January 12, 2017

2AM Post

Hi, it's 2AM and I'm here in front of my laptop writing this blog with too many ASOS tabs opened. Definitely need to go to bed soon, otherwise I would look shitty and late for work later. So many things are happening right now, I should do something cus honestly I feel like I'm all over the place. Work seems to be endless and time is running out.

This comes down to one of my 2017 resolutions – to be neater and more efficient. Really need to work on my time management because I really don't want my work quality to be shitty and letting people down in the beginning of the year. 

So far what I have on hand right now is: a full time job, my side business – studio jiro, upcoming project – kerokoo, blogging, and other small freelancing jobs. I thought at first I can do it all, well but I guess I can but I feel like I don't have enough time in one day.

After giving it a much thought, I'm gonna go with 2 plans. Plan A: Prioritise. Decide which jobs are more important right now. Make a list – and attack. Plan B: if plan A doesn't work, drop some jobs and focus on the rest. 

Let's go with plan A for now and hope I can manage my time and improve my quality of work better. 

Til next time!

Photo by Elxi Elvina

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