November 6, 2013

how i wish my hair could look like...

Lara Stone for MADAME FIGARO by Nico

Let me tell you something, I've always been secretly jealous to people who have magic hands. Their hands can twist, dry, curl, do up dos on their hair.. While me? I can't even do a freaking simple blow dry. I'm hopeless when it comes to hair. Going to salon is not my favorite thing either. Watching countless youtube videos on "Simple Blow Dry" "How to Have The Perfect Just-Waking-Up Hair"and bla-bla-bla. Yeah... I still can't do it. 

Since I don't want to take all the blame on myself, I blamed my hair and since I'm so obsessed with Caucasians' type of hair, I was like "Yeah.. This is because your hair type is just different. You cannot have that sexily-bouncy-cool-model-look-alike hair." I am Asian, I feel like well at least for me, the texture of my hair and my friend's hair (who is a Caucasian) is so different. Like with her, just with air-drying her hair, her hair looks perfect. While me? I look like Simba -or like a witch (which one is worse I have no idea). 

But anyways, I know some people just has great hair like Blake Lively (oh I just want her hair so bad), and I know my Asian friends who have really thick-jet black-shiny hair, or just shiny-bouncy-pretty hair. And moreover they have the magic hands!! So now I started using products now to make my hair as silky as Herm├Ęs scarfs, at least my hair looks all shiny and healthy!! So yeah.. If you have any.. kind of advice how to have a cool-waking-up-modelesque hair, let me know~ Oh btw I'm so happy now that my hair is sooooooo long right now.HAHAHAHAHAHA 

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