June 22, 2011

annyeong haseyo

Hello everyone! It's been a while isn't it since my last blog post? I really miss this whole blogging thing, so I decided to make one again. But this time, I'm going to make it differently, by learning from my previous mistakes :P I'm going to post not only fashionesque pictures, but I'm also going to share to you about my recent obsession in KPOP (dude, i'm gonna make you like it. haha). Not only that, I'm gonna let you see my interest in culinary too, since i recently take cooking & baking classes :) Please bear with me, as i make this blog more awesome. What else that i like? Hm.. Oh, i also love to travel so if i get the chance to travel somewhere, i'll make sure make few notes about it even though you don't find it interesting (it's my blog anyway haha). Last year, I was totally obsessed with make up and i cannot stop buying it. Dude, I cannot. The colors are so pretty. So if i get the chance, i'm gonna review some of my favorite products. I'll put some of my thoughts into this blog too, so it will be more personal :D

There are few more tweaks that i need to make, before publishing this blog again. I hope you will read my blog again ^_____^

Until then, please follow me on twitter (if you want to). Thank you for reading, have a nice day ^_____^

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  1. Hi Carol! I follow you on twitter and I'm glad to know that you make a blog again. I was a silent reader of your blog. You were my favorite fashion blogger and I was sad when you decided to remove your blog.
    I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts. I can hardly wait to read your post about kpop. I'm kinda obsessed with kpop too hehe..
    So, welcome back to blogsphere, dear ;)

  2. thank you so much for your warm welcome :)

  3. Welcome back Caroline in blogsphere :)
    I really love ur blog right now, it's so different !!!

  4. my eyes went straight to that winking sex god.


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