November 9, 2013

Yellow But Not Mellow

STEVEN ALLAN Chambray Shirt / ZARA Sweatshirt & Trousers / ISABEL MARANT Boots / GOYARD St Louis Tote

Weehee! Finally an... outfit post.. Can I just tell you again how amazing Seoul weather is lately? It's so cool, breezy, warm..... Just perfect for a walk outside. Anyways, this is not really an outfit post but similar to one I guess. Last Thursday I went to... National Museum of Korea for a school field trip. It was interesting. I made a traditional name stamp~~ 

After that, me and my friend decided to eat near around Ichon Station. We ate at this "fancy" kimbab restaurant called Kim Seon Saeng. I say its a "fancy" kimbab restaurant cus u can always buy kimbab anywhere and its considered a "snack" actually rather than a meal. And they have all kinds of kimbab and the diameter of the roll is quite big too. As my observation goes, more people buy the kimbab for a take out rather than eating in. I ordered one famous kimbab with spicy pork meat, a mandu (aka korean dumpling), and this.. hot plate spicy pork meat with rice that we have to wait for quite a while. My favorite dish is the mandu!!! SO GOOD!

So I guess... That's all.... Anyways if any of you want to buy a pair of super nice and comfortable boots, I would recommend to get a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker boots. They have several colors other than black. They are super comfortable, I've been wearing it like there's no tomorrow. You can get it here or here.

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  1. I saw the name stamp that you are talking about on your instagram :D
    nice post!



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