November 1, 2011

Debenhams: Blogger Styling Competition // Anastasia Siantar

The girls who wears brown platform shoes named Anastasia Siantar. She made her personal blog recently with the help of her older sister this year, on 20th February 2011. Anaz was first known on the fashion site,, she was catching all the attention of users by giving us a very free look. She described her style as free. Because she like to mix and match according to the most essential piece in her look, her shoes. 

Anaz loves fringe. When I saw that Preen for EDITION pink fringe vest, I was like.. "Naz.. you have to get that! That is so you!" She loves to mix and match everything that she can spot in her closet as long as it looks nice and comfortable, but catchy at the same time. She's going to Paris very soon, that's why she's really excited about wearing the FALL 2011 trends. She's going to rock gorgeous boots, scarves, coats and not-so-thick jumpers. Anyway, funny story about Anaz.. She was having a really hard time choosing the 3 apparels, so she decided to buy one for herself. A really nice H! by Henry Holland mustard skirt ;D I bet we're going to see that skirt sometime soon :D

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