July 13, 2011

have you?

Dream A Little More Harry Potter T-Shirt | Want One

I have been a Harry Potter huge fan since I was in 6th grade. My aunt introduced me to the first Harry Potter book when I was just started 6th grade. I gotta say, I was hooked and it was Harry Potter that made me love to read. I love JK Rowling and her amazing imagination. I thank JK Rowling to create this huge phenomenon. I remember when the first Harry Potter movie was out, I was crying in the car cause the tickets was sold out at that night premiere, thank God I can watch it right on the next day! 

As Harry Potter is heading towards its end, I must say that I deeply saddened by the fact that I can't watch Harry Potter here in Indonesia. I mean, this is HUGE man, this is an end of a generation. How come we can't enjoy something that we love? Do we have to spend extra cash for plane ticket to go to Singapore just to watch movies?

I am very excited for Pottermore that JK Rowling made for us later in October. She will give us additional information that she has been holding on for years for the first time on the site later. Have you registered? Watch this video, and enter the magical and amazing world of Harry Potter :D The video gave me chill when the first time I watched it.

JK Rowling Announces Pottermore 

Anyways, All I have is this t-shirt. I have stuck with Harry for more than 10 years. How about you? 

PS: If you haven't read Harry Potter, well... You have to read it.


  1. super cool t-shirt Carol, i want that !!! :)
    funny pose :)

  2. my aunt introduced me to Harry Potter too.. the first book is actually my birthday gift from her. really hope we could watch the last movie here :(

  3. Of course we all have!! Potter rules..=`)

  4. Ahh too bad we can't watch the last series of Harry Potter here in Indonesia. Btw I love your tee!


  5. the t-shirt is soooo tumblr <3 love it, C! :)

  6. yes yes..
    I've been reading Harry Potter since I'm in 5th grade...I always dream about that books...
    n I owned the series :D

  7. such a cute t-shirt! :)


  8. wow...i can see how you love harry potter ^^
    honestly, i never watch it, hahaha

  9. I love that t-shirt! I have made my own shirt that I will wear for the midnight showing on thursday and will have pictures posted :)


  10. so sad, because we can't watch last series of HarryPotter..


  11. when i go home we better sing the song you put as your post title in the karaoke room ya hahahahaha :D

    and about missing on harry potter.. ouch what a bummer.. ): i grew up reading the harry potter books too.. with dictionary beside me at that time hahahah. in fact i shall blame harry potter for my weak sight lol.

  12. you are so pretty! im a new follower .. i love KOREA too haha! and just like you i also studied korean language, culture LOL, i just kept on researching .. that's why i was so happy when i had korean friends haha, they were amazed i know a lot about their country. omg i want to go to korea! .. you have great style btw :) and am loving your permed hair!

  13. your blog is so awesome! i love your style too :)
    and your a HP fan, I'm so excited and sad to see the end of HP! I love your kpop post titles, I'm a total Big Bang fan :)

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

  14. I know, rite! My friends have been talking about going to Singapore or KL or Bangkok to watch Harpot, too. Throwing some shopping adventures in between, of course. Been trying to suggest Philippines, but since I'm the only one familiar with Philippines, they rejected my idea down pat. Ouch.
    Luckily flying is relatively not that expensive now. But isn't that sad that Indonesians spend money at other countries just because the government banned Hollywood movies. Doesn't make sense to me.
    Love your newest post. That did it!
    I'm following you via bloglovin now. :)

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  15. I've stuck for seven years since I was in 3th grade^^


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