July 19, 2011

Inspiration Tuesday: GD&TOP

Okay, so from now on every Tuesday I'm going to make a post dedicated to the things, person, groups, models, brands that inspire me. And today's post is going to be about, GD&TOP :D If you follow my twitter, you would know how much I love, head over heels, obsessed with GD&TOP. GD&TOP is a part of BIGBANG. They are still BIGBANG members, they just made an album together to satisfy us, VIPs (a name for BIGBANG fans).

Since the first time I saw GD, I knew that he is a "fashionista" and boy, I'm not wrong. He is very stylish and he is known for his style all over the world (hahaha). From all BIGBANG members, my favorites are GD&TOP. In term of style, I also love GD&TOP's style the most. I love how colorful their clothes are, yet they still look (most of the time) chic, stylish, prepped, polished, and still look damn effortless.

I made collages of my favorite pictures of them. I was ran out of space for GD's collage, cause there are so many pictures that I like :P Anyway, enjoy!

The stylish leader, Kwon Ji Yong

GD's Hair Evolution for the first half of 2011
credit: soompi.com

Amazed? Other than his "fashionista" status, he also known for his hair. He changes his hair style a lot. Like a lot. The first picture was taken from his GD&TOP promotion days, its at the end of Dec 2010 until January 2011. Right after that, around February 2011, BIGBANG had a comeback by launching Special Edition album (Love Song promotion days) he had pink-blond-ish hair. After that he had blond hair for BIGBANG 4th mini album promotion. The long hair? It's just wig or extension for DAZED&CONFUSED Korea July 2011 photoshoot. And after that he died his hair black again and use this.. onion-mushroom-ish hair which is totally, totally cute.

Speaking of GD, there are so many things that make me love him. He's like an MVP in Idols. Why? Because he's super talented, he is the one who composed most of BIGBANG's songs with Teddy, DJ Murf, E.Knock, and other YG producers. He is the richest amongst BB members because he got more paychecks from royalties of his songs. He is also, has the nicest voice. I think he sings very well, you guys should listen Cafe and Baby Good Night. GD's high notes is just flawless. He also can rap and dance. He just really good at everything, except maybe relationships, cause he keeps making sad love songs :( I hope you find a good girl (like me), oppa! kekeke

To be honest, I'm really inspired by his appearance, because he wears colorful accessories in the right place. His looks changes from time to time, but he always keeps it fresh and entertaining. Sometimes he looks so chic, almost like a girl, but at other times, he looks so manly with suit. And I LOVE men in suits!

Moving to TOP...
Power Rapper, Choom TOP

TOP's Tongue Collection
credit: top-onew.tumblr.com

Tabi Oppa is the most handsome man ever. Seriously, I think he is more handsome that any Hollywood actors that I know. His eyes are just so mesmerizing and his voice, so deep and sexy and those eyes, yes his eyes are his best feature. I love his white hair during GD&TOP promotion days. He also a very good actor, he won Best New Actor at the 47th Baeksang Award. TOP is very dorky (don't let his coolness fool you). TOP hasn't been always this stylish. He used to wear streetwear, hip hop clothes, those were his "ugly-phase" if you know but I mean. But since TOP wears long coats, suits, shirts, tie, tux, oh man... He looks sexy as hell. 

What I love about his style is that, he doesn't wear boring black suits, he wears colorful suits (even suits with pattern on it!), or maybe he wears black suit, but he's wearing pink shirt. Interesting fact about TOP, there are no pictures of his body. There are no pictures of him half naked. But I guess he doesn't need to show us his body to make us love him, don't you think so? 

Ah.. That's all, if I continue rambling you guys would be very bored. Follow my blog via bloglovin' and follow my twitter to know more! Thank you for reading! 


  1. totally love your collages! GD and TOP have always been my fave BB members. There styles are so unique and their not afraid so be fashionistas! TOP style is so inspiring to me, plus he's so damn HOT! ^^


  2. BADDEST RAPPERS!! and their style is <3

  3. can i love you anymore for doing this post, i friggen' love them <3
    Krissy xoxo


  4. I have never heard of any of these people but now I am obsessing over them haha...

    All the best, Angel

  5. big bang!!!! love them!!! but i have to say...i LOVE taeyang more! :D



    Hhaha, sorry for the caps, it just shows how much I love him ;p Ever listen to "Act like Nothing's Wrong"? It's the song that makes me fall for T.O.P

  7. omooooo..... :D
    You're totally in love with GD and TOP!
    I love you're collage! Nice job.. ;)

    love their songs! :D

  8. whoaaa liat BigBang malah keinget 2NE1, dulu jd stalkernya 2NE1 gara2 naksir style mereka, haha!
    setujuu banget kalo GD itu Mr. Fashionista, dia sering nongol di acara fashion show night gitu di Korea dan selalu duduk plg depan, haha :D
    BigBang aku sukanya Daesung sih, hahaha.

    sorry for longggg comment, ketemu temen sesama KPop-ers jadi heboh LOL
    have a nice day ya! (:


  9. Omo! I love GD and TOP toooo :D
    Their style is just love!

  10. I love BB, I love GDTOP! I agree with you TOP is the most handsome man ever!!!

  11. I LOVE TOP !!! HOW smexy is heeeeee *melts*


  12. BigBng is the best dressed boyband in korea! I'm not talking about clothes and how they look, but those guys acctually have style. You should check out 2ne1 style, it so cool!

    btw great blog, keep up the good job!



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