October 28, 2011

Debenhams: Blogger Styling Competition // Diana Rikasari

Diana Rikasari, the girl behind the famous blog Hot Chocolate & Mint, made her first blog post back in March 2007. Her style that I would describe as quirky and colorful as we saw on her blog, her colorful pictures really came to life when I met her at Debenhams Senayan City last week. She started blogging back then because she likes to write, take pictures, and dress up (we, girls obviously like that too, don’t we?) and she felt that a blog could accommodate all of those things.

D is a very friendly person and I must say that I sense a “cute” vibe coming out from her. When I talk about her personal style with her, she said she would describe her style as “playful, adventurous and “anything goes!”.” I certainly agree to that, as D and I browsed around through the store I kept on saying “This is so YOU!” When she told me that randomness inspires her, well I tend to agree on that too When she was asked about her ideas about personal style,D said it would be crazy as she likes to mix and clash various patterns and fabrics and colors all together. I nodded. One of her key pieces in her outfit is… Can you guess? Tights! If you noticed, almost in every outfit post, D wears tights! She thinks they always add the “oomph” to her outfits.

Shifting through the end of 2011, Fall 2011 trends are everywhere and D’s pick for this season trend is LEATHER and she will definitely rock the trend. I say, we shall wait for her outfit posts?

As when she was asked about Debenhams, she replied “Shopping heaven! Debenhams is certainly the place to go to when you’re searching for key pieces of each season. And the discounts are always so tempting!” and as a shoe lover, she wishes that Debenhams would provide more shoe brands.

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  1. That store looks ah-mazing! Like a Wonderland with the magical SALE signs! :)

  2. She's cute! Love her style. Very unique! :D

  3. Never liked D's style, to be honest. Her "more is more" fashion attitude is like the exact opposite of mine. She's a great entrepreneur, though!


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