July 11, 2011

Fall 2011 Couture Report

So I guess Fall 2011 Couture Week has ended? So, I'm gonna start reviewing or babbling exactly about the collections that I like. I don't include Dior's Couture collection because I personally think it's a disaster. I think they should hire John Galliano back. They NEED John, for God's sake. Anyways, my favorites are Elie Saab, Armani Prive, Giambattista Valli, Givenchy, and Valentino. These pictures are taken from either vogue.com or style.com, and then edited by me. If you want to put it on your blog/website, please don't forget to credit me as the editor :D Thank you!


Elie Saab Fall 2011 Couture

Elie Saab, I love Elie Saab. I think he always makes the best night gowns or even cocktail dresses. His choice of beadings are absolutely excellent, I love the necklines, and the middle high slit at the front. Do you know that those dress are extremely heavy because of the beading? I guess that what makes it very flowy, fall perfectly. I hope someday I could wear something from Elie Saab :) Oh, I love the hair and make up! I think it's very simple, clean, and chic. Ah I can't say anything more about the collection, I just love it!


Givenchy Fall 2011 Couture

Next, Givenchy Fall 2011. I think the textures, structures, cutouts, are extremely extremely, pretty. I can picture Anna Dello Russo wearing the nude/gold gown with long fringe. I'm not a big fan of the color palette, I like the Spring 2011 Couture collection better. But, well it's Givenchy, how I can not like it? The reason why I like Givenchy must be because of the detailing. Just like Marchesa, but I think Givenchy is more edgy, while Marchesa is more romantic. What do you think?

Giambattista Valli Fall 2011 Couture

I have the most stress when I was editing this collection. The gowns are so big I don't know which one I should put upfront, small, back. Grah! But It's finished, and these are my favorite looks. I have heard about how Giambattista Valli was making a gorgeous collection for his Fall 2011 Couture, and I think it's true. I love the accessories more than the gowns. Even though it's small, but can you see the gold belts wrapping those models' little tiny waist? Most of them are gold leaves or flowers. I also love the black and white flower print dress. Overall, I like the structure of the dress, but I think this collection is not my cup of tea :)

Valentino Fall 2011 Couture

I gotta be honest. This is not my favorite Valentino's collectinon. From the whole collection, I only like 2 last gowns, and the red plunge neckline dress. I think most of the dress didn't fit the model perfectly so it's kinda ill-fitted. But, it's Valentino. I love how romantic their collection are. Well, and I gotta say that the make up and hair do is fabulous. I really like it, I love how the models wear those little headbands with braids on the back of their head. The make up is very clean and feminine. Aaah.. I will try to do that kind of make up :)

Armani Privé Fall 2011 Couture

And finally, my favorite collection of all! Armani Privé!! I like Japanese culture very much, and you can see that the collection is inspired by Japan's culture. The headpiece is so pretty, and I think Daphne Guiness wore it to Natalia Vodianova's fund raiser. I love how the blazers are well structured-fitted to the models, how the obis (is this word even correct) wrapped around those little waist. The gowns, ah.. Breathtaking!. I love the colors that are played in this collection too. Aah.. Just looking at this collection it makes my heart flutters. :D

So which one is your favorite? Have a nice day!


  1. Everything is nicely compiled together ;)
    I agree with how you described everything and I'm too tad bit disappointed with Valentino as I've been a fan of their previous collections.


  2. wow! what a report!!! awesome post, and thanks for this, I'm immerse in couture just looking your collages! :D



  3. ellie saab and givenchy! oh Givenchy! just beayond awesomenss :))

  4. Great post, I love the ellie saab dresses you chose :)


  5. really love the flirty eyelashes at Valentino & the dresses at elie saabb <3

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