May 7, 2012

Mini Lust Part Du

Louis Vuitton Petit Noe in Epi Leather

First of all, I have to say I'm not a big fan of the brand, Louis Vuitton. Why? Because in my opinion, I think their monograms are too mainstream (and ugs aka ugly) and their type of bags and accessories dont really suit my taste. Long story short, I hate LV bags with LVLVLVLVLV all written on it (exception for speedy though). But, I've made an exception, I love their epi-leather line and the Sofia Coppola collection. I have the biggest crush on their epi leather and their colors. I just love it, I personally love the bright color shades :)

When I knew that Sofia Coppola had a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, I thought, wow this might be interesting and the price must be not that expensive, but boy I was wrong, the price was like whoaaa! But nevertheless, eventhough I'm a big fan of their darker shades.. Sofia Coppola made the Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag PM in brighter hues.. I'm totally loving it!

Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag PM US$ 3950

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  1. 530th follower ;)
    Ooo...that coppola bag is gorgeous! 3950..thats really hefty. :O

  2. Pretty bags, love the assortment of colors.

    xo erica

  3. ohh, all so pretty! i want all of those bags!
    xo TJ

  4. The minty color is to dei for and perfect for spring!

  5. i dont really like LV either, but i love their wallets collections since my mom bought one for me o__o i love that mint bag tho, so glamorous and chic ;D


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