July 27, 2017

Career / The Executive / Part 2

Back again with Career Post with sergeantkero! LOL. How's your week everyone? Hopefully each and one of you are doing great!

Thank you all for a very warm feedback on this career section with me. Again, I'm still learning myself, I'm not yet a professional and master in what I do, so let's share if you have any other opinions on the comment section below, OR DM me on instagram :)

So.. What was it the last time I write about? Oh, I started working in Debenhams. It wasn't a big role that I have at first, yet I was very happy. I was given the privilege to run the accounts, being creative, even did this DEBENHAMS Blogger Styling Competition with my fellow blogger friends, that you can still read on my blog (thank you Kak Diana, Anaz, Olin, Sonia, and Mich Koes – for always supporting and helping me...) It's very important for us human beings, to feel trusted. That's why it's also very important to feel trust at work. When your boss trusts your work, your life will be so much easier and it's good for your self confidence too! Be confident with your self and your work.

Career advice: Find a role in a company where you can grow, don't be someone who get told around what to do. Have initiatives, speak out your ideas, observe, and help your team – remember, working in a company means you are working with and for someone else. You will always need other people's help. I know sometimes it's easier to do everything by yourself, but you have your job scopes, and they have their job scopes. So follow it through.

About applying for jobs – don't worry about sticking in your major too much – it's important to find your passion first, and go after it. 

But after working at Debenhams for a while.. I decided to quit in end of 2012, because I wanted to go to Korea to learn new language. 

Yeah no, I loved Bigbang so much so I moved to Korea for a year. Aside from full time fangirling, I also got enrolled in Yonsei University to learn new language in a hope I can work for YG. LULZ.

I was 22 when I quit my first job – moved to Seoul for a year in 2013. Was one of the best years of my life – I didn't get to work at YG however I managed to: be in G-Dragon's – Who You Music Video (hell yeah! Was one of hundreds of fans who went to the filming, was pre-picked online on VIP4 website). I am very proud of this – my fangirling days are definitely another story to tell.

the prettiest seoul sky ever during that filming day
yup... it happened
Anyways, I khilaf and in 2014 I got back, finally settling down in Jakarta. Why? As simple as I was single and got no boyfriend. FYI, my dream at that time was to get married at 25, how was I supposed to get married at 25, but no bf yet? So I must go home and find cute boy leh. LOL

 Finding a job in 2014 was even tougher. I tried my luck to apply as a merchandiser – honestly, no luck. I was so sad, I thought "I should've taken the merchandiser job, not the marketing one, but rice turned into porridge already so what to do. Of course it was harder because I had no experience on merchandising, so if I want to pursue it, I have to start my career all over again – that's why I decided to say good bye becoming a merchandiser and just continue where I started my career – MARKETING.

 I started looking into marketing jobs again, and my ex-Debenhams colleague, Amel – told me that there's a vacant position at her company, which is still part of the MAP group (so funny). Long story short, I got accepted as Marketing Executive – my job scope got wider, I will not be only doing social media, but also marketing as a whole. To be honest, I like it better.

Doing marketing and not only social media interests me more, because I feel like I have more control of what's going on. Social media is one channel of your marketing tools, you need to know what is your marketing plan (as a whole) first by then you'll know what kind of activities, social media channels that are perfect for your brand

Anyways, this new company is a sister company to MAP – under the group who manages all department stores (Seibu, Sogo, Decbenhams, Galeries Lafayette, etc). I managed some of the brands in Galeries Lafayette – one of them was Agent Provocateur. Yes, it's a luxury lingerie brand. After working for them, I worship their products, they're very classy but also very mysterious, seductive, and sexy (also kinky).
my super hot brand manager for Agent Provocateur (this dress is on sale on tinkerlust.com)
Honestly – it's my least favorite company that I've worked for. At that time, I felt like a stupid person doing stupid things without clear directions. But you know how people always say "Things happen for a reason". Well, there were reasons indeed.
Reason number 1 – this colleague of mine Sherly, introduced me to Rhein (aka my current boyfriend). Reason number 2 – Sherly and I started Studio Jiro together in 2014. Reason number 3 – I learned on what kind of boss I aspire to be, not shitty.
sept 2014
So imagine if I didn't work there, probably right now, I will still have no boyfriend and no side business right? So, yeah – you can always quit your job and find a better one. But, before you move, always try first, so yo won't have any regrets after leaving. However my advice... Don't change job every 3 months, it's bad for your CV and definitely you won't learn anything in 3 months. Give it maybe 1 year to have the full experience. Unless something very very terrible is happening at work, then you need to quit!
where it all started
Lessons are learned. Definitely I found out what kind of superiors that I don't aspire to become, I also learn that things DO happen for reasons (these kind of situations keep on happening over and over again in my life). So readers, it's okay to feel sad, or even depressed – but talk it out, don't keep things to yourself. If you can't talk with your superiors, talk to your colleagues who you look up to and definitely wise enough to help you.

And as for my career change– thank God! I found a new job, a better one, and most importantly, my long time dream finally came true.

I got accepted as Assistant Marketing Manager at MAP Fashion 1. 

One of the brands that I was handling – you guess it right, ZARA.

It might took me 3 years to finally work where I wanted, so always believe in yourself, because you are made to achieve greatness in life!!

And now I have to juggle between 2 jobs – eek! What to do?

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