October 30, 2011

Debenhams: Blogger Styling Competition // Michelle Koesnadi

Michelle.. Where do I have to begin with Michelle Koesnadi? Michelle is not really a mere "blogger friend" of mine. She became one of my good friends and a person that I could talk and gossip with. Kekeke.. Anyway, Michelle first started blogging back in August 2009. She decided to blog when she came accross several Indonesian fashion blogs that she can relate to. Thank God Michelle decided to blog right?

Her blog, Glisters and Blisters really shows off her moodiness in dressing up. She describes her style as highly moody. It's true, because you can see Michelle in monochrome looks for weeks, and then suddenly she wears this bright pink blazer. She said, "It’s highly mood based and I don’t really have one particular style I stick to. I like to experiment to see what works on me.. Most times I’m inspired by the clothing itself. I work my outfit based on what clothes/accessories I want to wear on the day.." Her key pieces in her outfit? "I love blazers.. I have quite a number of them in different shades.. They’re always useful for me.. I also like to finish my outfit with a nice pair of shoes..let it be flats or heels :)"

As we heading towards the end of 2011, I know Michelle is a big fan of F/W outfits, I know she's a big fan of sweater, cardigans, all those comfortable warming clothes that unfortunately she can't wear here in Jakarta. So when she was asked, which trend she's going to rock this fall, she said that rather looking this at a trend that we can't wear in Jakarta, she's looking at it as good looking items on the runway. Her choice to getting into the fall mood are burgundy jeans, sweaters, and flared tailored pants. She's also loving the metallic/glitter trend.. whether it’s large doses of metallic/glitter or just hints, metallic is something that she loves.

What Michelle thinks about Debenhams? "Debenhams is VERY UK-ish to me. The first thing that jumps into my head is the amount of UK brands in it."

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  1. You are lucky having Michelle as a friend ;)
    Lovely pics !!!!

    love from London Wishes


  2. The outfit is amazing!!


  3. super cute!! LOVE THIS :)



  4. love her heels and she looks amazing! I follow her as well. Great shots!


  5. ci michelle looks awesome and enjoyed the time! great photos cii :D


  6. Those shoes are fab!!


  7. Hey !
    She's really is super stylish.
    Love the heels :)


  8. amazing pictures!!love that shoes!super cute!!
    kisses pretty and have a nice day=)


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