August 20, 2017

Career / The Dream Trip / Part 5

Back to career post with me again...! How's your week so far? I bet it's been awesome right? For me, My mood starts picking up.. I've been feeling a bit under with retrograde is shadowing my sun and moon. But I realized, I should always be grateful and not finding tiny details that I don't like. So stay positive, chin up, and seize the day!

Let's start..

At the end of 2015 – another opportunity arose. I was offered to move to another marketing team in MAP. Was I interested? Most definitely. Why? After working a year with my dream brand (ZARA).. I need a new challenge, a new dream to reach. So my decision was to keep an eye on luxury brands. I know after managing fast fashion– I would want to move to Luxury brands. During those months I had couple interviews, and I had no luck yet. So yes, I did fail on my interviews and it's okay!

Beside having a new dream, my other reason that got me interested to move to the other team is the brands that I was going to handle. I mean, LOEWE? That's one good reason why I should migrate to the other team. Jonathan Anderson debuted his first collection for LOEWE – SS15. The brand was changing, they're revamping the store, basically changing the whole Loewe DNA. I thought "THIS can be my stepping stone, a learning curve to my next career step" so then I took it. 

Of course it wasn't the only brand I was handling. I had 7 more (MaxMara, Max&Co, Weekend MaxMara, Swarovski, DKNY, Nautica, and Thomas Pink) but Loewe was the reason why. 

Pictures above was when I went to check out (and support) the event, just to see what the brand is about. Then few months later, after I moved, I did my first event for Weekend MaxMara (pic below). If I have to choose between working for luxury brands or fast fashion brands.. I'm going to choose luxury. Why? Because I like expensive shit HAHAHAA just kidding. But, aside from all those pretty pretty stuffs that keep calling my name, I just like how everything has its own template and story. 

Maybe this goes back to high school, when I was still very young, I found interest in history. I enjoy reading stories about how one dynasty fall, rule, and so on. I like to read biographies of famous historical figure (remember those comic books about Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Isaac Newton?), I like to read a story, especially how things were made.. and I think this is why I like about luxury brands. They are rich in stories.

For a brand that has been established since the 1800, like Louis Vuitton, you know that they started with the trunk, and apparently back then they already launched perfumes, but right now they're relaunching it again. For Hermes, they made saddles (for you to ride horses).. So I like reading these stories, I like to know how a brand was built... how a dress need to be hand-sewn for more than 200 hours.. Every detail is mesmerising. The thoughts, hours, details, and hearts given to each product are simply... out of the world.

I work for luxury brands not because of prestige or anything.. It goes way beyond that, I love the brand story, I love how everything is in line, how everything is very well thought. It makes me feel attached and makes me want to do more for the brand. Every tiny details has its own story, which make me think.. "What can I do to make this go big with a story that is so interesting like this!"

Aside from the brand story – loving how they have guidelines and templates for every single thing. It might be a PR nightmare, but I like it.
Pretty much I love everything in the new team. No complain (ok I got some, but it was all managable) I love my team so much, and during that time I got the chance to do my first work trip! It started with Surabaya but then the big one happened.. A trip to Singapore for LOEWE Paragon Store Opening !! I was supposed to come along with my managers, but I ended up going by myself with other 3 media friends. I was so nervous, I didn't know what to expect. didn't know what I should do.

What made the trip even more special, Jonathan Anderson came to Singapore too. You have no idea how happy I was! I just hope I can chat and take a pic with him (duh!) Anxiety aside, I went euphoric during the whole trip. Loewe treated all of us like royals – we have interview with Jonathan in the morning at the Raffles Hotel, then on the afternoon we went to the Paragon Store Opening Party. They had a huge exhibition at Paragon atrium, just right outside the store
People started coming in for the opening party, bloggers, celebrities, and I was star struck. Yoyo Cao was there (big fan of her style). She is just so cute and nice , and then the star came. Jonathan right in front of my eyes. Managed to score a group pic for Indonesia team! Yasss.... 
After the party, we had a regional dinner for all the press and PR for Asia. It was intimate and great to meet representatives from the other countries. A trip won't be complete without an after party, so after dinner.. We headed to Kilo Lounge, where they're having the after party. And you know how luxury do their business, serious to the bone. 

They changed the interiors to Loewe bean bags. I wanted to take one home, but of course I'll get arrested. At the party, Jonathan DJ-ed and played some of his favorite music. Everyone was dancing like cray cray, and I finally got the chance to chat and snap a pic with him!

Me and Gaby (from Thailand, she used to work for Loewe too)

Thanks to this trip I made new friends too, especially this cutie Gabjayy. She no longer works at PPGroup Thailand, she now has a swimwear line named Studio Common. Hope to see her soon !

 You prolly can see how happy I was, smiling from ear to ear couldn't contain the joy and happiness I was feeling. I promised myself to work harder.. I didn't try to apply anywhere else because I'm happy and grateful enough that I get to manage Loewe and the other brands. I told myself even, I can settle for this, for now.

I found out that it is true – when you love what you are doing, it doesn't feel like a job. That it is important for you to really have passion in what you do, it's important for people to see your love towards something

And then suddenly my friend Manda texted me "Car, HRD gue nanya, lu tertarik gak apply buat marcomm luxury?" And I'm like, "Ha? Seriusan?" then I went to the interview

and it was the fastest interview I've been to in my life

Stay tune for the next chapter!

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  1. i am currently waiting for the next post! thank you for sharing kak, i hope i will work in the fashion industry too ; specifically retail just like you! :D


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