XX

I don't know what to comment about the song, the video, or even GD in this MV. I absolutely love everything about it. I've never thought that he could have a song like this, freaking acoustic with calming tunes, and heartbreaking lyrics ;( Well, the song is really pretty and the video is even prettier. I totally dig the sleek, chic look of him. Totally loving all the clothes that he wore in the MV as well. Hence the beep sounds in the reff, the beep sound is covering the words 새끼 which means motherfucker or bastard in Korean. You can purchase the explicit song in iTunes now. Such a pretty song, video, everything is perfect.


  1. me too! ive never thought about GD singing an acoustic song before >.<
    i totally love this song <3

  2. I don't even understand any of the lyrics, but I juat LOVE this song!! Kyaa~~ Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. i thought the beep was something wrong happening in my laptop, until my friend told me that it was censored :P he looks totally polished in the video and im lovin' it >,<

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