July 5, 2011

KPOP at first sight

Okay, so this is it. This is the post that will make you roll your eyes and might think that I'm a freak. To be honest, I don't care (e e e e e). So, I'm gonna start babbling about how I got into this KPOP virus. And do trust me, once you're infected, there's NO WAY. Absolutely NO WAY to get out from it. I've been infected hard since May 2011. It's quite amazing how Korea could make a fan, go crazy and wild, feel so protective and connected to their idols. It's VERY WEIRD. Well, let me tell you all about it from the start.


Back in 2009, there was a new girl group debuting in Korea. People were saying that this was the girl version of BIGBANG. I didn't know what BIGBANG is back then, I only knew about this new girl group from my friend. This group is 2NE1 (read: To Anyone). I listened to their hit songs like Lollipop (ft. BIGBANG), FIRE, and I Don't Care. And I thought, woah 2NE1 is so fierce and very different from other girl groups who act all cute and sweet (like SNSD). Then, I browsed around on youtube for BIGBANG songs, but it didn't really hit me. But I saw GD's Heartbreaker, but I was like "bleh". Then I heard TaeYang's I'll Be There and I thought, this is catchy. That's it.

Then 2 years later, end of March to early April, you of course know Korean Drama, Princess Hours / Goong, right? If you're not familiar, here's a picture

I was soooo head over heels to the story back in high school (2005-2006) and I don't watch every Kdramas, I only watch the one that I think really good and not boring. So far, there are only around 5-6 KDs that I've watched. Goong, was one of my favorite of course. Suddenly, I started watching the series again. And then, I got Korea-star-struck. I started downloading Goong's OST and continue to download 2NE1 songs. 

Then, of course I keep browsing about Joo Ji Hoon (our lovely Prince Shin), I found out that he was in military and looking suppa great. Then, I browsed around about Kim Jae Wook (actor in Coffee Prince and co-star with JiHoon in Antique Bakery), Yoon Eun Hye, all around Goong, then I browsed 2NE1's videos.

That. That was the moment where it all began. I saw 2NE1's FIRE and I was getting all nostalgic. Then one video, led to GD's Heartbreaker. I was still, like ah.. What is this. Then, a day after that... I kept singing "You're my heart heart heart heart heartbreaker". DUDE!!!! The song keeps playing in my head. 

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

You gotta admit that the song is very catchy, and despite his make up, he dances really well. Well, after that I wanted more and more GD. Anyway, GD's real name is Kwon Ji Yong. I call him Jiyong Oppa ^^. GD is the leader of BIGBANG. He has been in the entertainment industry since he was very little, and he's been with YG for a very long time. Before he debuted with BIGBANG in 2006, He already with YG for 6 years of training. Well, if you want more GD, I had to watch BIGBANG videos right?

PS: BIGBANG (GD, T.O.P, TaeYang, DaeSung, and SeungRi) is quite the "senior" as Idols in Korea. They debuted back in 2006. It doesn't make sense if you say that GD&TOP is 2NE1's JUNIOR. Okay? I don't like it when people bashing over my bias. HAHAHA :D

Then, I saw HIGH HIGH, Ppeokigayo (Knock Out), and Baby Good Night by GD&TOP. T.O.P is a rapper in BIGBANG. He is the oldest member, and I call him Tabi Oppa^^. They made an album together in the end of 2010. So, its quite new :). GD&TOP is a part of BIGBANG of course. GD&TOP is my ultimate, ultimate bias. I can't choose between them, I think they have so much swag and I cannot handle their hotness. Just watch their videos :D

GD&TOP - High High
GD&TOP - Knock Out (Ppeokigayo)
GD&TOP - Baby Good Night
GD&TOP - Live - Don't Go Home (Jibe Gajima)

That's it. I only watched these videos, and I completely hooked. Because I want more GD&TOP, I watched BIGBANG videos. The first BIGBANG video that I watch was GARA GARA GO!!. Then My Heaven, Lies, Beautiful Hangover, Love Song, Tonight. Just browse them. I watched their appearance in Korean variety shows like Strong Heart, Come To Play, 1 Night 2 Days, Family Outing. And I keep wanting more. I love how cool they are on stage, but they are very dorky stupid funny cute in the same time. These guys make me go (especially GD & TOP) aaaaaahahhahaa. omgomgomogmogg. everytime. 

GD&TOP's fashion sense also really inspired me a lot. I love how GD dress himself (top to bottom so freshly dressed) and I love TOP's choice of suits. GD is known as a fashionista in Korea. He is the face for BeanPole there.

Anyway, BIGBANG's most recent single is TONIGHT and I think, the song is very catchy and these oppas looked so effing hot and they shot the video in Las Vegas!!!

BIGBANG - Tonight

In conclusion, Korean Idols, but in general Korea has influenced me a lot. I have been studying Hangeul by book, alone. Please if someone know where to study Hangeul in Jakarta (West Jakarta) please let me know. Koreans has this sense of style that really cute and cool, I really like it! 

If you want to know more about BIGBANG. Go to their soompi's forum here. You'll get the idea what kind of group BIGBANG is. I am proud INTERNATIONAL VIP and BLACKJACK. I'm a forever supporter of YG FAMILY. I cannot like other idols like I love BIGBANG&2NE1. I just love them so much and I will watch BIGSHOW SOMEDAY! aaarghhh!!! OPPAAAAAAAA~~~ Later on I will tell you guys more around KPOP :D Thank you for bearing with me keke.


  1. 안녕하세요, 캐러린씨 ? ㅎㅎ
    is the pronounciation right for your name?

    i enjoyed this post even i don't know much about K-songs. now i am streaming the videos you post ! hihi.

    I ever listened/watched some very popular songs like : 2NE1's Lollipop, I don't care, Big Bang's Day After Day, etc.

    I ever heard some people pronounce 2NE1 as "Twenty One". I myself think it is "To Anyone".

    I think Big Bang's songs are very nice!

    Korean dramas are addictive ! I also like to watch K drama if i have time ! and i do think Princess Hours is really nice movie (and of course Coffee Prince too). Yoon Eun Hye is really pretty.

    There is a Korean Language Center but it is in Kelapa Gading. The name is KONSA.
    or i heard that the Korean embassy @Gatot Subroto has Korean classes too at weekend :)

    안녕히 주무세요. 잘 자요. ㅎㅎ

  2. hahahaha i'm a kdrama lover not quite yet a kpop fan... since i only listen to bigbang & a few gdtop. honestly, i only watch T.O.P stuffs. HAHAHA and i think bigbang's latest single is love song, no? coz it's the latest mv they released too? u should check out the mv btw, it's soooo meaningful.

    and how could you not choose between GD and TOP??? cmon T.O.P is a sex god. he's sexy even without ever showing his abs/ biceps. T.O.P -> rocking suits and breaking ovaries since 2006.

  3. Korean stuff is such a guilty pleasure. I like their dramas, their fashion style and some of their OST from the movies :p

    I don't know a lot about Kpop but this post taught me something. LOL

  4. I agree that you say 2NE1 is different from the other korean girl groups like SNSD, etc.. They're fierce and I love their songs!

  5. Big Bang never on 1 Night 2 Days, but they made parody of them though :) hehe

  6. 안녕! :)
    Yaay! I kove Korean things a lot! :)
    I love their drama, fashion also music.
    Followed your blog and I'm your new fan. I love your blog Carol.. :)


  7. oh, hi there, yg-biased!! same as me, last time, i always say bad things about korean until....i saw BIGBANG!!

  8. "this KPOP virus. And do trust me, once you're infected, there's NO WAY. Absolutely NO WAY to get out from it." lol totally agreed you onnie!


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