July 18, 2017

Career / The Beginning / Part 1

This post was first drafted in January 2017.

Hello guys! Right now I'm writing from Changi Airport! I'm in Singapore for 2 days for a work trip for CELINE –which is very special, cus it's my first work trip overseas with the current company I'm working for.

Another thing what makes it very special because in these 2 days, I'm feeling something that I haven't been feeling for a very long time. I feel very content with my life. The last time I felt it was like 2 years ago when I met my current boyfriend. It's not that I don't feel grateful for the past 2 years, I'm grateful for a lot of things, but this 'content' feeling – how to put it? It's different.

In this post, I would like to share with you the first part of my career story – hope it's not too long and let's hope I can keep my mind focus writing this (not jumping around to other topics). I'm not saying I'm a professional in giving career advice – however since lots of you have been asking on Insta about my career thus... I will share with you my opinion, you can either agree or disagree but let's discuss nevertheless :)
2011 - Day 10 of My First Job

Anyways.. Other than being a blogger/influencer/ florist/etc currently I'm still working a full time job as a Marketing Manager in fashion retail industry –Why retail? The answer is as simple as because: I love fashion.

I love fashion since I was a little girl, I like to see clothes, accessories, even got separated once from my mom in a department store because I was busy admiring them jewelries. So when I was still in high school, I said to myself, "I want to work at ZARA" – at that time I was so in love with ZARA (still until now). I really wanted to work at MAP (Mitra Adi Perkasa, the distributor company of Inditex group and other brands that you are very familiar with). Didn't really get why I want to work at ZARA, maybe just because I want to know everything all first hand from my favorite brand.

But you know what? Life doesn't always go like you plan it. You wanted to work at ZARA and you ended up somewhere else.

Career advice: First, don't wait. The job you want is not going to wait for you.

After uni, you will feel like you need a break– I didn't work right away after I graduated too, instead I joined a cooking & baking class at Tokyo Cooking School for almost half a year. However, I kinda wish I work right after tho, getting a head start before all of my friends who are the same age.. It's a jungle out there, and there are a lot of people who wants the same job like you. So, in my opinion - if you really want a break, do something that can improve your skills or expand your knowledge/network.

Within that period of break, you can also spend it by finding what you want in life. You don't need to think everything so far and in super details, but ask these simple questions, What do I like? What makes me happy the most? What I enjoy doing mostly? What do I hate? These answers helped me focus more on what I like. In 2010, I only know I like fashion and I want to watch front row and become a buyer (without actually knowing what the job scopes entail), it's okay to not know first, you will learn more of it as time goes by.

2011 – I started applying for jobs. I think it was September when I got my first job, back in 2009 when I started blogging, bloggers don't get paid much but it's still nice to have some side incomes. I applied to one place only as a merchandiser AND a marketing at MAP. I got call for both.

I ended up taking the marketing interview and got accepted as Debenhams first ever Social Media executive. I managed marketing for their digital assets -facebook, twitter, and instagram! Instagram was not a big hit at that time. Your first job will be the best part of your career journey, especially your colleagues. Those people will be the ones who will always be in your heart (jungle i love you). I met some awesome colleagues who definitely open and change how I think about this world.

I didn't end up not working at ZARA like I dreamed, and you know what? It's okay, it's okay to settle down sometimes (but not anytime, depending on situations etc, it was okay for me to settle down and not working at my dream brand at the time). It's okay because at least I AM NOW in the retail industry, your first job can be your first stepping stone to greater opportunities. Pick it well, and perform damn well. 

I told myself, at least I still work in the same parent company, if it's meant to be, I will work at ZARA. ..

and which I did.

3 years later.

scroll for time machine to Debenhams 2011 days

attended Max&Co event in 2011, ended up managing the brand in 2016
Asrama Wanita Debenhams Indonesia 2011


  1. Hi Kero :)
    I like you very much! Boleh bikin pengakuan sebentar? Haha.
    Well, pertama kali tau sergeantkero itu dari Twitter. Disaat masih heboh nya BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR, tahun 2012. Dr sejak konser BB itu jd ngefollow banyak VIPs di Twitter, salah satunya Kero. Pernah ngeliat Kero di MEIS Ancol, waktu itu dia juga lagi ntn konser, dan lagi bareng sama Mel.
    And you are so tall! Langsung mikir, kayaknya Kero cocok deh kalau jd model catwalk.

    Dan di IG jg ngefollow Kero krn dr awal (sampai skrg nggak tahu kenapa alasannya) udah suka banget sama style Kero. Dari yg selama ini aku dapat (based on your socmed feeds), Kero itu tipe yg fun, pretty (bukan cantik yang kayak artis artis tapi tampang Kero itu punya ciri khas banget dan ga bosan dilihat), smart, dan hard-working. She knows what she wants.

    Dan bukannya nggak suka sama Fashion Blogger di Indo yg lain, tapi sampai skrg di IG aku cuma follow Kero doang. Lol.
    I do love fashion, suka sama style Fashion Bloggers yg lainnya but i like yours more.
    Awal ngefollow IG Kero itu followers nya masih sekitar 2ribuan (if i'm not mistaken), dan sekarang udah 30.9K (Wooho!). Time flies so fast indeed.
    Dulu aku juga sempat penasaran sama kerjaan Kero, akhirnya sekarang diceritain diblog nya :)

    I'm one of your biggest fans, since 2012 until today. Keep inspiring, and keep the dreams alive ya Kero.
    Semoga bisa ketemu dan ngobrol langsung next nya :)

    Waiting for your next post!

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading yaa
      Really happy when I read your comment, it means so much to me
      Semoga kita beneran sempet ketemu and ngobrol2

      Reach your dreams and always stay positive!!

      Love xx

  2. Hello :)
    I know u in IG, after i saw ur pic on Ig i feel curious about u, how u knowing so much about fashion so i try to read ur blog. andd taaa-daaa now i know the reason. hehe. when i read this blog u mention about MAP (OMG i hope i can get job there) i like MAP too. the company its very cool. i hope this year is my lucky to get job in MAP.
    Thx ur inspire me .


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