October 3, 2011

A Big Bang Experience

As you guys know.. I watched GD&TOP and SeungRi performing live at the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Singapore 2 weeks ago. It has been a dream for me to watch BIGBANG live (especially GD&TOP, because they're my favorite oppas!). Anyway I didn't think for a second whether I should buy the ticket or not, I just buy it straight away. Well, let me tell you something.. I went to Singapore alone, I know.. So much dedication just for these oppas, but hey don't judge me I bet you'll do the same thing if you love them. It's not embarrassing for me to say that I went alone, well I love travelling alone, sometimes it's a lot better to go alone rather than going with someone else. Anyway, that week was my last week to have that kind of freedom, as you all know right now.. I'm working on weekdays.
On Thursday September 22nd 2011, I went to Singapore in the morning, not knowing what to expect at the concert, I have no idea what I'm going to do on the next day, but THANK GOD I checked my soompi message, and I found a VIP asking me whether I want to join them or not, oh well I guess why not? So as I arrive at Singapore, after cleaning myself up I went to City Hall MRT straight, to go to the Stamford Hotel where I have to take my tickets! I must say, for $38 that ticket is really good. The quality is so great, it looks like an ID Card. Damn! Well, on that day I just went to H&M, ION, and met my friends. Didn't have the time to eat Bonchon 4Fingers though :(

THE DATE. Friday, September 23rd 2011.. I started my morning by going to H&M and I went to City Hall MRT at 12pm to meet up with my VIP friends that I just knew barely yesterday only by whatsapp and text message. Anyway, apparently I made a lot of friends that day. I went to Singapore alone, and I made new friends with Indonesian and Singaporean VIPS. VIP Rules! Long story short, I queued since 1pm and the show didn't even start until 11.10pm. Crazy? Yes. It was effing hot, I was sweating, running, waiting like crazy. But time really passed me by, I didn't really believe that I waited that long, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway, I can't define to you what I'm feeling when I was watching them. They're so perfect, they sound so freaking good. Their voices are so much better than the records. NO FLAWS. GD's english was soooo fucking perfect and the best thing about the concert was where GD&TOP performed WEARING my favorite outfits of them. It was the best visual I've ever had in my life. I know you guys must be sick reading this, but that day was one of the most epic day that I've ever had in my life. I will never forget that day. It was so awesome.

Well, I'll try break it down to you what happened that day. At 1pm I start queueing in front of Gate 3, it's located around 500m near Raffles City McDonald. I got there quite early so I wasn't really queuing really long. The fanzone at the concert arena only limited to 2000 first fans that got the 'wristband' So we, VIPs are running like crazy after we got our bag checked at the gate. We're like chasing for something and we were out of breath. Still, we just got in into the concert arena STILL NOT THE FANZONE was at 4pm. And the fanzone arena was opened at 7pm, because Charice was performed at 8.30pm. See? We VIPs are crazy, and we put so much dedication to these oppas, we have to watch Charice performing live first. There were dramas when we're waiting for the fanzone gate to open, where we can be 'near' to the stage. People were start coming around 7pm so there are these aunties and these idiot people who wanted to cut the line. I mean, we were queuing since 1pm for fuck's sake and you think we're gonna let you cut our queue? NO WAY MAN. VIP were uniting and when we were running like mad, not accepting people and kind elbowing them so they're not cutting the line. haha it was epic. Anyway, after Charice performing we still have to wait around 2 hours in order to meet our oppas. It was fast though, at 11.15pm DJ Murf was playing 2NE1 songs, which I really appreciate, BUT I really want to see GD&TOP performing more songs rather than just 4 songs. SeungRi performed first, singing VVIP, Strong Baby, and What Can I Do. After that GD&TOP came out wearing these glorious outfit with full of SWAG, they're singing Intro, Knockout, Oh Yeah, and High High. After that for the encore they were singing How Gee.

I must say I was really satisfied with the performance. I cannot wait until I watch the 2012 BIGSHOW. I will go to Seoul just to watch them! hahaha :D Anyway, I don't have the time to read my post all over again, I'm sorry if there's any gramatical mistake. Hehe

Here are some of the pics that I took that night. Please PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, If you want to use it, PLEASE CREDIT OR LINK IT BACK TO MY BLOG. Thank you. I queued since 1pm to take these pictures. Please show some respect.

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  1. OMG! I am forever jealous!! My bias Kpop group is Big Bang and I have been dreaming of meeting them for ages. You are so lucky!! It must've been such a memorable experience :) *jealous*

  2. i miss Singapore! such an amazing place! :)



  3. So glad you had a great time. These are great pics and your last one is too cute! I bet you felt like a princess...you look like one! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. You are so lucky! I wish I could watch them live too :(

  5. ok, question.. how did they maintain those cool sleek hair during the performance? sweat and hyper movement? super-gel-hair????!



  6. envy total sama ci caroline! bisa nonton big bang :(

  7. Aww, my friend would die to get to that concert! Cool!

  8. i know them!they are famous in Japan. beautiful photos:)
    thank you for your comment!!


  9. i envy you to the core. i love TOP as well ): he's like my bias. i want to comeeee )): when i was in australia, i heard that big bang is going to have their asia tour, and indonesia is on the list. ): ive been trying to find the news of it.. but theres nothing. only from allkpop. i would love to watch gd&top in sg aswell ): lucky you! VIP daebak. :D

  10. I like GD&TOP too! And actually BigBang is the only korean boyband that I like. Heehee
    So envy you!


  11. Great photos and really proud with the effort you made ! 10 hours of queuing is not easy at all, you deserve the fun :)


  12. omg i'm so happy for you that finally you can see your oppas!!! but my time will come ;;) TOP is such a hottie! and ur camera is super great! can i know what is your camera? (:

  13. OMB! photos of GD and TOP you took, make me more jealous cuz i can't watch the concert. TOP look hawt there, nice picture:3


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