August 15, 2017

Inspiration Tuesday / Links I Love

Happy Tuesday!! We're back to Inspiration Tuesday posts.. Here I will be sharing with you things that have inspired me and in this post, I will share with you all the links where I usually got my fashion / lifestyle news from!

Let's go!!
Why? It's one of the two websites that I always rely on. They post legit news (some sites just speculates like a tabloid), they write reviews in a very simple and understandable english. They have lots of sections that you can browse on – even to runways collections! BOF gives you an easy, understandable, relatable access to fashion. I read BOF daily

2. WWD | @wwd

Why? The other website when I can rely on legit fashion news. I think some brands/retail companies would even give 'exclusivity' to to publish and be the one who announce the news. Wide varieties of articles in fashion and retail world. What suck is that you have to pay to read – so I did, a girl need to be updated in all kind of news in the fashion world if you have a career in it!

Why? At first, I was intrigued by the way they take pictures. It's so different. Bright, messy, yet still so aesthetically pleasing. I love their styling A LOT and they have been in and out of cool people's room for so many times, I lost count. With mini interviews on each articles with all super inspirational and cool public figures, you can't miss this one

Why? Mother of Glossier. Relatable reviews, they sometimes post about Asian skincare too, aesthetically pleasing and not in a 'scandi' way, very refreshing. Intothegloss and TheCoveteur are my top top top top favorites link to read. Like Coveteur, ITG goes in and out of people's bathroom and make up pouch. They write every personal details of your skin care and make up routine. They have the coolest pictures too! 

Why? After got shut down – this is where you go when you want to see designers full collection. They have very interesting segment on their youtube even – 73 Questions with... (the one with Anna Wintour was very interesting). During fashion week month, their 'street style' posts are most coveted. If you remember Tommy Ton, he was the first street style photographer who got featured on – I still remember that era, people dress so extra. Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, you will see fashion best dresses to stomp in the season's most coveted shoes and RTWs

Why? I just have been following it for years but their curation has pretty much on point, although I don't really read their posts, I just browse for pics

Why? Have been reading refinery29 for years too now, this and PopSugar used to be my bible. Their astrological readings are pretty good too. Wide varieties of articles that are not only for fashion, but also lifestyle.

Why? I like the monochromatic loon on the website and they have a nice curation of skincare and make up brands and cool people who they featured on the site

Ok I think that's all, basically these are the websites that I've been reading over the years. There were some other sites like thefashionspot (it's a forum) – but I never really open it anymore. I use feedly to read all the news in one site, so I won't miss anything.

That's it for now, next one maybe I'll list out my favorite bloggers list :) 

See you!

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