January 16, 2016

Dry Skin? No Problem...

It's Saturday! How are you going to spend your day? For me, I'm going to stay at home, chill –watch Suits (I'm catching up to Season 5, poor Harvey), do some flower arrangements, more chilling, and share with you something that's I've been using this past month.

I got the opportunity to try Vaseline Intensive Care: Advance Strength –before I got into what I think about this product, I want to share a bit about my skin type. I have really dry skin – both face and body. I don't really give much thought about it until I was in university. I didn't know which one I should try but I decided to use Jergens, but it was okay, then when I went to Melbourne, I found St Ives, and I was so happy with the result that it gives me. Unfortunately St Ives is not available in Jakarta, Guardian had them for a while but not anymore, so I went into a moisturizer shortage. I was confused but then I got lucky. I got the chance to try this one. I gave it a go, and I say it honestly, I love it. 

When I was in shortage of moisturizer, my skin got really dry again. You can tell by how it's really easy to get that "white" marks when I try to scratch my skin. And boy, if you know how cold my office is. It's like Iceland cold. It's the point where I have to go out every 2 hours to defroze myself –and to be in a very cold room for almost 10 hours, it's bad for your skin. So I tried Vaseline Advance Strength and I feel and see something, my skin stays plump for almost 12 hours. I thought maybe it's just beginner's luck, that's why I stay loyal to use it since December and until now. My skin is very hydrated now, I can see that no white marks seen at all. I will purchase this lotion next time for sure :) Satisfaction 100%.. The lotion itself is not too thick, not watery. It is very easy to apply, and the best thing – it does not leave a sticky finish to the skin which I hate so much. It comes with a good smell which is just the additional thumbs up. I'm happy that the product really delivers what is written on the packaging, "intensive care: advance strength" 

The good thing about this lotion it is also come in various sizes. You got the big size that comes with a pump, I put it in closet so I won't forgot to use it before I dress myself after shower. It also comes in a small, beauty pouch size fit that I can bring around. For example to yoga or ride class. No need to transfer lotions into empty tubes!
I would really recommend this lotion if you have really have bad dry skin like me. But don't forget to drink lots of water and good night sleep. Cus you know it's not enough just to apply it from the outside, it has to come from the inside too. Share with me if you have any other good products for dry skin, chapped heels, I'll be waiting. Have a great weekend! xo

Margiela REPLICA / Diptyque L'Ombre / LeLabo Bergamote 22 / Ceramic bowl from Kandura Studio

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