January 14, 2018


It might be late, but.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!! Wishing you all a very good year ahead, pretty sure 2018 will be amazing, hopefully we'll tick lots of things on our resolution list by the end of year!

So before moving even further from end of 2017.. I would like to rewind a bit, and share with you guys a bit of my 2017 highlights. There are 12 months in a year, so let's make this my.. 12 Highlights of 2017... Shall we? Since I'm very forgetful, whilst I'm making this list, I'm scrolling through my iphone album hahahaa... So here we go,

1. I started 2017 with.. KEROKOO Photoshoot. Definitely a major highlight. Finally launched my resortwear collection with Michelle Koesnadi, after months of preparation, the collections were finally launched in March, but we did the shoots in January 2017, 3rd January to be exact. As for the kids shoot, we did it on 20 January. It was a fun photoshoot, but seeing our vision came to life – even more awesome!!

2. Went to my first CELINE Press Open House for Summer 2017 Collections in Singapore. Stayed at The Warehouse Hotel – loved it! Met some new friends, the experience was something. I remember when I was there, I felt so content more than ever. It was like something, wow.. I'm finally here, at one of my favorite brands' press day, giving my media friends a tour. I felt I'm finally here at the point of my career that I thought is still quite far away

3.  In February, I did my campaign shoot for my first every collaboration with Reves Studio. Such a huge honor, one of my major highlights. The #RevesxKero collection was such a blessing. I'm so grateful to know friends who believed in me. Very pleased to know that the collections were a success too!

4. Had a family vacation to Nihiwatu !! Went there with the whole gang (Ren & Aldo joined us as well) such a fun trip. Very beautiful place, ever since I found the place on Brody Jenners fiance's instagram, I'm like.. I HAVE TO GO THERE!! And I did! I look forward to go there again... soon.

5. Another wow moment in my life – on March 23rd, I wont ZALORA Style Awards 2017 Female Style of The Year. Such a huge surprise.. So humbled and grateful for everything, on the following month got featured on Listed on Harper's Bazaar 7 Influencer Indonesia. Blessed!!
6. Went to the most west and north part of Indonesia. Travelled to Pulau Weh with the usual diving crew. One of the best dive places ever, I wish there could have been more legit and nicer resort soon, I will definitely travel back there again. Why? You got the best KW of Raja Ampat and Komodo and Bali all in one place. And the view is beautiful. You just can't wear bikinis and sleep in the same room with the opposite sex.
7. MARC JACOBS Plaza Indonesia Store Opening in May – so blessed to have so many people attended the store opening. We planned the event on a limited time, but managed to pull it off. YAS. On the same month, I went to Singapore for MARC JACOBS Fall Winter 2017 Press Day, although drama happened, but managed. What I learned is always to know where your passport is. and oh, I joined my first calligraphy workshop by the one and only @truffypi aka Veronica Halim
8. Went to Japan to visit my brother and to company my dad for his treatment. Blessed to be able spend more time with family and had a family photoshoot with sweet escape in kimonos and yukata

9.  Turned 28 years old in July and still got drunk af. Being reminded on how I don't know what I would do if I don't have Ren! Thank God for no hangovers, just awesome memories (a blury one, still awesome). Went to Singapore with Ren for my friend's wedding, and on Sunday morning we went for a run at MacRitchie Reservoir. At the wedding I met Kiki's best friend, we've always heard about each other from Kiki. 
10. Got my first tattoo and saw Ren's being ladies favorite at the bank (so hilarious)

11. Became my best friend's maid of honor in September, I gave a speech!! September was rough but it's okay now. It reminds me that if things aren't okay, it' not the end. Went to Bali for Hilary's wedding, double date trip with Oliv and Kal

12. 12 October 2017 – Marc Jacobs #MusicMarc Jakarta Edition Party. When people said it's the party of the year, I'm just happy and smiling from ear to ear. Poured my heart and soul for this, so happy that my team pulled this off to a huge success, so happy that everything went so well. I hope everyone had a great time!
and who am I kidding? How can I fit 2017 into 12 points.. So many blessings happened in 2017 so I'll just continue..

13. Another collaboration with Raquel Lingerie for their activewear line. #RaquelxKero – my go to sportswear right now. You can buy it online at www.raquellingerie.com
14. Pulang kampung aka finally a trip to Seoul with the traveling crew aka the diving crew aka yoheng. So happy to feel the cold air of Seoul, had coffee at Fritz, dinner at Kongbul and that bbq place. Especially Coco and Kiki Reunification bitchess!!! So funny how one of my followers on insta thought we were together and she thought Ren looks more humble than Kiki hahahaaha #LOL
15. Did some special shooting for Ekakarya as their muse end of November, cannot wait for it to come out this year. In the same month, did my first styling for Raisa

16. This year I got to meet, Aimee Song, Yoyo Cao, and Arissa Cheo.

17. Did some spring and christmas closet cleaning with my favorite girls – see you soon!

18. Finally Misool. Travelled to the most east part of Indonesia, went for a diving trip organised by Raja Manta (previously White Manta) with the usual crew. It was amazing, loving every single of it. Still cannot move on, the ringing bells, oceanic mantas, anchovies... Damn..  Will never get tired of seeing double rainbows, pink cotton candy skies, and that amazing sunrise at Piaynemo.

19. Ringing in the new year for the first time with Ren

20. For amazing fashion collabs with Shopatvelvet, Shopee33, Cotton Ink, Nikicio, DUMA, HuntStreet, MadebyEsme, every single person behind the brands who have believed in me, thank you! 

endless blessings in 2017, I had the most luxurious pleasures to have worked with amazing people in my career. but whats more important is, I got to make even more awesome memories with my friends and family. nothing is better than that. so grateful for every bad and good things that have happened

let's make new ones in 2018. everything will be better



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  1. Only downsides here was that I’m not sure if they were expecting such a crowd as they did not have nearly enough servers and sometimes it would take a really long time for service guy to come. But at the event space they tried to keep a smiles on their face.


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